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Recommended Bonsai Plants Online

If you’re looking for a bonsai plants online, you’re at the right place. We don’t only sell the bonsai plants online but also help you in taking care of the bonsai through out the life.
Without further a do, let’s jump right into the recommendations that suits the need of your bonsai plant in India.

Here is the list of top 10 bonsai plants in India.

  1. Ficus Bonsai Plants
  2. Carmona Bonsai Plants
  3. Chinese Elm Bonsai Plants
  4. Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree
  5. Radermachera Bonsai Tree
  6. Pepper Bonsai Tree
  7. Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree
  8. Adenium Bonsai Tree
  9. Podocate Bonsai Tree
  10. Banyan Tree Bonsai

Selection of Bonsai Plants

Now, let’s see which one suits your need. I’ll mention the bonsai plants tree, it’s price, it’s care and suitable for. This will help you in making the decision about the bonsai tree at large.

ficus plant bonsai

1. Ficus Plant Bonsai

Ficus is one of the most popular, the most beautiful and auspicious bonsai plants in India. It comes from the Banyan Tree Family. Hence, it is our most recommended bonsai plants online.

What makes Ficus my favorite Bonsai Plant?

– Most Tolerant, Hard-to-kill bonsai tree.
– Good Growth Prospect so that I can give it any shape that I want.
– EVERGREEN leaves.
– Auspicious as it comes from Banyan Tree family.
– Indoor as well as Outdoor Bonsai Plant.

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Carmona Bonsai Tree

2. Carmona Bonsai Tree

USP: Flowering Bonsai Tree
Carmona is a rare combination of indoor bonsai tree & flowering bonsai tree. Coming from fukien tea tree family, it is most recommended bonsai here in India. Imported and grown in farms of Greater Noida, Pune and Kolkata by Bonsai Experts.
Why we recommend Carmona Bonsai?

– Easy to Care. Water it 3 times a week. It’ll grow like a gem.
– Good Growth Prospect so that I can give it any shape that I want.
– Flowering Bonsai – Blooms in Summer.
– Indoor Bonsai Plant

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3. Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant

USP: Robust Tree Like Shape
Chinese Elm, also known as Ulmus Bonsai Tree, is the third most recommended bonsai tree due to it robust tree like structure.
Why we recommend Chinese Elm Bonsai?

– Easy to Care. Water it daily. It’ll grow well.
– Good Growth Prospect so that I can give it any shape that I want.
– Robust Tree like shape, Woody with less leaves
– Outdoor Bonsai Tree

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grafted ficus bonsai tree

4. Grafted Ficus Bonsai Plant

USP: Easy to Grow, Indoor Bonsai Plant
Grafted Ficus Plant Bonsai, also known as Microcapa, or Ginseng. It is a variety of ficus bonsai plant grafted in a thick trunk. It is suitable for office as well as home indoor.
Why we recommend Grafted Ficus Bonsai?

– Easy to Care. Water it daily. It’ll grow well.
– Slow Growth. No much care needed
– Indoor Bonsai Plant

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Why Buy Bonsai Plants Online?

Bonsai Plants Online are great air purifying plants. It purifies the air by treating the toxic chemicals in air like toluene and formaldehyde. Apart from that, Bonsai Plants online looks beautiful with its curve. Hence, it makes a beautiful home decoration piece. You can keep it inside the house even if your room does not get the direct sunlight like in the living room or the bed room side table.

Bonsai Plants make great gift as well for all occasions.

Get Bonsai Plants Online for your office desk

Bonsai Plants make awesome office decor as well.  Being small in size, it fits everywhere on the office desk or the entrance or reception. You can order bonsai plants online from Abana Homes and get delivered in 2-5 days anywhere in India.

Low Maintenance Bonsai Plants

Often bonsai plants are assumed to be tough to maintain. However, it is a myth. Maintaining the bonsai plants online is very easy. Bonsai Plants sold online by Abana Homes are fertilized enough to keep it growing for next 4-5 months. After that, you need to add a little of fertilizers like NPK 19:19:19 and some bonsai soil to the pot. You can find the detailed caring instruction for bonsai plants online here.

Where can you buy bonsai plants online?

Buying Bonsai Plants online is very easy. You can find all the bonsai plants online here at abana homes. Our team of bonsai plants experts develop the bonsai plants at different facilities across India.

Is buying bonsai plants online safe?

Yes it is totally safe to buy bonsai plants online. After receiving the order from you, our team re-pot the plant into the shipping container and prepare this for the transit. The shipping container for bonsai plants online is designed mechanically to take care of the plants during transit. Bonsai plants in the corrugated boxes are designed to stay safe and healthy upto 14 days. It takes a day to ship the bonsai plants that you purchase online. We’ve collaboration with leading fragile shipment agencies. You get the plants safely in 2-5 days depending on the location.

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