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bonsai tool kit in india

Bonsai Tool Kit

A Perfect Bonsai Tool Kit Under Rs. 500

If you own a garden plant or a bonsai tree, you will need these tool kits in day to day operation to manage your bonsai tree. These bonsai tool kit can be used for any bonsai or non-bonsai garden plant to maintain them and grow them in the right shape.

About Bonsai Tool Kit

Bonsai tool kit comprises of many gardening tools. I have made list of few common tools that are used by the bonsai tree gardeners. Here are the generic tools that you need.

Outdoor bonsai trees for sale offer a wonderful way to add beauty and nature to your outdoor space. With a wide variety of species and sizes available, there’s an outdoor bonsai tree to suit any taste and space. These miniature trees require special care and attention to thrive, so be sure to research the specific needs of your chosen tree before purchasing. Shop around to find the perfect outdoor bonsai tree for you. 

10 Major components of Bonsai Tool Kit

  1. Bonsai Shears
  2. Bonsai Wire
  3. Bonsai Planters
  4. Bonsai Pruner
  5. Concave Cutter
  6. Turntable for Bonsai
  7. Leaf Cutter
  8. Bonsai Steel Rake
  9. Bonsai Humidity Tray
  10. Water Shower System

But you actually don’t need these bonsai tool kit being a beginner. Therefore, I have mentioned the list of necessary garden tools to maintain the bonsai tree or any regular plant. I’ve also suggested the DIY method to make your own bonsai tools at home wherever possible.

What bonsai tool kit you actually need as beginner

  • Bonsai Shears in Rs. 100, Rs. 150
    Though there are many super expensive (read it as 1K-10K INR ) bonsai shears (scissors) available in the market, our gardening community uses these two bonsai shears to do the normal operations like pruning, trimming and shaping up your bonsai tree. These bonsai scissors work perfectly for beginners. Therefore, we’ve included them in our recommendations.
  • Bonsai Wire
    Bonsai wire are important for shaping up your bonsai tree. Whenever you think of playing with the branches of your bonsai tree, you’ll need wires to give them the desired shape.
  • Bonsai Humidity Tray
    Bonsai Humidity Tray is one of the most commonly needed tools that you should look for especially if you are living in an apartment. Bonsai plants need humidity to grow and sprout new branches.
    Also, it helps in keeping the plant healthy in the apartments because the air in apartments with no garden is usually dry due to the absence of plants and water system around it.

    DIY Humidity Tray
    You can create the humidity tray at your home using a tray or a plate. Here is a video that can get you the good idea about how to create it. It’s easy. Don’t look for the fancy things in it. You will be able to make it using a plate/tray, some ravels or charcoal or stones commonly available around you. Watch the video about how to make bonsai humidity tray at home?
  • Water Shower System
    This is also an important component of gardening. If you water the plant directly with hose pipe or the free-flowing water from a mug, it may remove the important soil that covers the root system.
    So, we have to find a way to sprinkle the water on the bonsai and its soil. This commonly available water bottle nozels can help you in making a perfect showering system to water your plants.

We don’t say that you should not buy the expensive bonsai tool kit available in the market, but with our experience, our gardener bhaiya says that these tools work well.

You can go ahead and buy bonsai tool kit and enjoy pruning your bonsai plants. It’s really interesting to create something. It gives great feeling when you see your creation after a month or two.

You may need these bonsai essential items as well.

Bonsai is an art. Not the commodity. So, think that you’re going to own an art piece and you’re going make it of greater value than now.

Vinni Balyan – Founder & MD

For now, you can enjoy this video.

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