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Being the largest Bonsai Tree House in India, our promise is to give you the best possible Bonsai Tree your money can buy. Our Bonsai Trees are healthy, super well trained and handpicked by experts for you. So, feel free to ask any question that you have in mind on chat.  If you’re beginner and looking for Bonsai Tree to start with, we strongly suggest these bonsai trees for you. Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree is purely indoor bonsai tree and is best of all. If you’re looking for more of tree structure, go for the Ulmus Bonsai Tree. It’s hardy, woody, semi-indoor, good growth and hard-to-kill bonsai.

Best Seller Bonsai Trees

Curated Collection of Bonsai for All Bonsai Lovers.​

Unique Gifts For Family

Unique Gifting Idea : Gift 8 years old tree to your 8 years old son or 5 years old bonsai on your 5th anniversary. Managing the number is your responsibility or you can ask Aditi. She is very good at it. After all, it’s all about the connection you’re going to make.

Indoor Bonsai Trees

 They don’t need direct Sunlight but growth can be affected in low light condition. Indoor Bonsai Trees grows well when placed in the dining hall, living room, bedroom with balcony or window or the office table. You get lifetime support from our team. So, never be worried. 🙂

Modern House Plant

Welcome to the curated collection of Modern Indoor Plants. These plants are THE BEST AIR PURIFIER and HARD TO KILL Plants. So, it has become all time favorite.

Flowering Bonsai Trees

Flowering bonsai plants are usually outdoor bonsai. To bloom flowers, they need good amount of sunlight. Choose from the flowering bonsai plants here.

Semi Indoor Bonsai Trees

Semi Indoor Bonsai Tree can grow well inside the house like in the living room or the in bedroom where it can get the access to natural light. By natural light, we mean indirect natural light (not the sunlight). Also, it is perfect for you if you have balcony where you can keep the plant for a day in a week. This helps in growing the plants very well.

Due to their unique nature of growing indoors and outdoors, these are most demanded, very robust and good growing bonsai tree. If you’re beginner, these are ideal plants to start with and decorate your home.

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