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Learn More About BonsaiHD TV

BonsaiHD is an initiative by Abana Homes to educate the bonsai lovers about the beautiful bonsai trees & plants. It’s true that the information is available all around the internet. You can search for something and you’ll find tones of information about the topic.

But that does not necessarily mean that the information is useful. Therefore, our team has taken the responsibility of curating that part for you and making sure that you get the relevant information about the bonsai tree.

How we build this BonsaiHD TV?

Our dedicated team of experts interact with hundreds of bonsai lovers everyday through live chat, Facebook pages, WhatsApp channels, calls and message to resolve their day-to-day queries. They record these queries in the spreadsheet and every month, we try to understand the major pain area of the bonsai lovers.

Based on that, we search for the most relevant videos from internet masters of bonsai and present to you. This data-based approach helps us address most common issues of the bonsai enthusiasts. So, a big thanks to you as well for your contribution towards it in terms of questions.

For example, people from West Bengal love this banyan bonsai tree and they do have many questions around it. Hence, we found this wonderful care guide and how to make a banyan bonsai tree guide for them.

In the same way, Suraina from Kerala bought Japanese maple bonsai tree from us and she was curious about how to take care of it in the summer. Our team members found her the best caring video guide for maple tree bonsai in India.

Plants are alive and their care instructions defers from place to place, weather to weather, but we need to understand the essence of it and learn to implement in our own circumstances.

One of our patron bonsai collectors, Mr. Menon, from Kolkata asked us to help him with the accessories that we use and we created a series of accessories that we use from various parts of the world.

Such as Bonsai Soil (we create it), Cheap but very effective Bonsai Shears, Bonsai Fertilizer, & Ceramic Pots Online (we get them manufactured).

We’re mainly into the bonsai tree and plants. But you own plants other than bonsai tree as well, right. So, you may have questions about those plants. We encountered a couple of questions about Mogra Flower Plant, Chameli flower, Champa Flower etc. and we created a beautiful guide for them.

Check this beautiful guide about Chameli Flower.

And the list goes on. This page, BonsaiHD TV, is one of the most comprehensive care guide for bonsai tree and plants. That’s how we are working on it. It’s one stop solution for all your bonsai questions.

What keeps us motivated for BonsaiHD TV?

It’s all your love and affection.

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Latest Abana Homes Reviews on Google

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