Podocarpus – Buddhist Pine Bonsai Plant – 4 Year old
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Podocarpus – Buddhist Pine Bonsai Plant – 4 Year old

1,899 1,299

  • Unique Bonsai Tree – Also known as Buddhist Pine Bonsai Tree
  • Easy to maintain Bonsai Plant with Pot and Drip Tray to prevent water leakage
  • Auspicious Bonsai Plants, It acts as natural air purifier as well.
  • Perfect Gift Plants for Graduation, Birthday or Anniversary or Get together
  • Abana Homes team helps you in maintaining all the bonsai trees. You can connect with the team whenever you need any help.

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How to take care of Podocarpus?

Position: The Podocarpus will grow well outside, but can also be held indoors. Place it in a bright spot, protected from midday sun.

Watering: Water regularly, the tree doesn’t like drought.

Feeding: Every two weeks in the growth season, when kept indoors also feed during the winter, though with smaller quantities and less frequent.

Pruning: Pruning can be done year round. Regular pruning will result in a dense foliage.

Repotting: Once every 2-3 years, be careful not to disturb the root-system too much. The Podocarpus Bonsai prefers slightly acidic soil.

Propagation: Use cuttings in summer.


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