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Lucky Bamboo Plant – Buy & Care Guide

Bamboo Plant is one of the most elegant plants, with most of them holding ornamental value. They are easy-to-care, and their rapid growth is an advantage for impatient gardeners. The bamboo tree has different varieties, among which several are suited for decorating your gardens, yards, decks, and even in-house décor.

About Bamboo Plant 

Most people might not know this, but bamboo is a plant and not a tree. They are a popular perennial plant typically belonging to the Poaceae grass family. It is interesting to know that bamboos are among the fastest-growing plants all across the world.

Although bamboo trees might be prominent in most regions, they are well-matched with the tropical climate. They grow in places that stay wet or dry for most months in a single year. The different varieties of bamboo trees are due to varying climatic conditions. Asia, Australia, and America are some of the bamboo rich regions of the world at present.

Types of Bamboo Plant

For people who have an inclination towards gardening and wish to manage superb plant options, the bamboo tree is the best option. Let us discuss some of the attractive lucky bamboo plant variants you can consider.

Giant Bamboo 

Giant bamboo can acquire a maximum height of up to 100 feet. At present, giant bamboo is indeed the tallest bamboo tree type you have all around the globe. This version has sturdy culms that are almost 1 foot in circumference. The canes initially start with a chalky white covering, but the color changes to faded dark blue or pale green with age. Giant bamboo tree images are all over the internet, and you can find their existence familiar in China, Thailand, and Burma.

Umbrella Bamboo

Umbrella Bamboo is a versatile bamboo tree type cultivated for its non-invasive, easy-care, elegant, and adaptable characteristics. The yellow-green canes with narrow leaves are its prime appearance traits. Umbrella bamboo has fussy-looking foliage with a bright green top.

Chinese Fountain Bamboo 

Chinese Fountain Lucky Bamboo is characterized by long & slender canes that heavily arch due to the foliage’s weight. The canes are colored medium green with light patches of blushing purple. Chinese bamboo tree has narrow foliage that offers a matte surface appearance. The best part about this plant is the toughness that allows it to withstand severe cold.

Japanese Timber Bamboo

Even though the bamboo tree is primarily native to China, this particular variety, called the Japanese timber bamboo, is extensively found across Japan and harvested mainly for timber. Japanese timber bamboo has canes that are smooth and glossy. You can even see this bamboo plant in a dazzling shade of bright emerald green or green-yellow (with aging).

Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys Nigra) is almost similar to fountain bamboo but has feathery leaves with jet black culms. With such character traits, it gets its name ‘Black Bamboo’. This bamboo variety is found in the Hunan Province of China.

Bamboo Tree Care Tips 

Once the bamboo is established, the process of taking care happens simplistically. Some of the practical care & maintenance tips for the bamboo tree are:

  • Lucky Bamboo growth is maintained if you water it every 15 days with RO water. It can either be through manual watering or rainfall.  
  • It is required to water bamboo deeply for permitting the roots to gain depth.
  • Do not scrape up bamboo leaves that get collected near the roots. The leaves help protect the roots and keep them moist.
  • Adding a layer of fertilizer to bamboo roots help maintain the growth of the bamboo tree. According to bamboo care methods, it is smart to add a fertilizer layer during the spring season.

Benefits of Bamboo Tree

The presence of bamboo in your garden, yard, or indoors does bring many benefits. Below mentioned are some vital bamboo tree uses & advantages you need to be aware of:

Sense of Positivity 

A bamboo plant is known to attract positive energy, be it indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, it also brings growth and prosperity at home.

Easy to Maintain

Taking care of a bamboo tree is easy without additional efforts with maintenance. You only need to water the bamboo consistently, at least twice a week.

Source of Purification 

If you plan on keeping an indoor bamboo variant, for instance, a lucky bamboo tree, it works to purify the surrounding air. These plants increase the oxygen levels to make you feel fresh and active. 

Ornamental Value

Bamboo Plants are indeed an excellent option to decorate your home. Since they are perennials, bamboos serve as a suitable choice for illuminating your house interior. You can always choose variants based on colors and stripes.

FAQs about Bamboo Plants

What is the age of bamboo plants?

The survival of the lucky bamboo tree depends on the surrounding environmental conditions. When the conditions are favorable, you can conveniently maintain indefinite bamboo culms every year.

is growing bamboo an easy process?

Yes! The act of growing bamboo is relatively easy. Bamboo does not require pesticides and is capable of growing without fertilizers. Moreover, the water intake, on the whole, is also less.

Where can we buy bamboo plants?

You can buy lucky bamboo plants through local nurseries or plan a quest for online plant shops.

What is clumping bamboo?

A clumping bamboo does not develop ‘runners’. This species of bamboo is most suitable for a small garden with limited space.

Why is bamboo suitable for the home?

Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra regard bamboo as an incredibly lucky plant for the households. It is believed that the plant attracts wealth and good health.

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