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indoor ornamental plants

10+ Indoor Ornamental Plants That Will Add Color and Life to Your Home

A green environment brings enthusiasm and peace into your home. Who could dislike that? The fresh aroma of grass and flowers are relaxing to the eyes and invigorates the mind. Since it is seldom possible to skip all the work and head to the woods in search of the lush greens, the bustling urban lifestyle […]

How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant

How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant?

Are you crazy about mogra flowers just like me? Do you want to know how to get more flowers in a mogra plant that you have in your garden? Keep reading till the end to make your Arabian jasmine overflowing with flowers! In this article, I will discuss all you need to know about mogra […]

Indoor Flowering Plants that Do Not need Sunlight

Best 15+ Indoor Flowering Plants that Do Not need Sunlight

Who doesn’t crave the beauty of flowers in their space?  Flowering plants not only add beauty and grace to your space but also interact with your mind and body. You can add these flowers to your home and feel the positivity and an appealing aura around you.  Feel the touch of nature, keeping the beauties […]

Bougainvillea Tree

Bougainvillea Tree: Varieties, Plant, Grow, and Care Guide

The bougainvillea tree is an ideal pick if you are looking for a tough tree with beautiful blooms that can withstand heat and drought.  This article will guide you on bougainvillea varieties, growing, and caring instructions. What is bougainvillea? Bougainvillea is a widespread genus of roughly 18 species of shrubs, vines, and small trees native […]

Champa Flower Plant

Champa Flower Plant – How to Grow, Care & Benefits

Are you excited to grow one of the most fragranced flowers, the Champa flower? This flower is popular worldwide and has many benefits. This article will guide you on the growing and caring tips for the Champa flower. What is the Champa flower? Champa, also known as campaka in Sanskrit, is a big, evergreen tree […]

Best indoor flowering plants

30+ Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Brighten up your home with low-maintenance indoor plants that bloom all year long. There are a variety of colorful and inexpensive options on this list, all with the longest bloom time. To get started, the general rule of thumb is to purchase mature plants rather than seeds, unless you have an abundance of patience and […]

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