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Ulmus Bonsai Tree – 5 Yrs old
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Ulmus Bonsai Tree – 5 Yrs old


  • Bonsai Plants With Pots – This bonsai tree is 4-5 years old and comes in beautifully glazed Ceramic Pot & a Tray, which is very useful for collecting extra water from pot.
  • Adorable Gift Plant – Very Sturdy and Beautiful S Shape Curve makes this plant as great gifting plant.
  • Easy to Care Bonsai Tree – This bonsai tree is very easy to care. Our team trains you for all the essential caring of the bonsai.
  • Healthy, Auspicious and Charming – This Bonsai Tree is considered to bring luck, prosperity and happiness when brought home. Scientifically, it is great natural air purifier that treats harmful chemicals like toluene in air and makes the air breathable.
  • Lifetime Support – This bonsai tree comes with lifetime support from Abana Homes Team. You’ll get help all the time when needed.

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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree is one of the most popular bonsai tree, especially among beginners. These lovely semi-evergreen trees can grow up to 65 feet tall in their native habitat, but have been cultivated in miniature form for Bonsai Tree for generations.


This bonsai tree is a smart choice of beginners. Here are some reasons that makes this bonsai tree an ideal choice for those just starting out because it is slow-growing and tolerant bonsai tree. Chinese Elm allows beginners plenty of time to get accustomed to bonsai tree. It’s really a forgiving bonsai tree. You can play with it and experiment with the shapes as much as you want.


You can keep this bonsai tree indoor as well as outdoor.

👍 OUTDOORS – Keep it near window so that it can get the natural sunlight. All you need to water it fully and keep it in the humid location.

👍 INDOORS – While keeping indoors you should water it fully and it will grow well. Once in a month, you should keep this outside in the sun for two-three days. That makes the leaves darker and branches stronger.


● Chinese Elm Bonsai Plants prefer their soil to be slightly moist and allowed to dry out a little between watering sessions.

● If you have a water mister, try misting your tree a couple times a week to help with humidity. Misting is beneficial to your Bonsai Plants health but it is not a replacement for watering.

● Fertilize your Chinese Elm bonsai tree once every two weeks during the growing season.

● Pruning is necessary to maintain the right shape of your bonsai tree and also to encourage new growth.

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Plant Age

5 Years

Plant Size

20 cm


Chinese Elm

1 review for Ulmus Bonsai Tree – 5 Yrs old

  1. Nadine

    Got the plant delivered yesterday. The best part is that it comes with the tray. So water does not mess up your table or wherever you keep it.

    Truly wonderful. This Elm bonsai fits my hall in great way.

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