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indoor plants in tamilnadu

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Looking for the best indoor plants in Tamilnadu? Your search ends here. With Abana Homes, you can buy the best indoor plants in Tamilnadu for Rs 199.

The best indoor plants to grow in Tamilnadu are tropical ones. With these indoor plants, you will add colour, texture, and casual vibes to your home.

Here you can buy indoor plants suitable for Tamilnadu’s climate. The plants we provide thrive in Tamil Nadu’s hot and humid climate.

No matter which category you choose, we have a wide variety of indoor plants that are all affordable.

Indoor Plants in Tamilnadu

Anthuriums, golden pothos, rubber plants, snake plants, and bamboo plants are grown in Tamilnadu.

Best Indoor Plants in Tamilnadu for offices

We have a collection of indoor plants which reduce stress and increase work productivity. Plants such as money plants, philodendrons, yellow palms, aglaonemas, and snake plants are ideal for offices.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Tamilnadu

We offer snake plants, weeping figs, golden pothos, Indian basil, spider plant, and English ivy for increasing the quality of air in your home.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Tamilnadu

Keeping indoor plants alive can be tough with a busy schedule. With our collection of low-maintenance indoor plants, you don’t have to worry about them. 

Among the best low-maintenance plants are the ZZ plant, snake plant, aloe vera, and lucky bamboo.

  • Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹449.00.
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  • Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹449.00.
    Ships Today - Fast Delivery Available

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Tamilnadu

You can enhance the dark corner of your home by adding splashes of green. Plants such as English ivy, ZZ plant, peace lily, lucky bamboo, and Chinese evergreen need low lighting to grow.

Best Indoor Plants in Tamilnadu for offices

Office desk plants increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve your office’s decor. Indoor plants for office desks are also great for brightening up the space and improving efficiency in the workplace. Some plants, like lucky bamboo plants, also attract better opportunities.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Tamilnadu

An indoor plant is great for air purification, oxygen enrichment, and stress relief in any living area. There is less pollution indoors, preventing you from becoming sick. 

Abana Homes offers a range of indoor air purifier plants that will reduce stress as well as remove toxins.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Tamilnadu

Our selection of low-maintenance indoor plants is sure to satisfy even the most novice gardeners. It takes a lot of effort to kill off our collection of leafy beauties. Since they are tough and remarkably tolerant of over and under-watering.

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Tamilnadu

We offer low-maintenance plants that thrive in indirect sunlight and don’t need regular maintenance. Whether it’s hallways, basements, balconies, or windows with no natural light, we’ve got low-light and no-light indoor plants for any room in your house.

A Beginner’s Guide To Set Up Indoor Plants in TamilNadu:

Cultivating Indoor plants is not that difficult if you can constantly maintain a few things. Let’s see some of the vital aspects you must look out for and obey while tending plants indoors;


Light is one of the vital elements that an indoor houseplant needs, no matter what plant it is—giving an abundance of light at the right position allows plants to have a fine growing ambiance. The most effective method to give it is by keeping your plant near a window that has access to natural light and that probably faces in the south and southeast direction. If the sunlight is too harsh you will notice small burn spots on the leaves, then use a mesh curtain, it will filter the raw light. 


Moist soil supplemented with organic matter is the perfect soil. Soil is something that we mostly overlook while growing indoor plants. To be honest any soil will satisfy some hardy indoor plants, but it can influence the plant’s health in several aspects. Soil can affect the capacity of the roots, keep the plant standing still, and become a nutritious medium for your houseplants.


Water is also an important component of plant survival. All kinds of plants need water, even the succulents. In summer months, they want their soil to be kept moist with regular misting; during winters, they need less water, likely every couple of weeks to keep it from wilting.

Air circulation:

The air circulation helps with controlling fungal and bacterial infections. When plants are in a compacted space indoors, this can make great possibilities for these states to happen. No matter if you have big windows open all summer, the air movement is nowhere near compared to what it is outside.

Top Five indoor plants in TamilNadu:

Snake plant: 

Little maintenance and excellent air cleansing make the snake plant a must-have plant for every indoor garden, huge benefits, and only a little care is required for this amazing plant so it’s best suited for new plant owners.

Money plant:

The money plant is everyone’s favorite Indian plant that can always grow on both soil and water. This plant is usually cultivated in the Indian subcontinent as well, where every home has a money plant. It is believed to be the origin of prosperity in the house.

Lucky bamboo:

When it comes to indoor plants in Tamil Nadu, the lucky bamboo plant is one of the most widely available plants cultivated by several households. It is a mark of the feng shui practice, which carries the symbols of joy and wealth to every flat in Tamil Nadu.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a stemless succulent plant with stuffy and juicy leaves with saw-toothed borders. These succulent plants are great indoor plants and are one of the easiest to thrive in any weather.

Areca palm:

This plant can filter xylene and toluene from the indoor atmosphere and turn them into refreshed air. It acts as a natural humidifier that can keep the soil moist and keep the humidity of the rooms.


Q1. Which is the best indoor plant in Tamilnadu?

Ans. In Tamilnadu, the most popular houseplants are the parlor plant, snake plant, spider plant, Boston fern, rubber plant, Coleus, lucky bamboo, and anthurium.

Q2. Where I can buy an indoor plant online in Tamilnadu?

Ans. The majority of local nurseries sell indoor plants. You can order indoor plants online from our indoor plant collection and have them delivered to your home.

 Q3. How do abana homes ensure the safe delivery of the plant?

Ans. To deliver the plants safely and damage-free, Abana Homes takes great care in packaging them.

Q4. How to take care of the Indoor Plants in Tamilnadu?

Ans. Provide your indoor plants with adequate bright light by placing them near a window. However, some plants prefer low light. Keep your plant clean and watered. Monitor humidity and temperature.

Q5. When can I get the delivery in Tamilnadu?

Ans. Within 2-5 days, you will receive your plant safely.

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