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Growth Story of Abana Homes

In last 3 years, Abana Homes has become the ultimate destination for bonsai lovers in India. It started with an innate desire to create a beautiful environment around you at your home, office and all the places where you spend most of your time. With wide range of Indoor Bonsai Tree, Indoor Plants, and Semi Indoor Bonsai Plants that fit very well in your living room, office, and balcony garden, Abana Homes has served to more than 1,50,000+ customers since 2018.

Get Bonsai Plants Online at your door step

Delivering bonsai tree online was not easy at the beginning. Despite having the best of packaging and logistic team, it took us two months of feedback cycle with our customers to develop the perfect delivery mechanism. We’re proud to say that we’ve less than 1% damage ratio. i.e. the chances of getting a damaged item is 1 in 100. And we replace this immediately for no charge. We value our customers. Hence, we enjoy the deep trust of customers embedded into us.” Says Vinni Balyan – MD & Founder of Abana Homes.

Here is how the journey has shaped so far.

Abana Homes aims to deliver 60,000+ bonsai plant in 2021 alone.

Abana Homes is a single-women led, Vinni Balyan, Green eCommerce business. With 6 acres of land, They have established the R & D team to grow plants and herbs in our farms.

Delivery Records

Abana Homes delivered nearly 40,000+ Bonsai Trees and Plants in 2018-2019. In first two years of time, we invested our time and energy in understanding the delivery mechanism for plants to stop the damages in storage and transit. Finally in 2020, we’ve less than 1% of the damage ratio.

Our special mechanically designed custom made corrugated boxes, well trained staffs and holistic care of the plant before shipping are few things that we credit this success to.

Take a look at the delivery numbers so far.

Order figures are rounded off and are approximate for the sake of public.

Mar 2020
Introduced 4 new products, Re-marketing pulled up the numbers despite being low season as compared with valentines month, February.

April 2020
Operations were closed due to lockdown.

May 2020
Operations started post lockdown and it was mostly the returns that got stuck during the last few days of March.

June 2020
A month of recovery : We were focused on managing the cash flow and recovering the losses of Goods done during lock-down. Overall, it was hopeful.

July 2020
Getting back to normal while the normalcy in life is a distant reality. Festival season made the mood of buyers and we sent the highest of 472 units in one day.

Aug 2020
While Covid-19 kept pushing it boundaries crippling the economy & eco-system, festival season started with Rakshabandhan and sales went up by 10%. Rakhi Gifts made the way for us.

Sep 2020
And the momentum continued. Now it was the time to prepare for the another season monster – Deteriorating Air Quality in the country during winters. With three more product launches (Snake Plants, Lucky Bamboo Plant, and Rubber Plant Bonsai) we covered the air purifying plant section.

Oct 2020
Here comes Dushera, Diwali and all other festivals in India. It’s the beginning of festivals at the dawn of winter season. Ficus Plant Bonsai comes from the family of Bargad / Banyan Tree in India. Therefore, the demand goes up during the festival season.

Nov 2020
The same story continues. We established a dedicated bonsai care team to help bonsai lovers with their issues. Registering

Dec 2020
This year cold waves hit North India sooner than expected. Hence, the dormancy season for most of the bonsai started. Corona & Chilly Winter pushed people harder to stay indoors. And the sales dropped a little as expected.

Jan 2021
New year with new enthusiasm, we love the spirit of we Indian. With good news of Corona vaccine, the country again bounced back. We hoped a better growth in this month but cold waves and Kisan Andolan against the farm bill kept dragging us week on week.

Feb 2021

Love is in the air. And we can feel it. 🙂 We’ve seen nearly 40% growth in the Green Gifting this year during valentines and after that. Gifting a bonsai tree for a lifetime to someone you love, what could be a better idea than this. She/He will remember you everyday while watering the plant.

Mar 2021

Here comes the SUMMER.. Corona is also rising in many parts of the country. However, we have not seen any decline in the love for plant. Stay safe! Stay healthy.. In the wake of rising Corona cases, we had to curb the shipping to some areas.

April 2021

An unfortunate and scary month : Shipping is halted in most of the areas.

May 2021

Corona at its dangerous peak. Stay home and stay safe.

June 2021

It’s not over yet.

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

Abana Homes 2021 Promise

“Abana Homes aims to deliver 60,000+ Bonsai Plants in 2021.”

Vinni Balyan – Founder & MD, Abana Homes

Feb 2021
Excepting a decent recovery as the spring comes. Let’s see what future holds for us.

If you’ve any question or comment, please feel free to let us know in the email at vs at


  1. troy.arthur

    This message goes out to Ms. Vinni Balyan MD and Founder of Abana Homes….. It’s your hard work and perseverance that has brought Abana Homes to where it stands to…. It must have taken alot of dedication and many years to establish the Abana Home’s name….however maintaining the reputation would be twice as more difficult. I say this because today I’m a very frustrated and unsatisfied Abana Homes customer and I’m not really sure how many more are out there like me. I’ve been trying to get two orders straight and delivered to me since the last two months however have failed to get any real help. Payment for the orders have been made in full. Sad to say….You have a dedicated What’s app number from which you either do not get any response or it’s so irregular that it leaves you feeling irritated and frustrated. Imagine yourself calling up a dedicated customer service line and the rep on the other side keeps putting you on hold every five minutes…. Sometimes even failing to respond back. That’s the experience I’m having with 8am to 5pm dedicated What’s app service. Please do something if not for my order…then to save your business. What takes years to build can get spoilt in a very short while. Hope to hear from you guys soon as there is no response to my email too. Thank you.

    1. Pooja Joshi

      I am really sorry for your experience, your issue will be resolved today. We will take care of these 5hings so no customer feel the same. Cheers, Vinni

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