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Flowering Bonsai Tree Carmona / Fukien Tea Tree
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Flowering Bonsai Tree Carmona / Fukien Tea Tree


  • Best Indoor Flowering Bonsai Tree
  • Easy to Care. Water alternate days.
  • Spread Fresh Leaves Fragrance.
  • Best for Gifting, Table Top.

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Flowering Bonsai Tree

Carmona bonsai tree belongs to Fukien Tea Tree family. It’s a rare combination of Indoor Bonsai Tree + Flowering Bonsai Tree. Hardly, you’ll find any bonsai that is flowering bonsai plant as well as indoors.

Indoor Bonsai Tree in Ceramic Pot

If you are looking for a bonsai tree to be a pride of your living room or the bedroom, you can count on this wonderful flowering bonsai tree.

flowering bonsai tree

Cute White Flowering Bonsai Plant

Carmona Bonsai Plant blooms usually in summer. However, we have seen flowers through out the year. In winters, you can give some warmth to it and that boosts the flowering in winters as well.

Air purifying Bonsai

This small cute bonsai tree is also air purifying in nature. Coming from a tea tree family, it spread, very mild, fresh fragrance as well.

Carmona Flowering Bonsai Tree

Caring for Carmona Bonsai Plant

Location: Carmona is an indoor bonsai tree. So, you can keep it anywhere in the living room, over the dining table, in the office, in your bedroom. You need to ensure that it gets the natural daylight through the window or balcony – indirect light – not the direct sunlight.

Watering: Usually you’ll need to water this bonsai plant on alternate days.Thumb rule of watering any plant: Check the soil with your thumb and if it’s dry you need to water it fully.

Pruning: It’s optional and depends on your choice. However, pruning the bonsai not only helps in giving it a good shape but also ensures that the unnecessary branches are not sucking up the nutrition of the plant.

Fertilizer & Soil: Abana Homes Bonsai Plants are well fertilized enough for a month. Also, you don’t need to change the soil for 6 months to a year. So you don’t need to put in fertilizer or change the bonsai soil immediately. However, you should put fertilizer after a month. You can use any fertilizer from the local nursery or the fertilizer shop, or you can buy from us. Check here for the fertilizers & soil.

Flowering Bonsai Tree i Shape Carmona
One of our customers iShape Carmona Bonsai Tree.. Look how he has decorated it.

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Plant Age

4 Years

Plant Size

20 cm


Carmona, Flowering


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