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Bonsai Care Instruction Week 1

If you’ve got the plant today, follow these instructions properly for a week time. First week is very crucial. This is true for all the plants.

>> Generic Care Instruction for all plants in first week.

  • Watering: Pour 1-2 litres of water whenver you’re watering the plant. The idea is to wet the entire soil and root system. Stop when the water starts flowing from the hole below the pot. Check the soil next day. If the soil feels wet, you don’t need to water it again. Water it when the soil feels dry. Alternate day watering for Indoor Plants and Daily for Outdoor Plants is the good practice. Sprinkle water on the leaves as well so that they can get proper humidity and remain clean.
  • Location: Avoid keeping them under the direct AC vents or the fan as it reduces the humidity of the plant.
  • Light: Keep the plant in the indirect sunlight or natural light coming through the window or balcony.
  • Fertilizer: Use fertilizer (vermi compost, slow release smart food) regularly for good growth.

Each Bonsai Tree is different. Find out the specific guidelines of them. Follow the instructions and feel free to reach us out on WhatsApp if needed.

We don’t only sell the bonsai tree, we help you own them. And we love doing it. 🙂

Vinni Balyan – Founder, Abana Homes.
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