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nursery plants

The Complete Guide to Nursery Plants for 2020

Nursery Plants

Having plants at home leads to multiple advantages for the residents. Spring and fall are considered the best months when you can add new plants to your garden. A visit to a local nursery is necessary to check out healthy and exotic plant varieties.

Nursery plants are usually in good shape since expert gardeners take them to care. Most people these days are dependent on online planting websites for accessing attractive houseplants. This practice does not prove entirely fruitful since you cannot see the plants in person before finalizing the purchase. Hence, sticking to nursery plants should be better and reliable.

Let us look at some of the useful tips to follow before picking nursery plants in India.

Check for Plant Foilage

Many people might not know this but leave act as a fair reflection of the plant’s health. It is recommended to avoid plants that have leaves turned yellow or brown. It is a sign of over- or under-watering. Furthermore, placing the plant at a house’s weird location with lesser exposure is also not good. You need to check for pale or dark-spotted foliage. This is a clear indicator that the disease can spread among existing plants at home. 

Avoid Buying Nursery Plants with an Extended Timeslot

Honestly, nurseries are seen as a temporary safe shelter for plants before they are finally purchased. There are conditions when plants aren’t purchased timely and can extend up to weeks, months, or even years in a container. The problem arises when the roots grow without putting a stop. Usually, most sources try to acquire outward growth. But when the nursery plant is kept in a container, it will start to grow in a circle. This situation is known as the ‘root bound’ plant. 

Try to avoid choosing plants that have stayed longer in the nursery.

Pick Plants Grown in Smaller Containers 

Most people skip nursery plants kept in small containers and pick those held in bigger ones. The reality is, bigger planters are not suitable for all home décor. One of the prime reasons to choose plants in smaller containers is that they are young and can withstand transplanting activities better. Smaller container nursery plants grow much faster as compared to the same plant kept in large containers.

Buy Plants from Actual Gardeners

If you pick a plant grown under warm temperatures and later transported to another much colder climate, will the plant survive? Such details about the plant need to be specified to the buyers. It is recommended that you purchase nursery plants from actual gardeners. This gives you the time and space to check out the labels. All vital information about the plant is usually contained in these labels.

FAQs About Nursery Plants

Ques 1. How do nurseries keep plant flowering?

Ans: The types of flowering plants managed at nurseries are to be cherished for a single season. To keep them blooming for the maximum, nurseries stock the right plants and water them regularly.

Ques 2. What are the three types of plant nurseries?

Ans: There are three versions of plant nurseries, namely, Retail, Wholesale, and Mail-Order.

Ques 3. Can nursery plants get infected with pests?

Ans: Yes! Nursery plants, when not given proper care and pesticides, can get infected. Gardeners need to ensure an appropriate routine of pesticides for keeping a good check on the plants.

Ques 4: Which plants can I pick from a nursery for home?

Palms, money plants, Snake plants, tulsi, and potted orchids are a few plants that you can pick from a nursery.

Ques 5: Is it safe to shop for plants online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to shop for plants online. However, before you do ensure that the platform you pick is authentic and genuine.

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