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Here are the latest entrants in the Bonsai Plants Online Segment.

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carmona bonsai plants online

iShape Carmona Bonsai Tree Online

  • 10 Years Old – 30 CM in Height above Pot
  • Superb Indoor Bonsai Tree Online
  • Ideal of Indoors, Living Room, Gifting
  • Low Maintenance Bonsai Plant
  • Very Unique Shape ( i Shape)
  • This is the actual plant picture.

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Large Size Bonsai Tree Online

Buy Bonsai Tree Online for your home. These exotic pieces 35cm-50cm are great for high end gifts or for personal home decoration. Easy to maintain and royal in looks.

Ficus Arial Root Bonsai Plants Online

Arial Root S Shape Ficus

  • Auspicious Bonsai Plants Online from Banyan Family.
  • Low Maintenance Outdoor Plant
  • Suitable for Gifting, Balcony.

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Bonsai Tree Online for Beginners

Where to buy Bonsai Tree Online?

No matter where you live in India, you can always buy Bonsai Tree Online at . Abana Homes is the largest hub of bonsai plants sold online. Starting from the bonsai plants for beginners to the professional bonsai, we have everything available. Most of the Bonsai Plants Online are imported from China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam etc. We buy bonsai plants online from these countries, nurture them and serve it to you. You can buy Bonsai Tree Online from the following categories.
Indoor Bonsai Tree Online  Outdoor Bonsai Tree Online

How to buy Bonsai Tree Online?

Here are a few steps to buy Bonsai Tree Online. This will help you in narrow down your choice and select the right Bonsai Tree Online.
Let’s talk about the location. If you’re planning to keep you bonsai plants inside the house like in the living room or the dining table or the bed room – you should look for Carmona Bonsai Plants Online and Ficus Bonsai Plants Online.

Bonsai Plants Online By Location

Beginners – Indoor Bonsai Tree Online ( This includes Carmona Bonsai Plants Online and Ficus Bonsai Plants Online). Carmona needs a little bit of care and looks beautiful while the ficus bonsai plant is very easy to go.

Most Ideal Bonsai Tree Online for Beginners

Bonsai Plants for Beginners
Bonsai Plants tree

Special : Chinese Elm in a semi indoor bonsai plants online and it can be kept indoors as well as outdoors. Chinese Elm Ulmus is extremely beautiful bonsai plants & easy to maintain. AND YOU CAN KEEP THIS INSIDE THE HOUSE as well. That’s the best part of it. For beginners, this is an ready-to-go plant as it is very forgiving in nature, survives well despite your common mistakes of watering and it’s very woody and bushy. Therefore, it becomes the most ideal Bonsai Tree Online for the beginners.
Beautifully Curved S Shaped Bonsai, Woody, Sturdy, & Bushy too. What else do you need!.

All you need is to keep it somewhere near the window or the balcony so that it can get some natural light. Along with that, you will need to keep it in the Sun for a day in a week which can be easily managed on Sunday or any day. You can keep it outside in the balcony while going to office.
You can easily buy Bonsai Tree Online at using any of the following payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, UPI, PayTM, and all other online payment system.

Where to place the bonsai plants according to feng Shui?

Being a bonsai enthusiast, you must believe that the plant can be placed any where in the house and it does not change anything for you. Still, if you are concerned about the placement of the bonsai plants, it can be placed right in the south facing balcony or the window. South facing window, south east corner is the best location for the bonsai plants.

Which Bonsai Plant is good for home?

The obvious answer is Banyan Bonsai Tree Online. But the difficult part is to maintain. Banyan Bonsai is a trained Indian bonsai plants. Hence, you need to take care of it and keep an eye on the bonsai plant so that it does not go dry or lose it’s track.
Now, here comes some great Bonsai Tree Online for Home that are easy to take care of it and extremely beautiful. Firstly, you should understand that the bonsai plants online are known for three things – AGE, SHAPE and SIZE.
Based on that, we suggest you to go for the Chinese Elm (Ulmus) , Carmona (Fukien Tea), and Ficus ( Imported bonsai from banyan tree family).

How often should I water the bonsai plants purchased online?

Watering your bonsai plants is important. You should know the watering rules.

Thumb Rule of Watering Bonsai Plants
Touch the soil and if you feel the soil as dry, it’s the time you need to water your bonsai plants. Water it fully until the water start flowing from the hole below the pot.

Indoor Bonsai Plants Watering Schedule
You should water your indoor bonsai plants every alternate day in summer and twice a week in winters. This will keep your bonsai plants hydrated enough to grow well.

Outdoor Bonsai Plants Watering Schedule
Outdoor Bonsai Plants goes dry faster than the indoor bonsai plants. Hence, you should water it daily in the summer and every alternate day in winters. Stick to this schedule and do check the soil before watering the bonsai plant.

My Bonsai Plants is dying? How should I revive it?

It depends on a lot of factors. So, it’s better to contact our experts team to revive your bonsai plants. I am listing a few possibilities and the one-stop-solution to many situation.
Step 1. Pruning and trimming of Bonsai Plants – You need to trim the plant as much as possible. The less amount of leaves it has, the more energy it can divert to the growth essentials to help the plant recover and grow.
Step 2. Create Green House Effect for the Bonsai Plants.
In winters, you need to create a GREENHOUSE EFFECT. This keeps the plant warm and gives the right environment to grow.
Step 3. Fertilizing – Use NPK 19:19:19 from any nursery or the fertilizer shop to treat the Bonsai Tree Online. Dissolve 2gm of NPK in 1 litre water and pour into the plant. This helps in keeping the plant warm and supplying essential nutrients.

How to create greenhouse effect for the bonsai plants?

Take a plastic sheet, cloth or anything to create camp like structure so that you can keep the plant inside it. It should be translucent to let some natural light enter the camp. This way the plant will get sufficient light and keep the environment warm and humid enough. Water the plant fully and leave it for a week time. You’ll see significant improvement.

Is it good idea to buy Bonsai Tree Online?

Definitely Yes!. All the bonsai plants online are shippable – upto 30cm. We’re the largest importer and distributor for the bonsai plants online from China, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Our experts curate each and every plant with same precision and make it fit enough to survive at least 14 days in the transit. Along with that, we’ve express shipping service to make sure that you get the plant within 2-3 days in the major metro cities across India and 4-7 days anywhere in the country to the remotest location possible.
It’s a good idea to narrow down your choices based on location and type of plant while buying a bonsai plants online. Also, it is nice to discuss with the seller team to understand which plant fits your expectation.

Which is the best bonsai plants online for beginners?

Chinese Elm, Ficus and Carmona are most common bonsai plants for beginners. Avoid going for fruit or flowering bonsai of the normal plant as they are not natural bonsai plants. So they need more care and techniques to grow them. My choice of absolute beginner is Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Online. This bonsai plants online is very sturdy, robust and forgiving and It grows well in difficult situation as well.

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