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indoor plants on stairs

15 Indoor Plants on Stairs | Best Indoor Plants for Stairs

Is your staircase empty? Why not put some indoor plants on the stairs and transform the look of your stairway?

In addition to beautifying your vacant stairs, indoor staircase plants also provide health benefits. Your home will feel fresh and colourful when you have the best indoor staircase plant.

Also, no matter whether you want large plants for the corner of the stairs or small plants for each stairway, this article have you covered.

Additionally, don’t worry if your staircase has no natural light. My list of best indoor plants for stairs includes plants that thrive without natural light and in windowless corners. 

Now, the next thing you might be concerned about is care. But don’t worry, these low-maintenance indoor staircase plants will thrive without too much attention. 

There is only one thing you might be concerned about: plant toxicity. Nevertheless, it’s okay if you have toxic plants and pets at home. This article tells you how to keep toxic indoor plants on stairs. So, make sure you read the article to the end.

Best indoor plants for stairs

The listed indoor staircase plants are best as they are easy to care for and thrive in low light. Also, there are large beautiful indoor plants that you can place around staircase corners. 

Moreover, you can use these staircase indoor plants to hide unwanted items on the stairs. Furthermore, there are cute small staircase indoor plants that trail through the stairs and look amazing. 

Best indoor plants for stairs

1. Chinese evergreen plants

Chinese Evergreen

For staircases without much natural light, Chinese evergreen plants are best. With their pink, green, white, and red hues, Chinese evergreen leaves will liven up your empty staircase.

2. Chinese Money plant

This Chinese money plant makes a bold statement with its rounded disk leaves. Adding a money plant to the staircase will ease household tension and nullify negative effects.

3. Snake plant

Snake plant

A low-maintenance indoor staircase plant that thrives in indoor conditions. A snake plant can flourish in any light level, making it a great indoor plant. Snake plant care is simple.

4. Pothos plant


Pothos has shiny, heart-shaped leaves and is often variegated with gold, white, or yellow. 

Since pothos trail or hang naturally, they make great hanging basket plants. Also, a beginner-friendly houseplant! 

5. Philodendron


The philodendron thrives indoors thanks to its tolerance to different lighting conditions. Under staircases or in empty staircase corners, their large dark green leaves are perfect.

6. Peace lily

Peace lily plant

A peace lily makes a great indoor plant on the stairs.  A touch of elegance is added to a home with these beautiful white flowers blooming on dark green leaves.

Additionally, these plants brighten up your staircase and purify the air too.

7. Spider plant

Spider plant

This plant looks great when hung as a plant thanks to its graceful arching leaves. If you want, you can arrange the hanging wall on the staircase or cascade it around it.

Moreover, air purification is one of the benefits of spider plants.

8. Schefflera


The beautiful green color fills any staircase with wide leaves cascading from its branches. Since the plant tolerates indoor conditions well, it makes great indoor plants on the stairs.

9. Areca Palms

Areca Palms

Areca palms add a tropical vibe to your home. Often golden and smooth, their trunks resemble bamboo clumps.

The lush foliage of Areca palms even helps remove some air pollutants. 

10. ZZ plant

ZZ plant

Dark green leaves of ZZ decorate the staircase with an elegant touch. It tolerates low light, neglect, and drought well, making it the perfect indoor staircase plant. 

11. Monstera


Dark green monstera leaves give your staircase a sense of class. Moreover, the plant requires little maintenance and less water.

It’s easy to grow monstera, so it’s ideal for beginners.

12. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig

With its violin-like leaves, the fiddle leaf fig is the perfect plant for a staircase corner. Additionally,  fiddle leaf figs can fill up a large space inside a house.

13. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

An eye-catching indoor staircase plant, Prayer Plant has interesting stripes and veins. Growing it is easy, it has great foliage, and it’s a hardy indoor plant, perfect for you! Also, prayer plants can be grown horizontally on stairs or in hanging baskets.

14. Ponytail palm

Ponytail palm

Stunning ponytail palms are low maintenance. They look awesome on staircases with their unique appearance.

Carbon dioxide in the house makes you sleepy and headache-causing. A ponytail palm can cure these ailments.

15. Asparagus fern

Asparagus fern

The fine texture of fern fronds makes it difficult not to fall in love with them. It is a great idea to decorate staircases with soft, attractive fronds of ferns.

These were the best indoor plants for staircases. Yet, if you are unsure which staircase indoor plant to pick, let’s get a closer look at each one. After that, you can decide which indoor plants will work best for your staircase.

Best indoor plants for stairs

1. Chinese evergreen plant

Chinese evergreen plant

If your staircase doesn’t receive much natural light, Chinese evergreen plants are your best choice. Your empty staircase will shine with Chinese evergreen pink, green, creamy white, and red leaves.

However, this easy-to-care and beautiful-looking plant is toxic to pets. Hence, it is not advisable to place plants on stairs where your pet could reach them. In that case, you can place a stand on your staircase to display the Chinese evergreen plant. 

If you do not have a furry friend, you can simply place this plant on every step or corner of your staircase; both ways will look incredible. 

Caring for Chinese evergreen plants requires little effort. Which makes an ideal plant if you are new to plants. All you need is to provide them with low light and water when the topsoil is dry. Also, it’s okay if you forget to water it, your Chinese evergreen will still bounce back.

2. Chinese Money plant

Chinese Money plant

With its rounded disk leaves, the Chinese money plant is sure to make a bold statement.

Moreover, Vastu believes that sharp corners are the source of anxiety and negativity. A money plant placed in a corner of the staircase can nullify the negative effects, as well as reduce household stress.

You can hang this coin-shaped plant on your staircase wall. The trailing Chinese money plant will give a fuller look to your stairs. 

Chinese money plant needs bright indirect light so make sure to place this indoor plant on the bright side of the stairs. Also, make sure the soil stays lightly moist and does not become soggy.

3. Snake plant

Snake Plant

These low-maintenance indoor plants on stairs will do well in any lighting. No matter if your stairs get natural light or low light, snake plants make great indoor staircase plants. As for care, it’s easy to grow snake plants.

A snake plant can be arranged on each step of a stairway or you can group snake plants together. Your staircase will be adorned with snake plants’ long vertical leaves and striped stripes.

It grows well in all types of light (full sun or low light), so you don’t have to worry about it. Watering them also needs to be done less often. Only once a fortnight is sufficient. Sadly, the snake plant is not pet friendly.

4. Pothos plant

Pothos plant

Often with gold, white, or yellow variegation, pothos (also called Devil’s Ivy) has shiny, heart-shaped leaves. Additionally, a great houseplant for beginners! 

Pothos thrive in hanging baskets. The reason for this is that pothos has a natural tendency to trail or hang, which makes them ideal for hanging baskets.

You can place each trailing pothos on the corner of a stair step or hang them in a basket. When you think pothos vines are overcrowding your staircase, you can keep them at a distance.

Indirect bright light is best for pothos. Low light is also fine for them. Don’t water the soil unless it feels dry. Pothos are mildly toxic.

5. Philodendrons


Philodendrons thrive indoors because they are tolerant of a wide range of lighting conditions and water levels. Its large, green, dark leaves allow the plants to absorb even the tiniest traces of light and water.

Their large dark green leaves make them perfect indoor plants on stairs to add beauty. Moreover, you can place them under staircases or in empty staircase corners.

The best conditions for growing Philodendrons are medium light or bright indirect sunlight. Water them generously once every week.

6. Peace lily

Peace lily

The peace lily makes an excellent indoor plant for stairs. This plant has dark green foliage and white flowers, making it ideal for home decoration. Besides brightening up your staircase, these plants also help to purify the air.

The ideal spot for peace lilies is one that gets bright, indirect light. It is important to be consistent when watering. 

Make sure the soil is lightly moist but not saturated. Please be mindful that peace lilies can be toxic to people and pets.

7. Spider plant

Spider Plant

There’s no doubt this creepy crawly is one of the most popular houseplants. It’s because they are easy to grow and their graceful arching leaves make a bold statement.

It looks great when hung as a plant. You can either arrange the hanging wall on the staircase or keep it cascading around it. They will still look graceful if you simply place them on a staircase.

Additionally, spider plants have tremendous air-purifying properties, making them healthy additions to the home. Low to indirect bright light is fine for your spider plant. However, its stripes will be bolder with more light. 

Don’t expose the leaves to too much direct light. If your Spider Plant doesn’t have an ideal place, try using a Grow Light. In watering, all your spider plant needs is a light drink once a week. 

8. Schefflera


An easy-going houseplant, the Schefflera is a great choice for indoor plants on the stairs. A stunning green colour fills any staircase with clusters of broad leaves that cascade from its branches.

Since the plant tolerates indoor conditions well, it makes a great staircase indoor plant. However, Schefflera thrives in natural light. Also, Schefflera is the ideal covering if your staircase receives natural light.

Additionally, the Schefflera plant is drought-tolerant and can tolerate brief periods with little water. For best results, once the top two inches of soil are dry, water your plant regularly.

9. Areca Palms

Areca Palms

The best way to add a tropical vibe to your home is with Areca palms. The trunks of these trees are smooth and sometimes golden, giving them the appearance of bamboo clumps. Their fronds are narrow and full, looking like bamboo leaves.

Nevertheless, areca palms prefer bright light, so if your staircase receives sunlight or has a southern-facing window, it would be a good place for them. Areca palm like moist soil.

10. ZZ plant

ZZ plant

For a low-light staircase, the ZZ plant is a good option. With its attractive dark green leaves, it makes the best indoor plants on the stairs. 

The best thing about this indoor staircase plant is that it tolerates low light, tolerates neglect, and drought tolerance. So, this indoor plant makes the best option for your busy schedule. 

ZZ plants are also effective air purifiers, removing xylene, toluene, and benzene. Just provide them with indirect light. Also, water your ZZ indoor staircase plant when it is partially dry. 

Additionally, ZZ plants are not pet-friendly. Use a stool or plant stand to place your ZZ indoor plants on the stairs.

11. Monstera


Your staircase will look classy with this monstera’s glossy leaves and dark green color. Additionally, it’s a pest-free, low-maintenance, and low-water indoor staircase plant.

For beginners, monstera is the best plant because it’s easy to grow. A monstera can be placed on a stool as an indoor staircase plant. Ideally, it should be placed where it will receive indirect light, not direct sunlight.

12. Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf figs with their violin-like leaves are perfect for filling the corner of your staircase with life. Additionally, fiddle leaf figs can fill up large spaces inside. 

However, fiddle leaf figs are complicated to grow. Until they settle down, they are finicky and neglect will not make them flourish.

If you want to grow Fiddle Leaf Figs, place them near a staircase window where they will receive direct morning and afternoon sunlight. It is important to water fig leaves regularly in order for them to thrive. 

13. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Your staircase will be graced with boldly marked, oblong leaves in a dazzling array of colors. The prayer plant has beautiful stripes and veins, which make it an eye-catching indoor staircase plant.

It’s easy to grow, and has great foliage. Additionally, it is a hardy indoor plant, so you are sure to do well! It is also possible to grow prayer plants horizontally on stairs, as well as in hanging baskets.

It is best to keep prayer plants out of direct sunlight. They prefer bright indirect light. Maintain moist but not soggy soil.

14. Ponytail palm

Ponytail palm

Ponytail palms look stunning and are low maintenance. They look awesome on the staircase thanks to their unique appearance.

Moreover, the high carbon dioxide level in the house makes you sleepy and gives you headaches. You can cure these ailments by keeping a ponytail palm indor plants on stairs.

You can place your ponytail palm on the corner of the staircase. Ponytail palms grow easily in bright light, but can also thrive in medium to low light. It is best to water ponytail palms once a week or ten days after the soil has dried.

15. Asparagus fern

Asparagus fern

There’s something classic about asparagus ferns. Their fronds are fine-textured. It makes a great indoor staircase plant and it’s easy to decorate your staircase with soft and attractive fronds of asparagus fern.

Additionally, ferns are a great natural humidifier and brighten up any small space with their fresh green color. Don’t let the soil dry out and keep the ferns in a medium-bright spot.


Q1. Which plants are the best indoor plants for stairs?

Ans. For plenty of natural light on stairs, palms, ferns, and Schefflera are the best indoor plants on stairs. Snake plants, Chinese evergreens, and pothos work well in low-light staircases.

Q2. Can I put indoor plants on the stairs?

Ans. Yes. Adding a potted indoor plant to a wooden staircase will add a contrasting look, complementing the overall light shade.

Q3. Can I keep indoor plants under the staircase?

Ans. The space under the staircase does not receive enough light. So, you can keep indoor plants under the staircase that are low light tolerant or can be grown under artificial lighting. ZZ plant, snake plant, pothos, ferns, lucky bamboo, and philodendron are some of the best low light tolerant plants.

Q4. What can I plant around the stairs?

Ans. The space around the stairs receives less natural light. Hence. Consider shade loving plants such as snake plants or ferns. Additionally, make sure the plants can be easily watered. 

Q5. What is the best accessory to tune up your staircase plants’ look?

Indoor plants can make your home look great. Pair your stair plants with natural materials and try putting them in spots that will look unique, like hanging from a corkboard or between stair spindles. Get innovative with their containers – use belly baskets, canvas bags on racks, or windowsills, or even hang them in macramé holders. Think beyond traditional pots. Small cacti will look cool in terrariums and will fit nicely in any part of your home.

Q6. What are the easiest plants to put on the staircase?

Sullents have a great impact on looks and they are easy-going, perfect for those who are into home decor but not very good with upkeep. Crassula ovata, aloe aristata, and sansevieria are all ideal low-maintenance staircase plants. All of these plants have a forgiving nature and can cope with extreme climate conditions. None of these plants need feeding or watering, and you can even leave them unattended for weeks, they will still live. In winter it’s even better if your succulents stay dry most of the time. 

Q7. How to display plants on the staircase?

Here are some ideas though which you can create a great green look in your staircase;

Utilize your vertical space:

Improve your staircase look with hanging containers at various heights, like along the fence or positioned in the ceiling. Opt for cascading plants such as pothos or ivy to make a modern and elegant exhibition without blocking the stairs. It’s ideal for houses with small stair space as well.

Choose a planter that suits well: 

Choose planters that complete your staircase layout in terms of size, style, and material. Tall, slim planters go well in tight areas, while bold patterns or unique shapes add visual interest. Mix and match various planter styles for a unique look, assuring proper drainage and lightweight options for comfortable movement.


These are some of the most beautiful indoor plants you can place on your stairs. The majority of these plants are shade-loving plants because staircases do not receive enough light. However, a staircase that receives natural light is the best place for palms, ferns, and Schefflera plants.

Nevertheless, there are plants that require little light, including snake plants, ZZ plants, pothos, philodendrons, etc. You can display them on a staircase stand, hang them on the staircase wall, or arrange them in a corner or on each step. If you are having a pet then a hanging wall stand or staircase stand is the best option.

With these indoor staircase plants, you can add a touch of green or decorate your staircase with beautiful blooms. Furthermore, these are the best ways to conceal unwanted items on staircases and fill large spaces. 

So, which indoor staircase plant is best suited to your needs? I would love to hear your thoughts about decorating indoor plants on the stairs. Be sure to share this article with your family and friends.

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