Good Luck Jade Plant in Ceramic Pot

599.00 299.00

Good Luck Jade Plant with Pot Indoor

599.00 299.00

Good Luck Jade Plant in Beautiful Black Pot

599.00 350.00

Air Purifier Spider Plant in Beautiful Red Pot

700.00 350.00

Good Luck Jade Plant Indoor with Pot (Combo of 2)

1,000.00 550.00

Pachira Bonsai Live Plants / Money Tree

1,300.00 675.00

Sansevieria Braided Live Plant with Pot

1,199.00 725.00

Braided Sansevieria Plant

1,200.00 725.00

Pachira Money Tree Plant with Ceramic Pot

1,300.00 750.00

Ficus Bonsai Plants with Pot (Ginseng)

1,268.00 899.00

Ficus Bonsai Plants with Pot (Ginseng)

1,268.00 899.00

Ficus Bonsai Plant (Ginseng)

1,463.00 899.00

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai 4 Year Old

1,599.00 899.00

Ficus Bonsai Plants – 6 Years Old

1,599.00 899.00

Ficus Bonsai Plant 5 Years Old

1,500.00 950.00

Ficus Bonsai Plants with Pot (Ginseng)

1,268.00 975.00

Carmona Bonsai Plant (3 Yrs Old) x 15cm

1,899.00 999.00

Jade Bonsai Plant with Bonsai Pot – 4 Year old

1,899.00 999.00

Ficus Long Island Bonsai Plant

2,099.00 1,099.00

Carmona Bonsai Plant 3 Years Old

2,699.00 1,099.00

Carmona Indoor Bonsai Plants in Ceramic Pot

1,500.00 1,199.00

Pachira Braided Money Tree Plant

2,500.00 1,199.00

Pachira Braided Bonsai With ceramic Pot

2,500.00 1,250.00

Carmona Bonsai Tree (5 Yrs Old) x 20cm

1,899.00 1,599.00

Indoor Plants Carmona Bonsai Tree 5 Yrs

2,937.00 1,599.00

Carmona Bonsai Tree (5 Yrs Old) x 20cm

1,899.00 1,599.00

Carmona Bonsai Plant 7 Years Old x 25cm

2,699.00 1,899.00

Glorious Carmona Bonsai Plant

2,500.00 1,995.00

Carmona Indoor Bonsai Plants with Ceramic Pot

3,000.00 1,999.00

Buy Indoor Plants Online

With increasing pollution in the city, the demand for indoor plants has increased. Our research team has collected a list of indoor plants that are really helpful in treating the air pollution in the house. For example, the best of air purifying plant, Indoor Plant, called Sansevieria Plant treats the formaldehyde and toluene present in the air and make air breathable. Sansevieria is also known as Snake Plant.

Indoor Plants @ Rs. 199

The next question we got from our customers in a survey of nearly 50,000+ customers was about the price of the indoor plants. To address this concern, our team of plants experts made a list of indoor plants that are air purifying in nature too, in the range of Rs. 199 per plant. 

If you are thinking of gifting someone in this range or planning to arrange a corporate gift or bulk plant gift as return gift on any occasion, you can use these low cost indoor plants.

Is Buying Indoor Plants Online a risk?

Absolutely not! 

Buying an indoor plant is as good as buying any item online. However, we assume a basic understanding that you’re keen about the plants and gardening and you’re not buying because you wanted to buy something today.

I’ve seen a few examples where people buy the plants and forget to water them and they expect the plant to stay healthy. NO WAY.

If you’re buying a plant, then at least you’re ready to water it regularly as instructed. You can find the caring instruction for each plant.

Get Caring Instruction of all the plants here.

Air Purifying Property of Indoor Plants

No all the indoor plants are air purifying in nature but many of them are. We’ve a list of all the air purifying plants here that can help you in deciding which plant to buy. You may consider the bonsai plants as well for Indoors. There are several indoor bonsai plants that can make your living room look beautiful and offer air purifying properties as well.

Life time Support for plant care

Our team at is dedicated to make your gardening easier and meaningful. We believe that gardening is not a run-of-the-mill hobby and you love doing it all the time. So, we have a dedicated support team that will help you in making your hobby worthwhile by providing enough support whenever you need them.

You can reach us at +91 9315569090 (between 8am-8pm) any day.

Learn about what our customers experience with us.