Ficus bonsai tree

Ficus Bonsai tree belongs to the large Moraceae family of trees. These trees have spreading roots, small leaves, and heavy trunk. Your house will look exotic with the aerial roots and small leaves. You can also reduce the size of the leaves through defoliation. If you are a beginner, then this tree will be perfect for you. They can withstand and adjust to different conditions. You can keep them in shallow containers to allow the roots to spread. Ficus bonsai trees are the most resistant and forgiving bonsai trees. They grow fast with less care and great durability.


Cotoneaster Horizontalis

Ficus Bonsai Tree is a perfect plant for beginners. It is a deciduous shrub which makes it forgiving and resistant. This flowering plant blossoms beautiful flowers during the season. The color of the flowers from pink to white. You can keep these plants in full sun or part shade. If you keep the plant in full sun, then it will bloom better, It should be kept away from extreme frost and cold nights. If you keep the plant in full sun, then it will bloom better. The long-lasting color of this tree makes it stand apart.