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NPK Fertilizer

NPK Fertilizer: Everything you need to know

How often are you confused while choosing fertilizer? New plant parents get confused easily. But not anymore.  NPK fertilizer is the best fertilizer choice. An NPK fertilizer is a manmade fertilizer containing Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Why these 3 elements?  Well, NPK fertilizer is important for providing enough nutrients. Without these major […]

vermicomposting advantages and disadvantages

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vermicomposting?

Are you planning to try vermicomposting but not sure whether it is right for your plants or not?The best way is to try it out, vermicomposting. Don’t worry my friend, today in this article, I will discuss vermicomposting, advantages and disadvantages and I will guide you through everything. So, let’s begin with an introduction to […]

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Fertilizer for Indoor Plants: How and When to Fertilize Houseplants

Being a houseplant parent can be challenging! Knowing when to fertilize your indoor plant is a bit tricky. Knowing when to feed houseplants is difficult, even if you are an experienced grower.  A houseplant does not cry when it is hungry or uncomfortable, as human babies do. Instead, they react to their environment in much more […]


What is Vermiculture: Process, Uses and Benefits

You may have heard that earthworms are a farmer’s best friend. But why? Composting is the conversion of organic waste from plants and animals into plant manure. Vermiculture is one of the most efficient ways to speed up decomposition. In this article, we will guide you on the vermiculture process, uses and benefits. What is […]

Peat Moss vs Coco Peat

Peat Moss vs Coco Peat: What’s the Difference?

Gardeners like you are mainly in the dilemma of which is better, coco peat vs peat moss? People find it really confusing and often mistake them for the same, though they are not. This blog will give you a clear view of coco vs peat moss in detail. Before we begin, let us briefly describe […]

Difference Between Compost and Vermicompost

Top 13 Difference between Compost and Vermicompost

Do you also get confused over the difference between composting and vermicomposting? The difference between vermicompost and compost is quite simple, yet people get overwhelmed. In this article, don’t worry; we will guide you over compost and vermicompost. Compost and Vermicompost is a type of manure that provides critical nutrients to the soil. In simple […]

What is Peat Moss

Peat Moss Uncovered: Uses, Benefits, and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

You may have seen “Peat Moss,” a dark brown fibrous material, in your yard or any nursery and garden store. But did you know that, even though moss peat is a highly beneficial gardening material and is widely used as a potting soil mix or a hydroponic growing medium, it has sparked many environmental debates? […]

What is CocoPeat

What is Coco Peat? Benefits, How to Prepare & Use Coco Peat

If you’ve ever opened a coconut and noticed the fiber-like and stringy interior, you’ve seen what coco peat is. This article will guide you on what is coco peat, how to make coco peat, coco peat’s benefits, disadvantages, types, and many more.  What is Coco Peat? The non-fibrous, spongy, lightweight, corky material that holds the […]

What is Vermicompost

What is Vermicompost? Benefits, Uses, and How to Prepare It

Who would have thought worms could be a beautiful partner for our gardening? Vermicompost nutrient content is very high, and it helps to thrive plants. Vermicompost preparation is easy, and there are many benefits of vermicompost. This article will cover vermicomposting, uses, benefits, drawbacks, preparation, and FAQs. What is vermicomposting? Vermicomposting is a scientific method […]

Potting Soil

How to Make Potting Soil at Home in India

Many companies proclaim that their potting soil mixtures are the best. However, you know that most of them on the market compromise with the quality to increase their revenues. Making your own potting soil makes a lot of sense if you want to ensure the mix’s quality and want your plant to thrive. In this […]

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