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Mango Bonsai Tree

How to Grow and Graft Bonsai Mango Tree

Would you like to enjoy your mango fruit directly from the farm? Of course, farm fruits like mango are spacious. Is there anything you can do? Bonsai Farming! It is an ancient Japanese technique to cultivate trees in a small pot. This technique helps you to grow your mango tree in a small container. So, […]

bonsai wire

How to Wire and Shape a Bonsai: A Complete Beginners Guide

Bonsai wiring can be simple or complex, easy or difficult, wild or curated. Bonsai, like life, is a journey to be enjoyed step by step. Bonsai wire teaches us that even the most aged little tree can be beautiful. Are you interested in learning more about bonsai wiring and shaping? Wrapping wire around the trunk […]

How to water your bonsai when you are away?

Plants do need water and food as we do. No matter whether you’ve time for them or not. I get many SAD information from our clients that the plant died when they were away for a week or so. They could not water it and when they returned home, the leaves were dry. Bonsai Plants […]

bonsai tool kit in india

Bonsai Tool Kit

Why to buy expensive bonsai tool kit when you can it get it for just Rs. 500. Check this amazing collection of Bonsai tool Kit now.

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginneres

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners

Repotting is a vital element in maintaining the health of the bonsai tree. The objective of repotting would be to get rid of excess roots that could cause the tree to purge, or not get enough nutrients because of its mass. Repotting also makes certain your tree may continue to flourish within a little pot. Bonsai trees must be repotted once every two to five decades, based on how fast your bonsai tree develops.

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