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Chameli Flower – How to Grow, & Care.

Chameli (Jasmine) is the perfect choice for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts who are searching for sweet-scented flowing plants. The addition of this flowering plant in your room or garden space is capable of improving the overall fragrance. Jasmine can be recognized by its bright green and glossy foliage. Chameli Flower plant is evergreen; that is, it upholds the green leaves throughout the year.

Chameli Flower - How to Grow, & Care.
Chameli Flower

Types of Chameli Flower

The two most common varieties of Jasmine or Chameli flower are mentioned below:

Poet’s Jasmine or Common Jasmine

Also called ‘True Jasmine’, Common Jasmine is characterized as a deciduous vine that possesses clusters of pure-white flowers, mainly evident during the summer season. The thick green leaves manage a nine leaflet structure that together supports the fragrant flowers.

Chameli Flower - How to Grow, & Care.
Chameli Flower

Winter Jasmine (Jasminum Nudiflorum)

You can easily spot Winter Jasmine as an attractive shrub placed in & around Victorian homes. This particular type of Jasmine’s beauty is hidden in its yellow flowers, which are generally unscented. You can spot them during the winter or even early spring. People prefer these flowering plants placed over retaining walls and areas that require a cascading design.

How to Plant Chameli Flowers? 

The act of planting Chameli Flower plant is painless and does not require much effort. You only need to follow specific necessary steps.

Best Time to Plant Chameli – You should plant Jasmine or Chameli flower bushes during the months between June and November.

Soil Selection for Chameli – For managing a healthy and sustainable plant, you would require well-drained, fertile soil that can retain moisture.

Place to Plant Chameli – For a Chameli plant to achieve full growth, it is recommended to keep it under full sunlight or partially shaded areas. If you are housing a summer-flowering Chameli, it would specifically require a sunny spot.

Spacing for Chameli – It should be taken care that Chameli or Jasmine needs to be planted at a minimum height of 8 feet. This is required to accommodate its root growth. In case you are planning a twining vine for your Chameli flower plant, try to incorporate a support structure to stabilize growth.

Chameli Plant Care

The growth and care of the Chameli flower plant is not something complicated. However, you have to be precise with specific actions to keep the plant healthy and evergreen.

Here are a few essential care tips for the Chameli plant:


For Chameli or Jasmine flowers, which are in-ground, they need to be watered at least once a week. The watering spell should increase depending on the soil’s moisture retention for climates that are extremely hot or dry.

In case you have maintained the Jasmine plant in a container, it will require watering several times a week. Make sure you do not overwater the plant, or else there are chances of root deterioration.


To let the Chameli plant achieve steady growth without hindrance, try to place it in full sun or partial shade. In short, the plant requires at least 6 hours of direct sunlight on all days, mixed with at least 3 hours of partial shade. It would help if you were particular about the Chameli plant type based on which you can decide the climate and sunlight conditions it can strive in.


Growing a Chameli flower plant over a climbing structure is part of containing plant growth and enhancing the overall look of the garden. You can make use of trellis or fence with the purpose to train the young vines. You can immediately start this activity of training Jasmine once you have weaved the young stems across the trellis arrangement. 

Chameli or Jasmine plant has an exciting vibe that is filled with fragrance. You can visit any nearby nursery to purchase this plant together with a reliable potting setup. Make sure you analyze the plant age and leaves before making the final purchase.

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