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indoor ornamental plants

10+ Indoor Ornamental Plants That Will Add Color and Life to Your Home

A green environment brings enthusiasm and peace into your home. Who could dislike that? The fresh aroma of grass and flowers are relaxing to the eyes and invigorates the mind. Since it is seldom possible to skip all the work and head to the woods in search of the lush greens, the bustling urban lifestyle […]

small plants for balcony

10 Best Small Plants for Balcony in India

You can enhance the comfort and beauty of your apartment with small plants for balcony. With the collection of best small plants for balcony mentioned in this article, any space can be made more inviting. Also, hummingbirds and butterflies love window boxes with flowers. Moreover, you have a lot of choices for edible vegetables and […]

best indoor plants for dark rooms

10 Best Indoor Plants for Dark Rooms

These are the greatest indoor plants for low light! If you need to brighten up a dark nook or bring some life into your basement, one of these stunning low light plants will do the trick. Here are some plants that flourish without sunlight and how to care for them. Adding plants to the house […]

How To Fix The Snake Plant Mushy Leaves

How To Fix The Snake Plant Soft, Mushy & Soggy Leaves!

What is happening to my snake plants? Leaves are getting soft, mushy, and soggy instead of striking elegant spears. Let us find out why! Let’s take a look how a healthy and soggy snake plant looks like. If you’re a gardener, you know that snake plants are a popular and hardy choice for indoor or […]

fastest growing indoor plant

20 Fastest Growing Indoor Plants | Fast Growing Indoor Plants in India

Embracing leafy greens into your home design can help you achieve the ultimate sense of comfort in your living or work areas. Although it can take patience and determination to wait for a houseplant to achieve its full potential before creating that Instagram-worthy living space, the simplest approach is to buy fully established houseplants. One […]

Gardening Can Increase The Valuation of Your Real Estate

Gardening Can Increase The Valuation of Your Real Estate

There are a lot of things that can go into selling your land or property. Its size can be a very important factor – people may have a certain vision for what they want to do with a certain acreage. They also want it to be fertile, so you want to make sure that there […]

Best Flowering Plants to Grow in India in Summers

10+ Best Flowering Plants to Grow in India in Summers

Summer in India means staying indoors most of the time. Summer brings us tons of juicy fruits, but we also get to enjoy some of nature’s best flowers. As it’s the time of year when mother nature creates wonders and beauty on earth. Imagine the beautiful surroundings and the fragrance of flowers bringing a refreshing […]

How To Maintain Indoor Plants in Fall And Winter

How To Maintain Indoor Plants in Fall And Winter

Being a greenery lover and living in an eco-friendly environment is excellent.But as you take care of yourself, plants also need your attention, and you should take care of them to make them live longer. Outdoor plants become hard and start to combat many things on their own when winter sets in. However, because indoor […]

watering snake plant

Watering Snake Plant: When and How Much

If you want to get a tough and hardy plant for your home, a snake plant might be your best pick. These no-nonsense plants are known to have the potential to both decorate your plants and benefit your health simultaneously.  With small houseplants being all the craze these days, it is important that we know […]

Top 5 Bonsai Soil For Indoor Bonsai

Top 5 Bonsai Soil For Indoor Bonsai

You are considering getting a bonsai tree for your home. An indoor one seems like a better option since it can get cold outside at certain times of the year. But how do you take care of it? When it comes to getting a bonsai, hydroseeding is not the best option for doing something indoors. […]

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