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Office Plants

Most of the adults dedicate 8-10 hours daily at the office. Your office space must stay refreshing to keep your mood in check. The presence of plants; especially, low-maintenance houseplants is useful for rejuvenating the surrounding. You should pick indoor plants for office that can thrive under low light and lesser water requirements. Office plants are the ones that are stylish and good with survival traits. You can revamp your office desk or cubical by using air-purifying plant varieties.

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Types of Popular Office Plants

  • English Ivy

You can beautify the harsh lines of your desk by positioning a trailing plant such as the English ivy. This indoor plant variety requires medium light for healthy survival. When the trailing ivy gets too lively; you wrap the ivy tendrils around a wire to set up a creative appearance.

  • Philodendron

Philodendron is known to add glamour to the office space with its glossy green leaves. Among the many plants for office desk, these plants are well suited for shady corners. Typically, the philodendron is managed in hanging baskets, but you can even grow them in a small trellis.

  • Oxalis

Oxalis is ranked among impressive office plants that offer a gorgeous splash of colours. Typically, it has a shamrock-like appearance that is bright and subtle. Ironically, there are fewer varieties of oxalis regarded as lawn weeds. But, the cultivated versions are given extra importance.

The name “lucky bamboo” isn’t truthfully related to the category of true bamboo. In fact, Dracaena Sanderiana is associated with the corn plant; one popular easy to maintain houseplant. You can see lucky bamboo as office desk plants which are available in different stem designs like spirals, hearts and weaves.

  • Rex Begonia

You cannot avoid the gem among all office plants, that is, Rex Begonia. The foliage of this plant is its prime asset that features speckles and swirling patterns. Furthermore, you can even observe linings of silver, green, red and purple. Rex Begonia is available in different leaf textures that can fit perfectly as eye-catching office plants.

FAQs about Office Plants

How many times should I water office plants?

Ans: The plants for office should have drainage holes to avoid water-logging. It is essential to water the office plants every 2–4 days; especially, during spring and summer season.

Can plants live in an office space with no windows?

Ans: If you pick Pothos, these plants can quickly grow in an office space with no windows. The maintenance of Pothos should be done as referred from professional gardeners and botanist.

How do I check if the office plants need repotting?

Ans: You can slowly slide the plant out of the pot to analyze the roots. In case the roots are circling, count it as a decent signal for repotting. It is recommended by experts to make use of a larger sized pot whenever you repot.

How to know whether the office plants are healthy?

Ans: One of the most common issues with indoor plants is yellowing leaves. Also, if you see brown spots on your office plants, contact the local nursery or nearby gardening professional for a quick solution.

Which are the best office plants?

Snake plant and peace lily are too good options for your office.

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