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Check out Abana Home’s collection of Ficus Bonsai Plants and bring a Bonsai home that holds amazing benefits, is easy to grow, and makes your home elegant. Coming from the family of Banyan Tree, Ficus Bonsai Plants are one of the most loved bonsai plants in India. Also known as Grafted Ficus, Ficus Ginseng, or Ficus Microcarpa, this Indoor Ficus is the best for beginners and a must to include in your collection. 

What are the benefits of Bonsai Ginseng Ficus?

This unique-looking Ginseng Grafted Ficus has numerous health benefits. 

  • Natural Air-purifier

Indoor Ficus plants purify the air you breathe by reducing the effect of VOCs that are released into the air by carpets, paints, and other materials used in the home. 

  • A herbal remedy

The natives of China have been using ficus ginseng as herbal remedies for a very long time. They call it Yang Ginseng. It can effectively improve one’s immune system and is used to treat hormonal changes due to stress and anxiety. 

  • Low-maintenance Bonsai 

These tropical and evergreen indoor ficus plants are fast-growers and almost hard to kill. They can tolerate almost any soil and lighting condition and are easy to maintain.

  • Great for home decor & gifts

These grafted ginseng ficus seeds have fat trunks with sustainable exposed roots. That makes them appealing decor pieces for home/ office. Their dark green oval-shaped leaves and roots make a replica of a Banyan tree and it makes for the perfect gift for any kind of occasion. 

  • A good-luck charm

Being a Feng Shui plant, the Ficus Microcarpa brings good luck and abundance to those who keep it in their home. It is considered to be an auspicious plant in India also and has a high religious value. 

How to take care of my Ficus Bonsai Plant?

Taking care of a Ficus is very simple. However, below are some of the things you need to remember while growing a Grafted Ginseng Ficus.

  • Watering: Water once a week. Ficus needs moderate watering and the soil needs to be moist most of the time. Water it less often in winters.
  • Temperature: Ficus Bonsai plant in an indoor plant. It loved to be in bright light but hate the direct sun. 
  • Repotting: Repot in every 2 years in the spring season or fall. 
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize your Ginseng monthly during summer. In winters its growth slows down naturally there’s no need to fertilize it in winters. 
  • Pruning: Pruning is very important for any Bonsai plant. Prune away the new shoots and leaves in spring regularly that will encourage the plant to be in the shape., making

What are the common problems of growing a Grafted Ficus Plant?

  • Why are my Ficus leaves drooping? 

Improper watering schedule or temperature can be the causes of leaves drooping. Change the watering pattern and relocate the plant. 

  • Why are the leaves of my Ficus Bonsai dropping?

Frequent change of temperature causes the leaves to fall. Do not move your plant from indoors to outdoors or vice-versa so frequently and make sure that the temperature is moderate.

  • Why are my Ficus leaves curling?

Underwatering or overwatering is the most common cause that forces the leaves to turn or turn yellow. Stick on a regular watering schedule and keep the soil well-drained.