Balsam Plant – How to Grow & Care

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Balsam Plant – How to Grow & Care

Balsam Plant is ranked as a common plant that generally flowers on an annual cycle. You can choose this particular plant for your lawn or backyard gardens. Try to visit any local plant seller or nursery to check out different varieties of Balsam plant. The best part about this plant is the presence of flowers in multiple colors like red, orange, white, violet, pink, and yellow.  

What is a Balsam Plant?

It can be defined as a quick flowering plant that is native to Asia, South Africa, and North America. They are known to self-seed and are famous for their medicinal and ornamental genius. It is attractive to keep Balsam plants in containers used for indoor and outdoor décor. Balsam oil is renowned for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, if ever someone asks you “What is Balsam Plant?”, you can quickly share the mentioned detail with them immediately.

balsman plant
Balsman Plant

How to Plant Balsam Seeds?

If you want to grow Balsam plants in your house, try to purchase new pots with fresh soil. You must buy specific varieties that can grow conveniently in partial shade. For instance, you can select the New Guinea impatiens or impatiens hawkeri to tolerate the sun easily. When to plant Balsam seeds? The best time to sow Balsam seeds is during early spring, immediately after the frost fades away.

Furthermore, another essential condition for planting Balsam seeds is that the soil should contain sufficient humus. If you are confused about how to plant balsam seeds, try to grow a maximum of 8-10 specimens within a square yard. The soil required for nurturing the Balsam plant needs to be fertile and well-drained. Moreover, the soil need not be damp and can work well in hot weather.

Care Tips for Balsam Plant 

If you are not aware of how to take care of the balsam plant, then do follow the below-mentioned steps for better knowledge. It will help your plant grow well.

  • Balsam plant requires well-drained soil that stays moist even during the hot summer spells. 
  • You need to timely turn the soil by adding compost, especially during the spring season, to support young balsam plants. 
  • Always water the Balsam from below to avert powdery mildew. It is better to use a hose system to water the plants carefully.  
  • Make sure you provide an additional watering option (once a week) during the dry months. 
  • If you are well aware about when to plant balsam seeds, then after every season do accumulate the seed pod. Later, allow the pod to dry and place it in a plastic bag and store it in a cool portion of your house until spring. 
  • Do keep a check on the Balsam plant leaves to detect signs of pests or any major soil disorder. Connect with an expert gardener to pick the right pesticide for correcting the issue. 
  • When the Balsam plant acquires a height of two inches, you should prefer adding natural fertilizer to motivate growth. 

Have you noticed what happens when a shoot of the balsam plant is dipped in a red solution? The red solution tends to change the color of the flowers to red. The reason being the water moves throughout the plant via capillary action and finally reaches the flower. This is a unique phenomenon that can surely work like a magic trick for many!

Balsam plants do add a unique color to your garden setup. Try to purchase multiple plants in different colors to beautify your home décor. Furthermore, only buy plants from nurseries that house fresh plants and gardening materials such as soil, fertilizer, etc. You can opt for online sources to learn how to take care of balsam plants and can even connect with expert gardeners to understand refined ways of plant maintenance.

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