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money plant

Money Plant, Type, Care & Maintenance

For people who are inclined to maintain a lovely home décor plants, inclusion goes as inevitable. You can make your house look beautiful and full of life by adding fresh plants all across the open spaces. Living in the city keeps us away from greenery. However, you can rely on fantastic plant options such as money plants for rejuvenating both indoors and outdoors. 

Money plant is the best feng shui plant

Being one of the favorite feng shui plants, the money plant is known to draw wealth and prosperity. Apart from this, you also get to experience several benefits that ultimately offer refreshing surroundings based on the money plant’s placement. If you are new to the concept of indoor gardening, starting with money plants can turn out to be a smart move. 

Let us try to understand the importance of money plants and how it can brighten up your home.  

How to Grow Money Plant?

A money tree, or golden pothos, is a common choice among houseplants. It possesses a supple green trunk, which is slightly braided. Although a money plant can extend up to 60 feet tall, their indoor versions are restricted to somewhere between 3 to 6 feet. 

If you wish to grow a money plant, it is better to follow the plant propagation method. It includes cutting off the stem of a fresh money plant tree using a clean pair of clippers or scissors. You must clip off at least 2-3 leaf nodes. The next step is to dip the trimmed end in hormone rooting powder, after which it is placed in a regular potting mix. Make sure the soil is moist with steady drizzles until the potted roots are nearly four weeks old. 

Do ensure bright and indirect light and moderate humidity for the plant to grow at its regular pace. Direct sunlight and overwatering are common issues with money plants that can relatively decrease the plant’s life. You can always learn about money plant care and tips from trained botanists to upkeep plant health. 

How to Grow Money Plant in Water?

If you think growing a money plant in water is a tiring task, you are mistaken. It is similar to growing it in soil without much of a hassle. 

The pre-requisites and steps involved in carrying out this excellent water propagation technique for money plants are listed below. 

Items Required

– A vase, glass bottle, or jar, with a wide mouth

– Fertilizer (if needed)

– Freshwater or tap water

Steps to grow a money plant:

  • For growing a money plant tree in the water, you will first require a glass jar. Opt for a transparent one to record the growth of the roots easily.
  • The next step is to add fresh water or tap water to the glass jar. You need not worry as money plants show steady growth traits in tap water as well. Make sure the water is chlorine-free. If not, allow the water to settle down for at least 12 hours for permitting the chemical to evaporate. 
  • Adding fertilizer is not a mandatory step. However, if you need to be sure about the money plant’s growth, try adding it to the water-filled glass jar before placing the plant. An all-purpose fertilizer should be your preferred choice. 
  • After you are done adding the fertilizer, the final step is to place the plant in the glass jar. First, make sure you first immerse the cut side down into the water, ensuring the lower end is clear and has no leaves. Do keep a check that the nodes soak entirely in the water. 

Where to Keep Money Plant?

According to Vastu experts, the purpose of keeping a money plant in the house is associated with attracting wealth. It is also believed to hush away negative energy and fill the space with positive energy. Golden pothos and its broad leafy appearance are an attractive addition to the garden, yard, porch, hallway, and other noticeable areas of the house. However, if you follow Vastu and feng shui principles, a few rules need to be abided regarding money plants’ placement. 

  • For instance, Vastu recommends always placing the money plants within indoor locations.
  • If you put the money plant at the north entrance, this attracts fresh opportunities for the residents related to career, income, prosperity, etc.
  • Another Vastu recommendation is placing the plant towards the south-east direction of the room or house. It is believed to be Venus’s direction (planet) that helps you cross all serious obstacles.
  • Being one of the most popular feng shui plants, you can keep the placement of money plants on the work desk, wall hangings, or creepers across the doorway. Make sure the plants are preferably positioned in the south-east direction. 

Where to Keep Money Plants inside the House?

For keeping a money plant inside the house, you need to check out several options. By the words of Vastu experts, there are precise pointers which should be taken into consideration. 

  • Positioning a money plant any place within the bedroom is a good option. But please place it close to the bed, be it on the left or the right side. Avoid positioning the plant close to the headrest or footrest section of the bed. 
  • It is believed the East area of your house is responsible for positive health as per traditional feng shui. For instance, the act of positioning wood elements, such as money plants, acts as a good energy booster for health and wealth.
  • Money plants are known to absorb radiation. Therefore, you can keep them near the computer, television, and other electronic gadgets that emit heat.
  • Almost all the sharp corners of your house are known as negative centers as per Vastu. The placement of money plants at such corners can prove useful in reducing stress.

There are certain areas of the house where you must avoid placing the money plants. So, for this:

Where not to keep the money plant?

  • Never place the money plant close to red-colored items or surfaces. You must try to avoid positioning money plants anywhere near the kitchen area, as it might hamper your luck and wealth opportunities. 
  • It is not recommended to put money plants close to the bathroom section. Firstly, it is not suited temperature-wise, and secondly, it doesn’t offer a balance as per home-based feng shui. 
  • Avoid keeping money plants close to the “love area.” Feng shui says the love area is usually fixated on the southwest corner of the house. Since love and money do not make the right mix, try keeping the money plants away from this area.

How to Take Care of Money Plant?

If you own money plants, then the act of money plant care needs to be followed diligently. Some of the vital tips to actively take good care of money plants are:

  • Since money plants can grow effortlessly via stem cuttings, you can conveniently place them in a plant pot or water-filled glass jar.
  • Money plants require only primary care. They do not have any requirements for continuous sunlight. You can keep them in partial shade and provide water on an occasional basis. However, try watering them in at least 7-10 days. 
  • If you regularly provide water to the money plants, these climbers can acquire a maximum height close to 20 meters.
  • It is essential to trim the plant regularly to keep a good check on its length. 
  • Try removing the yellow or dried leaves for maintaining plant health. 
  • Make sure you prefer well-drained soil for growing a money plant. 
  • The size of the pot is a crucial factor that should be decided based on the plan size. Try opting for big plant pots considering the plant might grow bigger soon.  


Q1. What variety of money plant is suitable for indoors? 

Ans: Silver Money Plant is considered the best for in-house decorations. Most people prefer their elegant foliage and shiny silvery patterns. 

Q2. How many times a day one should water a money plant?

Ans: Over-watering can hamper the plant’s growth. Daily watering is not a good option. You can water the pot once in 7 days. 

Q3. How much sunlight does a money plant require? 

Ans: Money trees or golden pothos require bright, indirect sunlight together with moderate humidity. However, household plants do not need much sunlight and can even thrive in dark places. 

Ques 4: Which is the best water type (rain, distilled, or tap water) for money plants?

Ans: Money plants can easily exhibit tremendous growth with regular tap water. 

Ques 5: What to do if my money plant starts losing leaves? 

Ans: Leaf loss happens based on the season. However, if it is frequent, check whether the plant is positioned close to the AC vent or the soil needs a fertilizer hint. 

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