New Arrival Plants In India

New Arrival Plants in India

Abana Homes is committed to bring new arrival plants always to you. Here is the list of some new imported bonsai plants and other new products launched in this month. Gift New Arrival Plants to your loved one. You can never go wrong by devoting plants into the special folks in your own life. No […]

Bonsai Plants Online Coupons

Abana Homes Coupon Code & Offers 2021

Abana Homes offer discount & offers on Valentine’s Day. Bonsai trees are great plants to gift to you loved one’s. You can choose from the wide range of bonsai trees. We’ve listed the bonsai trees by price, location, and type for your convenience.

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginneres

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners

Repotting is a vital element in maintaining the health of the bonsai tree. The objective of repotting would be to get rid of excess roots that could cause the tree to purge, or not get enough nutrients because of its mass. Repotting also makes certain your tree may continue to flourish within a little pot. Bonsai trees must be repotted once every two to five decades, based on how fast your bonsai tree develops.

Bonsai Tree in Kolkata

Bonsai Tree in Kolkata

Folks are so passionate for bonsai trees in Kolkata which usually our clients order two-three bits in 1 order. They also possess the bonsai tools along with other bonsai fertilizers alongside the bonsai dirt . Bonsai plants in Kolkata grow very well. That means you do not need to worry about the climatic condition.Set of Bonsai Trees In Kolkata

Bonsai Tree in Chennai

Bonsai Tree in Chennai

Best Bonsai Tree in Chennai Bonsai trees are the perfect beauty with brains. They are a mixture of beauty and intelligence. Bonsai plants will bring less stressful days and more beautiful beginnings. You will feel optimistic to face all the challenges of your life. When you work with a relaxed mind, it gets better. The […]

Chinese Elm

Bonsai Plants in Bangalore

Bestseller Bonsai Plants in Bangalore If you are looking for bonsai plants in Bangalore, you’ve come to the right place. Start your Bonsai Tree journey with these small, cute and robust bonsai trees. They’re hard to kill, easy to maintain and will bring you the smile on face as you see them. Indoor Bonsai Plants […]

[Video] Ficus Bonsai Care & Pruning

In this video I talk about the Ficus Retusa. Growing indoor bonsai has become very popular and for some people bonsai is just about indoor trees. One of most successful indoor bonsai trees is the Ficus Retusa, they grow well and they like a slightly warmer temperatures than many of the other indoor options (like […]

best office decoration plant

Cheat Sheet: Project Productivity By Coloring Your Office Space Green!

Office spaces could always benefit from a little sprucing up to decorate the space and improve employees’ moods. A simple desk plant has the potential to improve various productivity issues. In the Philippines, companies are catching on to the positive benefits adding greenery to workspaces can have in facilitating better, more relaxing work environments. Building […]

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