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Indoor Plants for Bedroom

20+ Best Indoor Plants for Bedroom that Help you to Give the Best Sleep Ever

Do you know that adding the best indoor plants for bedroom can help you sleep faster and better? It turns out that houseplants can do more than just add a splash of green to your home, especially to your bedroom. 

Plants could lower indoor air pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, and a more recent study suggests that plants can make you feel less stressed and more creative.

Bedroom plants not only provide numerous health benefits, but they also provide a beautiful touch of design and a jolt of energy to any interior environment.

Here’s a list of more than 20 good indoor plants for bedrooms to liven up the aura.

20+ Best Indoor Plants for Bedroom

1. Lavender


Add charm to your space with this bedroom indoor plant. Lavender creates a lovely bedroom accent with its silvery-green leaves, purple blooms, and an attractive aroma. 

Some things do not stay with you forever, like this Lavender. This perennial will not remain in your home indefinitely, but it will be a lovely accent for a few months. You can enjoy the presence of sweet fragrance while you go to sleep.

All you have to do is put these beauties outside once the blossoms start to fade to ensure that it returns the following year. Lavender grows best in bright light indoors and in full sun outdoors. You should water them only when the soil is somewhat dry.

2. Pothos


Want the best indoor plants for bedroom to sleep better but lack a green thumb? Pothos is the solution to your problem. These are one of the easiest houseplants to care for and will help you fall asleep quickly. The greenery can help put your mind at ease.

Known for its heart-shaped, gleaming leaves and vining stems reaching several feet in length, it is an excellent addition to bedroom indoor plants. Pothos enjoys moderate to bright light and prefers to get a little dry in between waterings. 

You can drape these durable vine drapes over dressers, shelves, and hanging pots. The thick leaves store water, and the vine-like aspect of the plant makes it simple to clip to keep it at the desired size.

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

With their gleaming leaves and robust, upright structure, these are a must-have as the best indoor plants for bedroom. What’s even better? The ZZ plant is modern and laid-back, but it, regardless, grabs attention and stands out as a strong choice for any room in the house. 

These bedroom indoor plants will roll with the punches if you have a lie-in and occasionally keep the drapes closed until midday. They won’t bother you if you skip a few waterings.

4. Chinese Evergreen

If you are too busy to care for your best indoor plants for bedroom, Chinese Evergreen can save you time. Apart from being low-maintenance, a benefit that this plant has is that it will keep the air in your room fresh. With the freshness at your corner, you can enjoy your sweet sleep peacefully.

Its ability to purify the air adds to its attractiveness. It produces a lot of oxygen while also removing pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene.

The white patterns compliment them because of their lustrous, pale green leaves. It can handle low levels of indoor light and prefers its soil to be kept gently damp at all times, although the Chinese Evergreen plant despises cold air. Make sure it’s out of the way of draughts!

5. Dracaena

Want to add something terrific to fill up your home? Dracaena will sway you with its dramatic foliage and complex markings. These best indoor plants for bedroom will grow up to three feet over time, giving it lots of room to expand. The beautiful leaves can help you relax in no time, leading you to a sweet sleep!

There are many species of dracaena species that have been shown to clean and filter the air. They’re all easy-to-grow plants with long, strappy leaves that have lovely crimson markings on some of them. 

Are you still overwhelmed with which one to pick for bedroom indoor plants? Look for Tricolor (also known as “Corn Plant”). Whatever species you choose, keep in mind that they all demand similar conditions: moderate to brilliant indirect light and gently damp soil.

6. Snake Plant


You all know this one would be there on the list of good indoor plants for bedrooms. And why not? Known as one of the most indestructible plants, it captures attention easily. 

They quickly become the talk of the room due to their sword-like green leaves, which can be stripped or accompanied by a yellow border.

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-tongue, is a beautiful bedroom plant that improves air quality. These plants have the potential to remove hazardous chemicals from the air, such as carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. The snake plant is a succulent plant that may grow anywhere from 6 to more than 12 inches tall. 

7. Rosemary

Are you looking for some unique best indoor plants for your bedroom? If yes, then Rosemary might be the way to go. The aroma of this culinary herb is lovely and piney, especially when you brush your fingertips across it. The smell of these plants may help you to relieve your stress levels, making you fall asleep faster.

You can keep this rosemary near a bright window (preferably a south-facing one) because it requires a lot of light. You should allow the soil to dry on the surface between waterings and rotate the pot once a week to ensure even growth. 

Rosemary is a culinary herb that also improves concentration and reduces stress. It will also help you maintain a positive attitude by regulating your mood. 

8. Scented Geranium

Who needs sachets for your wardrobe drawers when you have the fragrant best indoor plants for your bedroom? The scented geranium is a relative of the common home geranium. Still, it makes up for it with its leaf aroma, which comes in an amazing array of scents, including apricot, rose, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon, mint, pineapple, ginger, lime, coconut, chocolate, and more. 

You can feel the fragrance filling up your space, putting you at ease. Who will not sleep in such sweet environments? 

The oil and smell are released by crushing the leaves of or, in some circumstances, simply touching the scented geranium. You can find them in various forms, ranging from spherical to precisely cut and lacy, with colors ranging from gray-green to lime green.

9. English Ivy

On a quest for some air-purifying best indoor plants for bedroom? English Ivy is another trailing beauty that is high on NASA’s list for its ability to absorb formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and toluene. 

Not only does the English Ivy assist in removing pollutants from the air, but studies also suggest that it may also aid in vacating the air of mold and easing allergy problems. You may feel relaxed by the presence of the plant, which will make you go to bed much faster.

In a bedroom, you may use ivy’s spreading abilities to create a living piece of art by training them across a small trellis or hoop. English ivy’s presence will fill your space with positivity and make you at ease.

The trailing tendrils of English ivy thrive in all light conditions and look lovely in hanging baskets or draped over a side table. In the spring and summer, the English Ivy plant requires moderate light, and in the fall and winter, it demands bright light (or you can add more fluorescent light).

10. Chamomile

Chamomile herb is well-known for its use in tea and essential oils to help people sleep better. As a result, they are one of the best indoor plants for bedroom. It is one of the few plants that can help you sleep all night. 

It will help you fall asleep if you keep it next to your bed. Chamomile works well as a side table and requires moderate to low levels of sunlight. The plant does not require much water, so do not overwater it.

Known for their beautiful white petals encircle a yellow center in fragrant daisy-like blossoms. It helps with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

11. Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant

These are known for thier hard-to-kill plants that bestows luck, good fortune, and charm to those who care for them. Bamboo plants are one of the best indoor plants for bedroom as they are known to bring in both wealth and health. 

Lucky Bamboo grows best in moderate light, although it may also thrive in low light. These plants are fairly forgiving in nature. You should keep the roots moist and replace the water every week or so.

12. Lady Palm

Lady Palm

Want to bring elegance and greenery to your space? Lady’s palms are an excellent pick for the best indoor plants for bedroom areas. You should give them indirect, bright sunlight to thrive well.

This species isn’t as picky as other palms, yet it reaps the same benefits, such as air purification. It removes harmful substances from the air to an extent. You can feel the aura changing in no time, making you feel at ease, and leading you to your sweet sleep.

These unique plants have several fronds in an exquisite fan form, making them a lovely addition to any decor style. It’s also a relatively easy palm to cultivate compared to many others, preferring only water when the top inch of soil is dry.

13. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

If you are looking for something not-so-green, a rubber plant will win you over! These best indoor plants for bedroom are low maintenance. These are a potent toxin remover and air purifier with their beautiful forest green foliage. 

Having these unique plants at your side table may help you level down your stress and anxiety. A single look at those lovely leaves will help you fall asleep much faster and stay asleep for a whole night.

Its glossy and green foliage is flecked with maroon, crimson, and yellow splashes, creating a magnetic look. Rubber plant prefers moderate to strong light, as well as light, consistent moisture. Wear gardening gloves to keep the sap from sticking to your fingers if you feel compelled to prune it.

14. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Add white color to your bedroom to keep your mind at ease and peace! You can choose a peace lily for a relaxing bedroom environment. These plants will help you to sleep better. This easy-to-grow gem gives the space a tropical vibe and is a fantastic choice for gardeners who are prone to overwatering plants because it can withstand wetter soil. 

You need no to little maintenance for the glossy green pointed leaves to flourish well. Remove any browned leaves or leaf tips before grooming. They can withstand low to moderate light, although greater light is preferable for blooming. 

You should allow the soil to become nearly dry before watering, and you can divide the plants every five years or so to produce new baby plants.

15. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns are good indoor plants for bedroom. They have a calming and quiet appearance, which is exactly what an ideal bedroom should have. They prefer a somewhat cooler environment, and some shade isn’t a problem for them. 

Boston fern’s lush green fronds look fantastic in hanging baskets and containers. These are one of the best indoor plants for bedroom as they can purify the air by absorbing hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

However, be aware that Boston Fern can be a diva bedroom indoor plant. They like bright light and will require daily misting. Alternatively, you might place them on a pebble tray filled with water.

16. Jasmine

Who isn’t mesmerized by the fragrance of Jasmine? Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping next to one of the most fragranced flowers in the world? Jasmine has a sweet and calming perfume, frequently used in cosmetic products and fragrance diffusers, which will help you sleep calmly.

You may know that the blossoms open at night, and this makes them the best indoor plants for bedroom to sleep with. Plants are noted for their longevity in the house and for adding a splash of clean white color. This perfume has been shown to alleviate anxiety, allowing you to be more alert and productive throughout the day.

17. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

The tranquility of flowering orchids makes them good indoor plants for bedroom. The moth orchid is the easiest orchid to grow, and it gets its name from its rounded petals that resemble moth wings. These flowers will calm your stress levels and will help you to enjoy your sleep even better.

Moth orchids demand high humidity because they are native to tropical areas. You can place them in an east or west-facing window or an unobstructed northern exposure with no impediments, which is ideal. 

Although these orchids only bloom once a year, the blossoms can last for several weeks or even months before falling off the flower spike.

18. Philodendron

Not all hearts come in red color; some come in green too! We can prove this with the Heart-shaped philodendron! Sleeping next to these heart leaves will make you feel loved even more. This trailing plant’s heart-shaped leaves come in many visually appealing variants and are very good at absorbing formaldehyde. 

You can hang these Philodendrons in a corner hanging basket. These best indoor plants for bedroom can endure a wide range of light conditions, but if the light is too weak, they can become lanky. 

When it comes to watering, less is more, and you may easily root new plants in a vase of water if you want to start a collection.

19. Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead Vine

The arrowhead vine thrives in a variety of light situations and is almost as easy to grow as it is in terms of leaf variegation. The dark green leaves are known for their veins marked with white; some kinds have more white coloring. 

Arrowhead vine can help you reduce your tension, making you sleep faster. It also has a pleasing aura to ease up your mind.

You can hang these good indoor plants for bedroom in a basket, train up a moss pole, or clipped to the desired shape. Allow the soft-looking leaves to cascade over the side of a bedroom’s shelf, dresser, or armoire.

20. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the presence of this plant in home magazines, television shows, and blogs? The fiddle leaf fig is one of the best indoor plants for bedroom. Because the plant’s enormous leaves are its focus point, proper illumination is vital for keeping it lush in a bedroom space.

The unique structure of the leaves uplifts the aura of the space. You can sense the positivity and freshness in the air around you. It will calm you down and will assist you in sleeping much quicker.

Fiddle leaf figs thrive in the jungle’s bright light but also benefit from indirect light from an east-facing window. To boost the humidity in the area around your fiddle leaf fig, place it on a plate of stones filled with water. 

In a nutshell, these bedroom indoor plants prefer light, water, and temperature in moderation. Your plant will suffer if you have too much or too little of these substances.

21. Gardenia Jasminoides

According to some people, keeping Gardenias as indoor plants for bedroom will improve your mood since the aroma of its blossom has a soothing effect similar to a valium alternative. You may feel calm by sleeping next to these beauties.

This plant knows how to repay well if you care for them well. It will flourish you with fragrant blossoms if you give it enough water. Because this plant prefers full sun to partial shade, you can place it in a west to a south-facing window with afternoon shadow.

22. Coleus

Add a splash of vibrant colors to your space with Coleus. They’re fast-growing and eye-catching, and in the appropriate situation, they can truly add to the appeal of your home decor.

Not only can you feel the energy around you, but you can also sleep much more quickly and easily with the Coleus plant in your space.

The color scheme of your bedroom will determine the fit, although Coleus plants come in a wide range of hues and patterns. These can be the focal point in your bedroom.


There is no reason not to include the best indoor plants for bedroom. Bedroom indoor plants are known to be multitaskers as they can not only enhance the overall appearance of a space but can also boost your mood. Some indoor plants for bedroom can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and make you sleep quickly.

Having a green buddy on your side can enhance your creativity, maintain indoor humidity levels, produce oxygen, and naturally filter air pollutants. 

What are you waiting for? Get your indoor bedroom plants today.

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