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Black Pine Bonsai Tree 7 Yrs

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  • Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree is Ideal for Garden, Balcony, Terrace, Entrance of Home.
  • It Can Tolerate High Sun, Dry Weather, and Hard to Kill The Plant.
  • Very good for bonsai collectors. It grows slow and passes to generations.
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Japanese Black Pine Care

Place Black Pine Tree in the Sun

Placing Japanese Black Pine Tree in full sun helps it in reducing the size of the needle and push the growth & longevity of the bonsai plant. During winters, keep it surrounded with other plants or keep it in the shades.

How to water a japanese black pine

Don't Overwater

Black Pine tree does not like moisture all the time. So, keep the decent amount of gap between two watering days. Let the soil go dry and then water it again.

black pine bonsai tree

Fertilize Once in A Month

You can use natural vermi compost or any other all round fertilizer to feed the plant once in 4-6 weeks.

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Plant Age

7 Years

Plant Size

30 cm



1 review for Black Pine Bonsai Tree 7 Yrs

  1. Moumita Sarkar

    Masterpiece. Far better than expected delivery. I would recommend abana homes to my friends and family.

    I bought black pine bonsai tree last year from Chhajed Garden in pune as I was searching for the plant near by my place in pune. The plant was very thin as if it was just a branch of small few months old tree. It did not look like the bonsai tree.

    Recently I ordered a few bonsai tree from abana homes and I liked their commitment towards bonsai lovers. The plant is really good as you see in the image. They are healthy and absolutely fantastic product.

    Also, they team is genuine. I was trying to get a maple bonsai tree from them and they stopped me and suggested that it will not do well for coming few months of summer as it required a lot of humidity and cold weather. I liked their idea of serving to the customers.

    It’s more important to educate your customers and ensure that they love your product. Three cheers to the team.

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