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Propagating Chinese Elm Bonsai Cuttings And From Seeds

A Chinese elm bonsai can be propagated from seeds and cuttings. Cutting propagation is most famous as seeds take too much time to grow into a bonsai. But on the other hand, growing a bonsai from scratch is a different kind of rewarding feeling. Seed propagation has less success rate while cutting rarely possesses the […]

Best Chinese Elm Bonsai Soil and Fertilizer.

The right soil mixture for your Chinese elm bonsai is crucial and so is the fertiliser. Both of these elements will work as a supplement and will ensure healthy growth which will last forever. Your fertiliser is the supplement and the soil is the medium through which you can deliver it to the bonsai. As […]

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Chinese Elm Bonsai

It’s true that Chinese elm bonsai is one of the easiest to grow as a bonsai but that does not mean they are free from all kinds of plant issues. Surprisingly most of the issues are extreme negligence. The good thing is that most of these issues can be cured so without any delay let’s […]

Chinese Elm Bonsai Pruning And Styling. 

For new bonsai owners, the scariest part of having a bonsai is undoubtedly pruning and staying it as it requires sharp tools. It’s true too, but you have to start off from somewhere right? Because of that, you need a species that can handle cuts and scratches that are caused by mistakes. Chinese elm bonsai […]

Creating a Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest- Step-By-Step Guide.

Creating a bonsai forest is fantastic and using Chinese elm bonsai for it is a smart choice. Chinese elm bonsai is hardy and will cooperate with the art. If you are planning to create a Chinese elm bonsai forest I will guide you through this article step by step.  Before that if you have landed […]

Comparing Chinese Elm Bonsai With Other Elm Bonsai Varieties

There are around 30 to 40 tree species from the ulmus genus but the most common bonsai species used for bonsai is bonsai elm parvifolia or Chinese elm bonsai. They are favoured by beginners because they are the hardiest in comparison to other elm bonsai. Still, enthusiasts who love challenges have cultivated other elm bonsai […]

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