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Bonsai Plants Care A – Z

How to take care of the bonsai plant after unpacking?

WateringTo properly water your plant, you should use half a liter for pots that are smaller than 5 inches and 1-2 liters for pots larger than 5 inches. During the winter, water your plant twice to thrice a week. In the summer, water it every other day. If the soil becomes dry within a day, make sure to water it daily.
LocationTo help your plant adjust to its new environment, keep it in a location that is not directly exposed to sunlight for about a week to 10 days. It’s okay for the plant to receive a little bit of morning sunlight (2-4 hours) as this can be beneficial. However, it’s important to avoid exposing the plant to full day sun.

To keep your plant healthy, it’s important to fertilize it regularly, especially during the winter and growth season. The best fertilizers for foliage bonsai are NPK 19:19:19 or NPK 10:10:10, as these are balanced fertilizers that are suitable for all plants, including bonsai. You can also use vermicompost as a fertilizing option. By providing your plant with the nutrients it needs, you can help it grow and thrive.

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Popular Bonsai Plants Care

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Detailed Care Instructions For Bonsai Plants

Each bonsai is unique and may have specific care requirements. To ensure that you are providing the best care for your plant, it’s important to research and understand the needs of your particular bonsai. A good resource to consult is a detailed care guide that provides instructions for different types of bonsai. By following care instructions that are specific to your plant, you can help it thrive and grow.

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Learn how to take care of various Bonsai plants on Bonsai Plant Care A – Z

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  1. Ashwani Sharma

    I want a bonsai in juniper tree. If you have the bonsai share the pic with me pls.

    1. Pooja Joshi

      Sure.. You can find the juniper bonsai tree here.

  2. Janta Rao

    How to care for a Ficus bonsai tree


    The ulmus plant got delivered today…what are the instructions for watering

    1. Pooja Joshi

      You can download the caring instruction for the specific plant from the list above.

  4. Divya Jaipuriar

    Bonsai care tips please

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