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If you’re looking for something thoughtful to gift a dear one, then you have landed in the right place. What choice could be wiser than an attractive and cute Syngonium plant? Its beautiful pink-green heart-shaped leaves make it the best home decor item or a gift. Apart from that, it also helps to purify the indoor air and keeps you away from diseases.

7 Amazing Benefits of Syngonium Plant That You Didn’t Know Before

Popular with the name of Arrowheads, Syngonium tops the list of indoor plants when it comes to counting the benefits. Here are 7 of its privileges that you may not know till now. 

  • Superb Air-purifier

Approved as an air purifier by NASA’s researchers, Syngonium removes air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene.

  • Increases humidity

Its large surface foliage and transpiration rate of 7 make it a perfect plant to increase the humidity indoors.  

  • A Feng Shui plant

Syngonium symbolizes the regular flow of positive energies. It is one of the well-known Feng Shui plants that promotes positivity and keeps away stress and anxiety.

  • Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain and grows well in shade or low light.

  • Can be grown in water

Unlike most indoor plants, it can be grown in water. Just fill the container with fresh water twice a week, and it will keep mesmerizing you with its look.

  • Absorbs CO2

It is amazing to know that your beautiful plant also works hard to keep the CO2 level of the room down and make it healthier and more healing to live at home.

  • Best for home decor/gifts

No doubt Syngonium is a gorgeous plant. Its large heart-shaped shiny green leaves make it best for decorating your living room, balconies, or offices. 

Learn The Complete Care Guide For Your Syngonium Plant

Wondering how to grow it carefully? Let us help you. 

  • Light: They grow well in a location where they receive good indirect sunlight.
  • Watering: Water well, wait, and repeat! Evenly moist the soil but don’t overwater and wait for it to dry a little before watering.
  • Humidity: A very dry atmosphere will cause the leaves to go brown. So, keep it at a place where the air is somewhat humid.
  • Feeding: Feeding twice a week is enough for your Syngonium.
  • Repotting: If you notice that the plant isn’t growing, it’s time for repotting. Take it out and plant it in a bigger pot. 

Common Problems You May Face While Growing A Syngonium Plant

  • Why are my Syngonium plant leaves turning pale?

Too much heat or direct sunlight causes the leaves to burn and turn pale. Relocate the plant under a shady spot. 

  • Why are my Syngonium leaves becoming brown and dry?

Lack of water and direct sunlight make the leaves go brown and dry. Make sure to keep the plant at a shadier place and water it properly.

  • Why is my Syngonium drooping?

Inconsistent and overwatering is the cause that the plants start to droop. Water it less often and let the soil dry out a bit before you water it again.