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peace lily benefits

15 Peace Lily Benefits: From Air Purification to Stress Relief

The benefits of peace Lilys go an extra mile than its graceful beauty. The peace lily, also known as Spathiphyllum, is a favorite among plant owners for its gorgeous color contrasts of dark green foliage and white flowers. Their rich peaceful symbolic meanings, air-purifying properties, and minimal needs make them popular for office and home spaces. 

Keep reading to learn the various uses and benefits of peace lilies. In this article, we will discuss all the things that a peace lily plant can do, like cleaning the air qualities and bringing a calming effect. I strongly believe at the end, you’ll have the information you need to know to decide if you want to buy one(or more) peace lily plants.

About the peace lily plant

The peace lily is a flowering plant from tropical regions and belongs to the Spathiphyllum genus. In general peace lilies have large, oval, and sheen leaves, but many other kinds of peace lilies are available within the genus. Because of its hardiness zones, it can fit perfectly indoors. 

Peace lilies usually produce flowers during spring, but a healthy plant can give flowers twice a year. The flowering season stays for months. Peace lilies are slow to moderate growers and will take around two to three years to reach their mature size. Indoor peace lilies usually grow over sixteen inches, while outdoor plants can reach up to six feet in height. 

Popular namescloset plant, peace lily, Spath lily.
Scientific nameSpathiphyllum
Native placeCentral America, Malaysia, Mexico. 
Plant typePerennial
Mature height15 inches (indoor), 6 feet (outdoor)
LongevityEvergreen Perennial
Blooming timespring
Flower colorwhite and yellow.
Soil ph5.8-6.5
Soil typeA mixture of well-drainage and moisture retention. 
Toxicitymildly toxic. 

15 Peace lily benefits

1. Air purifier and air freshener

Apart from being showy, peace lilies cleanse indoor air naturally. 

Indoor air can be as dangerous as outdoor, as it is filled with lots of harmful toxins, but we are unaware of those because we don’t consume them directly and the effects are slow. Indoor air purification is needed to remove those volatile organic compounds (VOC). NASA, in 1989 tested various plants to check their air purification quality and one of them was peace lily. 

According to NASA peace lily has the ability to absorb sixty percent of pollutants from the air. Some pollutants that are absorbed by peace lily are xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and formaldehyde. While absorbing peace lily adds moisture to the air, creating a unified environment for breathing. 

Peace lilies are natural air fragrance diffusers as well. Those full-grown pretty white blossoms have a mild fragrance that filled and is trapped in the rooms of offices or houses and stays for days.

2. Aesthetic appeal of peace lily

Undoubtedly one of the benefits of peace lily lies in its beauty. Peace lilies are so attractive that by installing one can easily tune up the aesthetics of a house. People who have little knowledge about the interior can use peace lily as they go along well with everything. It has two bold colors, pure white and vibrant sheen green, that can match up with any background wall colors and create an aesthetic that is sophisticated, posh, and appealing to everyone. 

It’s great for people who are looking for a low-maintenance plant that can make their indoors more lively.  Peace lilies have different species that can be fitting for your different tastes. It will look great as a sitting-alone corner room plant or as a tabletop plant.

3. Preventing mildew formation in the bathroom

High-humid areas in your house like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room are prone to get mildew formations in their curtains, ceilings, and tiles. It is highly likely caused by moisture content in the air and lack of ventilation. Peace Lily loves highly humid conditions and placing one in those humid areas will not only make the plant thrive but will also decrease the level of moisture by absorbing them. With time the mildew formation that has already been created will get reduced as they will lack the moisture to spread their territory.

4. Prevent mold spores

Mold spores and mildew are two household fungi that often get confused due to their similar traits. However, mildew is white or brown, powdery with small dots while mold spores are green or black, fuzzy, and looks like dirt. Mold spores can be harmful, especially for people with asthma. Exposure to mold spores can cause throat and eye irritation, coughing, and other ailments. 

Mold spores are caused by high moisture content as well and thankfully peace lily can reduce them by absorbing them from the air.

5. Prevent acetone vapor

Acetone vapors are man-made chemicals, that have distinct smells and tastes and can easily evaporate in the air or get dissolved in the water. Consuming excessive amounts of these vapors from the air can be harmful to human health. It will provoke headaches, low blood pressure, and fatigue. 

Common household products like rubbing alcohol, nail polish and nail polish remover, and varnish contain these kinds of harmful vapors. Peace lily benefits air quality by absorbing these gases and improving indoor air.

6. Promotes sleep

Nowadays ninety percent of the population is suffering from insomnia or having restless periods of sleep because of stressful days. Just like the name suggested, the peace lily can make your bedroom environment peaceful with its appearance. They clean the air inside your home, make it less dry, and help you breathe better. They even soak up those tiny mold particles that can cause allergies and disturb your sleep. According to Feng Shui, they’re the best plants for your bedroom because they bring positive energy and a peaceful feeling to the room.

7. Peace and Fortune (feng shui)

Besides being an ornamental plant, the peace lily is a feng shui-approved plant as well. According to the Chinese art of feng shui, having peace lilies around will denote harmony, peace, and prosperity in the workplace or home. It promotes positive energy and helps to purify the mind to enhance the productiveness. 

Peace lilies are believed to reduce harmful radiation from screens as well. That’s why peace lilies are a common view in office spaces.

8. Versatile gift

A peace lily can carry different meanings depending on the circumstances. That’s why not only for housewarming, peace lilies can be gifted on various occasions.

For sympathy

Peace lilies carry the symbols of prosperity and peace. Gifting it to someone who is going through a tough time will mean well.

Condolence flower

White flowers are used for funerals and bringing a white peace lily is a kind choice when you are attending a funeral. Peace lily symbolizes rebirth, so bringing them to the family of someone who has passed away signifies that you care. 


Peace lilies can also symbolize making peace after an argument with a friend. The white flowers of the plant look like a white flag, a sign of surrender and peace. They are a nice way to show that you want to be forgiven and reconcile.

9. Low maintenance

The fact that the benefits of peace lily come with almost zero maintenance costs and effort makes it more appealing than any other indoor flowering plant. The shade range can be any low to high for these plants to live. They also require watering once or twice a week, suitable for forgetful owners. 

They can resist any kind of temperature, so you don’t have to care about different season temperature requirements. You can freely keep them inside all year long. 

Peace lilies don’t get affected by pests and they aren’t heavy feeders as well. Just feeding them during their growing season is all they need.

10. Best bedroom plant

Another benefit of peace lily is that it is the best bedroom plant. As we said before it helps to promote peaceful sleep at night. The peaceful white color has a calming effect on the mind. According to Feng Shui, peace lilies are amazing plants to have in the bedroom. They bring positive energy and create a peaceful atmosphere in the room. As we spend a good amount of our time in our bedroom daily, It’s better to keep one there.

11. Quiet Safe Houseplant

Yes, it is mildly toxic, but I will still claim it as a quite safe houseplant because if you compare it with the benefits it’s giving, the toxicity is fairly low and can be controlled with a little caution. A very little amount of toxin known as calcium oxalate crystal can be found in Peace Lilies’ leaves, stems, and flowers. Calcium oxalate crystals also can be found in a number of fruits and vegetables as well. Direct consumption of these can cause throat irritation and swallowing. If you have children or pets you can keep those plants out of their reach or if they are consumed by any chance you can treat them by wiping their mouths, or by giving them a frozen treat. 

12. Natural humidifier

One of the great benefits of Peace Lilies is that it is a natural humidifier. As they are from tropical areas, they love dampness and absorb moisture from the air, creating a balanced environment, especially in damp areas like kitchens or bathrooms. By doing this, they make the air in your home more livable by restoring a balanced humidity level.

13. Easy and quick to propagate

Propagation of Peace lily is easy and straightforward and can be done by taking sections out from the mother plant. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Take a mature plant and check the crown if it has enough dividable sections.
  2. Tilt the mother plant or wiggle it gently to remove it from the pot.
  3. Now divide the plant, and make sure every section has at least two leaves and roots for successful propagation.
  4. It’s planting time! plant each section in a well-draining soiled pot. 

Take care of the moisture needs and do not use fertilizers for at least the next two months.

14. Low-light tolerant

Peace lilies have a wonderful ability to tolerate different light situations. And this particular personality trait makes them perfect for indoors that can’t have access to natural light. 

Placing a Peace Lily in a space where sunlight is out of the question will be a great option to add greenery, the flowers, and growth will severely slow but it will still live. 

Regardless, they will have more flowers if you put them in a bright spot. So, it’s best to keep your peace lily near a window, but away from direct sunlight, for it to be healthy and beautiful.

15. Prevent sound pollution

The last and quite unique benefit of Peace Lily. Peace lily’s leaves are broad and wide, wide enough to control sound pollution. Green building journal states that peace lilies can be used as a green wall as they can cover sound, vibrations, and acoustics. The leaves of peace lilies can also absorb sound waves and echos.


If you are someone who is looking for an easy-going plant with a significant touch a peace lily would be a great option. It will surely brighten up the place with its freshness and uniqueness. I have discussed all the benefits of peace lilies and I hope you will get one for yourself as soon as possible or for someone else who you care deeply about.


Q1. Are peace lilies suitable for every household?

Peace Lily is one of the easiest maintenance plants and can tolerate a wide range of light, temperature, and water applications. So. simply peace lily is suitable for every kind of household. But you have to be a bit cautious if you have pets or kids, as they are mildly toxic.

Q2. Where to put a peace lily in my house?

wherever your decoration requires. But if you are considering ideal requirements for healthy growth, place them near an east-facing window where they will get plenty of indirect sunlight.

Q3. Are peace lily barriers edible?

They are rich in calcium oxalate crystals, which are harmful to consume.

Q4. How often do peace lilies need water?

Peace Lily enjoyed weekly watering and during winter the frequency should be lessened by watering it every fortnight.

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