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Plant gifts online

Plant Gifts Online

Send Plant gifts in India

Send best plant gifts to your loved one. Let’s first understand that why do we gift plants online to someone. To be remembered. So, once you starting thinking of sending a UNIQUE gift to your loved one, you should think of ENGAGEMENT that the gift can bring, longevity of the gift and usefulness. Bonsai Plants and Indoor Plants fits very well in these all criteria.

Indoor Plants and Bonsai Plants build awesome engagement with the person. These plants need to watered on regular frequency. Hence it reminds of you to them while watering. With increasing pollution, pandemic and health concern, now it has become a mandate to keep indoor plants for home so that you can breathe fresh air. There are many great air purifying plants that you can keep inside the house. These indoor plants and bonsai plants make awesome plant gifts.

Plant gifts ideas as Unique Birthday Gifts

We’ve many ideas on how you can fit the plant gift with a story. And trust me, the stories make the plant gifts idea more powerful. For example: You can gift a plant of 5 years old bonsai tree to your 5 years old daughter as her unique birthday gifts that can inspire her to be DISCIPLINED, RESPONSIBLE and Consistent with the approach. You may send 8 years old bonsai plants gift to your wife/husband on 8th Anniversary. Now you may be thinking what to gift mom/dad on their 50th birthday/anniversary, your can send a 5 years old bonsai or 10 bonsai tree of 5 years, or 2 bonsai plants gift of 25 years. The way it sounds good to you.

Bamboo Plant Gift Online

We can explore as much as Plant gifts online but if you are low on budget like around Rs. 500-1000 and are looking for the best plant to gift, there is nothing like Bamboo Plant gift online. High Longevity, almost zero-maintenance – water it once in 15 days – and GOOD LUCK PLANT. This is our most recommended plant if you don’t want to do the brain-storming for a gift plant.


Best Plant to Gift

Which Plant should be gifted?

When it comes to best plants to gift, I always suggest the plants that can grow well, need less maintenance and long lasting so that you can be remembered for longer. Bonsai plants grow well in adverse situations, they can last longer than a human life. Hence, you can pass it on to the generations and it becomes an asset class.

Small Plants for Gift

Indoor plants like Pachira Money Tree, Money Plant, Sansevieria, Anthurium, Rubber Plant, Bamboo, Air Purifier Combo etc are considered to be the great small plants for gift.

Potted Plants for Gift

When you gift someone, you don’t want them to work harder on the plant to grow it initially. So, we have brought you a collection of potted plants for gift that looks beautiful and works as a great gifting plant. Check them out.

Indoor Plants Gift

My personal recommendation is indoor plants for gift. Naturally, they are good to grow indoors in the low light situation and work as natural air purifiers. You can consider getting the Ficus Bonsai Plants as Indoor Plant Gifts. Next, you can go for the Aglaonema, Money Plant, Pachira Money Tree, Lucky Bamboo Plants, Indoor Air Purifying Plants and the list goes on. Check out this collection of Indoor Plant Gift.

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