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snake plant benefits

15 Snake Plant Benefits | Reasons To Put A Snake Plant In Your Bedroom and Home

Snake plants are native to Africa and grow as evergreen perennial plants. They have strong, appealing leaves that stand vertically tall, making an excellent masterpiece. It can reach upto 6ft in ideal conditions.

There are also various snake plant benefits in the bedroom. No, it is not only limited to the beautiful and appealing aura that comes along the plant. Air purification and pollutant removal are some of the major indoor snake plant benefits.

At night, the plant emits a lot of oxygen and filters out pollutants like benzene and toluene, making indoor spaces like bedrooms much safer. But the advantages don’t stop there. Let’s take a closer look at what all snake plats can do for you.

15 Snake Plant Benefits in Bedroom

Snake plants are pocket-friendly despite being so hardy and attractive. Eventhough, there are many indoor plants for the bedroom, but the snake plants win over them all. 

1) Air-purifier Quality

One of the best snake plant benefits in bedroom is its air-purifying quality. Air pollutants like CO2, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and others are more likely to present in indoor environments that cause harm to people like you and me. It filters such pollutants from the air.

Carbon Dioxide

According to a study on carbon dioxide, people who breathe more carbon dioxide in the bedroom, or workplace, have difficulty concentrating and learning. 

A massive amount of CO2 levels directly impact our cognitive abilities and productivity. It causes dizziness and nausea. The snake plant effectively absorbs CO2.


Paint, varnish, rust preventives, paint thinners, removers, and pesticides can all expose you to a high level of benzene. It is very common indoors. Airborne chemicals like benzene can lower red blood cell count and increase the risk of anemia and other immune problems.

Snake plant benefits include removing benzene, which causes headaches, nausea, and vomiting. If there is a major concentration of xylene in the environment, you can experience nose and throat irritation.


You may have a dressing table in your bedroom with cosmetic products, or your walls may have the wrong paints, which can cause severe problems. If you have a smoking problem, it can increase formaldehyde emissions. 

A high formaldehyde level can cause various issues like eye irritation, breathing problems, and throat infection. Chronic exposure can result in rare nose and throat cancers. 

You should carefully examine the newly constructed homes, flooring, furniture, and other products before purchasing them. Bedroom snake plant benefits include lowering the harmful formaldehyde levels to an extent.

A snake plant’s air purification properties make it a useful addition to your bedroom if you want to promote a healthy, chemical-free environment.

2) Home Decor

Who isn’t attracted to the snake plant? The snake plant quickly becomes the talk of the bedroom with its appealing aura. With their long, upright leaves and green variegation patterns, these robust plants add a structural but natural look to your interior design.

It adds a natural touch that contrasts with most homes’ typical furniture and electronics.

Although there are many different types of sansevieria, the key factor is sword-like leaves. Some of the varieties have yellow markings on the leaves’ edges. Indoor snake plant benefits include giving life and adding a natural touch to the space.

These plants can easily complement various house designs. They are very flexible, so you can grow them as you desire. Snake plants adapt easily in large, medium, or small containers.

3) Better Sleep 

In this stressful life, you may struggle to get good sleep. A bad sleeping schedule can cause severe headaches, eye pain, and lack of concentration. It decreases your productivity and can give you more unwanted stress. 

If these are what bother you, then take a deep breath. Snake plant benefits in the bedroom come to rescue you. Again, this plant’s air purifying properties are the solution, with improved air quality. It gives you a night of better and quality sleep. 

Snake plants also emit oxygen at night and trap dust particles, giving you a more relaxed sleep. Other studies have found that smelling aromatic plants before bedtime promotes more comfortable sleep.

If your snake plant blooms, place it next to your side table, where it will emit a sweet scent that may promote deeper sleep.

4) Less Watering Demands

Watering your indoor plants can be a hectic task for new plant parents. Maintaining the proper moisture in the soil can be challenging, whether underwatering or overwatering. On the other hand, watering is the last thing you should be concerned about with your snake plants. 

If you are someone who often neglects or forgets to look after your plants, the snake plant is the one for you. Snake plants’ leaves are long, pointed leaves that retain a lot of water. It gives them a plump and juicy appearance. 

One of the major benefits of indoor snake plants is they can easily go a week or two, if not longer, without additional water. For new plant parents, it won’t bother you every now and then to water it. It would much rather have less water than too much water. 

It uses less water as compared to other plants. You can give them less care and get rewarded with spiky leaves. It may not make much of a difference in an indoor pot.

5) Effective for Allergies


If you suffer from air-borne allergies, snake plants may help you. 

Snake plants absorb pollutants from the air and release oxygen and moisture. The clean air produced works similarly to an air purifier to alleviate allergy symptoms. 

Indoor snake plants benefits include catching dust and pollen and reducing the amount that stays in the air. Although these are not proven scientifically, people experience good results after placing them in their bedrooms. 

You can place a snake plant near your bed for better sleep, good air quality, and a lower risk of sore throat, stuffy nose, and other respiratory allergies. These plants are low on maintenance and won’t give you much trouble growing up.

6) Can Tolerate Light Fluctuations

Like most indoor plants, Snake Plants adore bright indirect light. However, they have a unique survival package. They can easily endure light fluctuations, making them one of the best indoor plants. 

In the proper temperatures, snake plants can tolerate relatively low lighting conditions. They won’t get any bigger, but they also won’t show any signs of struggle. 

Although some varieties may lose some of their colors in low light, other types will do fine. You should examine your lighting conditions and snake plant species before buying one.

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural sunlight during the day, it can also withstand them. Because their leaves retain a lot of moisture, they can withstand direct sunlight better than indoor plants with delicate leaves.

They are super cool being in a spot in front of a bright window as long as the afternoon sun isn’t too harsh. 

You can also witness blooms with the right care. Indoor snake plants benefits are living in almost any lighting condition with a few exceptions and still looking as good as the day you bought them.

7) Anti-Cancer Plant

Snake plants remove cancer-causing agents such as toluene, xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. They clean the surroundings.

8) A Great Company

No matter how many people around you surround you, you need someone who listens to you quietly. Unfortunately, no human can listen to you indefinitely without needing a break. But it is not the case with these spiky plants. 

These plants will listen to you all day long and night. No matter how much you talk or when they will be there for you even when no one understands you. PS: They will never get bored by your constant whining.

Your people may go to the office or children to school, but plants won’t. You don’t have to worry about snake plants constantly leaving you after packing their belongings. Until and unless you don’t switch their places, they will stick by your side or where you last left them.

9) Easy to Propagate

Propagation is only about bringing new friends into your life but also about being creative. It is one of the best gardening skills you can learn. After all, who doesn’t want more unique plants for FREE? 

Snake Plants are not fussy about propagation and are comfortable with the procedure. There are numerous methods for propagating snake plants, all of which are extremely simple.

Indoor snake plant’s benefits are easily sprouting and having a big collection of them. The first and most basic method of propagation is to replant pups. The plant does all the work for you by producing smaller plants around the base connected by rhizomes. 

You can separate this pup from the parent plant and plant it in a new pot as long as it has a few roots. Snake Plants will start producing pups in the right conditions. It will serve you with a steady supply of new plants for free.

What to do if your snake plant has no pups?

Don’t worry; you can still bring new plants to life. Leaf cuttings will also root quickly in water or soil, growing into a full-fledged plant. 

Steps to propagate snake plants with cuttings:

  • Start by cutting a whole, healthy leaf from the plant’s base with a knife. 
  • Now place it in a glass of water filled with gravel to hold the cutting up. 
  • It will develop new roots in one or two weeks. 

You can also cut one leaf into 4-5 sections. Then place them root side down in a propagating medium such as coconut coir, or perlite, to root cuttings in soil. Once you witness the roots have grown a few inches, transplant them into individual containers.

10) Mental Health Benefits

As you can see, there are various snake plant benefits in bedroom but are not limited only to physical advantages. 

Many studies have shown that snake plants can reduce stress and improve mood. Snake plant propagation can help improve your mental state. It also reduces anxiety and depression. Stress can negatively impact a person’s productivity, health, and lifestyle choices.

According to NASA research, having plants in your bedroom can help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety, and other related issues.

You can feel calm and happy by interacting with houseplants. Whether caring for them or simply being around them makes you feel at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. You don’t have to create a whole indoor jungle to reap the advantages. A single snake plant will do the rest. 

11) Importance in Feng Shui

Snake plants have significant importance in the Chinese philosophy of feng shui. It emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between our living spaces and the natural world.

Snake plants benefits as per Vastu, are associated with good luck. These plants have a special place in feng shui because people believe that these plants can absorb all negative energy. 

You can keep a snake plant in your home and get blessed with eight virtues (longevity, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, health, and strength).

Many Chinese experts recommend keeping snake plants in bedrooms where people used to fight or near appliances that emit harmful radiation. They consume negative energies and remove anger and jealousy. 

12) Boost Productivity

In lockdown due to the covid 19 crisis, you may have started working from home, most probably in your bedrooms. Although working from home gives you your comfort zone, it can also hamper your productivity.

Snake Plants not only reduce work-related stress but also boost productivity. Working alongside a snake plant can increase your productivity by up to 15%. 

But bedroom snake plants benefits didn’t end here. They also have a significant positive impact on memory. A study discovered that just one hour of interaction with nature improved memory retention by up to 20%. 

Snake Plants are the answer if you want to improve your productivity or memory while also working comfortably in your bedroom.

13) Pest Resistant

As I already told you, snake plants demand less water, so their leaves rarely fall off. You won’t see pests such as fungus or gnats. Although, it might get spider mites and mealybugs from another plant. The majority of bugs will avoid it.

14) Improves Acoustics

Snake plants can help improve your home’s acoustics and reduce noise levels. These plants are beneficial for lowering noise pollution because their thick leaves effectively deflect and absorb sound waves as they travel across the bedroom.

A snake plant can help reduce unwanted sounds such as static from running electronics in your space. Placing a few snake plants in the right place strategically throughout your bedroom makes it more appealing. It will improve your sleep quality due to the reduced noise.

There are numerous advantages to noise reduction in the home. It improves their mood, concentration, and mental health.

15) Can thrive in high Humidity

If your bedroom has high humidity, your snake plant will thrive. It isn’t picky about a humid environment. Make sure you water less and provide extra drainage to reduce stagnant water.

So put a snake plant anywhere you have some open space, and it will thrive. Being size adjustable is also one of the snake plant benefits. Depending on the pot, it can grow into some of the larger indoor plants or stay small.

Now that you know all the indoor snake plants benefits let’s move forward to the types. Which are the most popular snake plant varieties to grow in the bedroom?

Popular Types of Snake Plant

Snake Plant with a Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest is a stylish, low-maintenance, compact snake plant. As usual, it is simple to care for. Because of their small size (6 – 9 inches), you can easily keep them in any bedroom. The leaf cluster resembles a bird’s nest.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii

These are known for low light demands, low maintenance, and hardy nature. It creates an appealing aura and is one of the most popular types of bedroom snake plants. The plant has sword-like leaves that grow upward and have a creamy yellow outline. The height ranges between 24 and 33 inches.

Sansevieria Cylindrica

This plant has smooth, round, spear-like foliage and can grow 24 to 36 inches tall. The leaves spread outward to form a crown. It somewhat resembles a lucky bamboo plant.

How to care for a snake plant?

Snake plant care is very easy, and you don’t have to follow any complex instructions. They can thrive well with minimal maintenance.

  • Place your snake plant in direct or indirect sunlight.
  • You should provide well-drained potting soil that does not retain much water.
  • Avoid overwatering at all costs. It may be simple, but it is best to let the soil dry between waterings.
  • Keep your green friend at a moderate room temperature.
  • Protect them from the cold and draughty windows in the winter.
  • You can remove dust on the leaves with a damp cloth regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What should I place my snake plant in the bedroom?

Ans: Snake Plants thrive in low-light environments, so you can place them in a location near the north or west-facing window.

Ques 2: Which snake plant is the best?

Ans: Sansevieria Laurentii is one of the most common types of snake plants grown indoors. It most effectively removes and filters nasty airborne toxins in the air.

Ques 3: Is the snake plant lucky?

Ans: Snake plants are considered lucky plants in Feng Shui because of their ability to purify the air and attract positive energy vibes.

Ques 4: I have trouble getting proper sleep. Will snake plants help in the same?

Ans: One of the major snake plant benefits is aiding in better sleep. Having snake plants in your bedroom can help improve your sleeping experience and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

An increase in air oxygen quality aids in maintaining high oxygen saturation levels within the body, allowing for deeper and more productive sleep.

Experts recommend snake plants for people who suffer from sleep disorders because they can produce oxygen at night. People who suffer from hypoventilation can benefit from having higher oxygen levels in their blood during the night when respiratory problems are most likely to occur. 

Furthermore, snake plants are excellent for air purification, producing cleaner air while sleeping.


If you plan to add something green to your bedroom, a snake plant is the one to go with. Many snake plant benefits add positivity to life. 

Whether you want it for its aesthetic value, the energy balancing feng shui capabilities, or if you want to ease stress and improve memory, a Snake Plant is what you need.

We would love to know what you like the most about these amazing snake plants. Le us know in the comments section below. Happy gardening!

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