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Jade Bonsai Tree

5 Bonsai Trees for Your Office Desk

Air pollution is killing all of us slowly and it has become a necessity to surround ourselves with oxygen generating plants a.k.a air purifying plants. Bonsai Plants not only add beauty to your home / office decor but also act as a great natural air purifier. Bonsai plants treat toxic chemicals like Toluene and Formaldehyde […]

Buy Plants Online in Bangalore

Buy Plants Online In Bangalore

Apart from the traditional nurseries for buying plants, you now have access to online plant buying platforms. These websites are suitable for purchasing houseplants, garden plants, and other outdoor plants. Over the past decade, the need to access plants at home has significantly risen in Bangalore. You can now access several buy plants online Bangalore […]

nursery plants

The Complete Guide to Nursery Plants for 2020

Nursery Plants Having plants at home leads to multiple advantages for the residents. Spring and fall are considered the best months when you can add new plants to your garden. A visit to a local nursery is necessary to check out healthy and exotic plant varieties. Nursery plants are usually in good shape since expert […]

Template Best Plants

Top 10 Indoor Bonsai Plants & Trees #1 Ficus Bonsai Tree 4Y Old Good For: Outdoors locationo where it can get good amount of sulight Why Good For: What People Say #1 Ficus Bonsai Tree 4Y Old Good For: Outdoors locationo where it can get good amount of sulight Why Good For: What People Say […]

Affiliate Network Abana Homes

Earn Money by Helping Others Get A Bonsai Tree

Home & Garden Affiliate Network Green is the new Black. Congratulations to every one at Abana Homes. The customers, Stakeholders, Staff Members and Affiliates. As we speak today, we have delivered more than 1,00,632 Bonsai Plants since our inception in 2017. And the credit goes to every one in here working hard to make that […]

Gift Plants

Send Plant gifts in India

Send best plant gifts to your loved one. Let’s first understand that why do we gift plants online to someone. To be remembered. So, once you starting thinking of sending a UNIQUE gift to your loved one, you should think of ENGAGEMENT that the gift can bring, longevity of the gift and usefulness. Bonsai Plants and Indoor Plants fits very well in these all criteria.

buy plants online

Buy Plants Online in India

Buy Bonsai Plants Online Air Purifier Plants You might have visited the local nursery to pick plants and other gardening items. Such visits might be frequent for avid gardeners for selecting the best-scented flower pots and decorative plant specimens. But local nurseries have a single common problem of limited plant stock. Moreover, you might not […]

areca palm in living room

Buy Areca Palm Plant Online

Areca palm is a unique houseplant option that does require significant care. Below mentioned are some of the critical areca palm maintenance tips you should follow:

ceramic pots

Buy Ceramic Pots Online

The choice of selection for ceramic pots over plastic pots has been a long-standing debate. You can find most gardeners who are inclined towards plastic pots, while others only prefer ceramic or clay pots. For houseplants, it is necessary to focus on the plant characteristics that help in selecting the pot. Ceramic is undoubtedly a […]

Houseplant for modern homes India

Why are Houseplants Important for Modern Homes?

You can beautify interior spaces most simply and effectively by adding houseplants. Living organisms within the closest surroundings are a smart choice as they function as a natural air purifier. With a hint of greenery in your garden, balcony, or living room, you get to remove almost 87% of air toxins in 24 hours, as […]

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