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Best Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Kits

If you are just getting into bonsai practice it can be really confusing for you to determine what are the things needed and from where to start. Bonsai starter kits are a one-way package solution. If you are a beginner and have decided to grow a Chinese elm bonsai first, you can consider buying a Chinese elm bonsai starter kit instead of just the bonsai. It will ensure a less fussy journey. Read on to learn;

  • What are bonsai starter kits?
  • Whether they are worth investing in.
  • Best Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Kits
  • And many more…

What Are Bonsai Starter Kits?

A bonsai starter kit is a pack of tools that a beginner will need to start their bonsai journey on the right foot. The content of the package may vary but it usually has the most necessary things it needs. Let’s discuss the most common contents of a bonsai starter kit;

What To Look For In Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Kits?

The components of a good starter kit should have;

A Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree:

This is the first and most important component of Chinese elm bonsai starter kits. Chinese elm bonsai is an easy-going bonsai and beginner-friendly and because of that reason, you will be able to find this bonsai as a part of a starter kit with ease. If you want to test your green thumb or want to have a full experience you can get starter kits with Chinese elm bonsai seeds as well. But seed propagation for a beginner is too complex and disheartening as the success rate is low. So, we will recommend you start with a full-grown elm bonsai tree. 

Planter Or Container:

If there is a bonsai tree there will be a pot as well. But you will find two types of containers- ceramic or something sturdy in quality and plastic. Plastic pots are cheap and they are not meant to keep your bonsai longer in it. But in this case, you will have the liberty to choose a pot for your bonsai that will go well with your backdrop. If you are confused you can choose a Chinese elm bonsai starter kit that comes with a sturdy ceramic pot. Usually, these bonsai with ceramic pots come with neutral colours that will fit in many backdrops. Chinese elm bonsai starter kits that comes with ceramic pot is costlier than those comes with plastic pots.


All Chinese elm bonsai starter kits should have soil included with it. Chinese elm bonsai love their soil to be well-draining and at the same time, it should hold moisture. Your starter kit should have this kind of soil but many growers prefer to replace the soil after receiving the bonsai. We will recommend you give your tree some time before changing the soil. The tree had just faced transport shock and if they face transplant shock just after that it will be too much for them to handle. 

Bonsai Tools:

Some Chinese elm bonsai starter kits will come with first-hand tools to use with your bonsai tree. Tools that will be useful in the maintenance of your bonsai tree include bonsai shears, something to rake the soil, and a moisture metre. Not every bonsai kit will offer all of these tools, so it’s a good idea to check what you are purchasing. To be honest you will only need pruning shears at the beginning. Other tools might be needed like a humidity tray, drip tray, wire cutter, etc but you can buy them gradually according to your needs. 


Fertilizer is very necessary for your Chinese elm bonsai tree, so a Chinese elm bonsai starter kits that contains fertilizer, particularly for your bonsai tree is great. Sometimes, suppliers include cheaper fertilizers to provide other components of good quality as tools and pots are noticeable. Fertilizers that are specialized for bonsai are perfect. 


Your Chinese elm bonsai starter kits should also include instructions that usually include care instructions for your bonsai tree. Including care instructions means that your supplier makes sure that you don’t get confused after receiving your bonsai. 

Note that, just because a kit doesn’t have everything we pointed out here doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get it. A package that contains everything is perfect, but many of these contents if not all can be easily accessed online. You can also get them in your local gardening stores. 

Our Top 3 Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Kits:

  1. Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree 9 Years 30 cm

You will get this Chinese elm bonsai with unique features, classic-blue pot, pre-fertilized soil medium, and a care instruction. 

  1. Chinese Elm Shohin Bonsai Tree – Shohin 3 years

Along with providing the necessary components you will also receive a monk figurine with the package. You don’t have to worry about its outlook. In this bonsai we focused on the display. 

  1. Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai Tree 12 Yrs 35cm

We are offering the bonsai with a pot with a unique color combination, a bonsai shear, and a pack of fertilizer. The kit will ensure your bonsai will get its ideal care once you receive it.

FAQ Of Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Kits:

Ques1: Is Chinese elm bonsai easy to start with?

Ans: For beginners, we advise going with either Chinese elm bonsai or Carmona bonsai mainly because it’s easy to maintain and they are forgiving of your mistakes. Other easier alternatives include the Juniper, Jade, Hawaiian umbrella, and the Sweet Plum.

Ques 2: How Long Do Chinese Elm Bonsai Trees Take To Grow?

Ans: Chinese elm bonsai will take years to grow just like they do in the wild. But the bonsai we recommended has already grown bonsai. Their age is mentioned in the links. You only have to take care of its health as they are pre-styled too. 

Ques: Are Chinese elm bonsai hard to maintain?

Ans: Just by the outlook you can tell that creating a bonsai is hard and it’s true for most cases but we can assure you that you will be able to manage Chinese elm bonsai. Bonsai are quite different from other houseplants; they need different tools and methods to keep them healthy and display their best features. Once you get used to it this whole complexity won’t seem that hard. 

Final Thoughts:

Growing Chinese elm bonsai is a great way to get started in the rewarding practice of bonsai. These Chinese elm bonsai starter kits will give you a head start, as they have pre-styled bonsai, pot, soil, fertilizer, and care instructions. If you’re looking for a unique hobby, a Chinese elm bonsai starter kit is worth trying. Best of luck!

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