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How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant

How To Get More Flowers In A Mogra Plant?

Are you crazy about mogra flowers just like me? Do you want to know how to get more flowers in a mogra plant that you have in your garden? Keep reading till the end to make your Arabian jasmine overflowing with flowers!

In this article, I will discuss all you need to know about mogra plants and how to get more flowers in this plant. Let us first begin with why mogra plants are so important to have in your garden, and how you can increase the growth of flowers in a mogra plant!

Why should you have a mogra plant in your home?

The Mogra plant is a beautiful plant that produces strong, fragrant white-blooming mogra flowers. Its scientific name is ‘Jasminum sambac’ and is the national flower of the Philippines. These plants are native to tropical Asia and are mostly cultivated throughout the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia. Mogra plants are small shrubs that grow to a height of 1 to 9 feet. Their blooming period is mainly during the summer or rainy season.

Mogra flowers are very attractive and smell delicious. The fragrance of this flower is used in making perfumes, medicines, and jasmine tea. These plants also have a great significance in a lot of religions in India. It is said to be the favorite plant of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Mogra flowers are widely used in India during festivals and are also worn by women as an ornament. They are among the most popular plants to grow, having the sweetest smell.

Did you know drinking mogra flowers in your tea daily can help you to prevent cancer?

Mogra is a beautiful and sweet-smelling flower that creates a fragrant and scented atmosphere across the entire home. Mogra flowers are very good for the skin and also have many medicinal properties. But not all mogra plants have the capacity to yield a lot of mogra flowers. Some mogra plants’ leaves can also wither or become yellow. Many factors that can affect this issue.

How to get more flowers in a mogra plant?

Let us now discuss how to boost the mogra flowers in your plant easily. After a lot of research and personal experience, I will now discuss my own 6 pointers that you must take into consideration while growing the mogra plant. Let’s begin!

1. Giving proper sunlight exposure

Light is an important factor that is very compulsory for all plants. Without any sunlight, the plant cannot perform the process of photosynthesis that helps to prepare their food for their development and growth. Every plant differs in the amount of light they need. Appropriate sunlight should be provided to them daily to prevent the plant from wilting or dying.

The mogra plant won’t generate as many blossoms in 1 to 2 hours of sunlight. Keep them in direct sunshine for 5 to 6 hours to produce more mogras. It will only give 1 to 2 buds with the sunlight exposed to them daily. You can observe the change in your plant’s development and flower production when it receives sufficient light.

2. Using the right container

The container where a mogra plant is potted harms the blooming production as well. For best growth, mogra plants should be kept in clay or cement pots. Avoid growing the mogra in a plastic container since the plant requires up to 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.

So when the mogra plant is placed in a plastic pot, it generates heat when it is exposed to 5 to 6 hours of sunlight resulting in the plant receiving more heat than it needs, leading to roots damage and drying out the plant. It also affects the flower generating process to slow down due to improper environment and the wrong pot.


3. Giving fertilization when required

Every plant needs nutrients to flourish healthily. However, the indoor plant soil does not contain all the needed minerals like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in a plant, unlike the outdoor soil. Hence, fertilizers are the best option for indoor plants to develop greatly.

You can use organic or chemical fertilizers for the plants according to their needs. Mogra plants being heavy feeders, need large amounts of nutrients to increase their flower production. The potting mixture should contain at least 50% of cow manure, 15% sand, 10% cocopeat, and the remaining garden soil for vermicomposting. Ensure to add the cow dung once every month, especially during their growing season. It will help in increasing the flower strength in the mogra plant.

4. Sorting out very carefully

The mogra bud blossoms and the flower fades, but the pod is still there. The branch of the mogra plant containing the two leaves and pod must be cut back. Be careful not to cut too much as it can harm the plant. Only the area where the bouquet was cut before (after it had already bloomed and fallen) should be used. It will cause new branches and flowers to bloom quickly and spread profusely.

5. Drying of the Plant

Lack of care and amenities can lead the plant to dry up gradually and wither away. Drying of the plant is very common nowadays. Like the mogra plants need 5 to 6 hours of daily sunlight, but excess of it can dry up the plant quickly. So to save your mogra plant, you must take great care not to allow the soil to dry out.

You must water your plant frequently because it is in the daylight all day. However, you must also watch out not to overwater the plant. Overwatering can make the soil damp and lead to pests and fungus attacks on the plant. It will also decrease the growth of flower production, so try to avoid this situation and limit the water supply. Always check the soil by inserting an inch of your finger into it to check the water availability.

6. Using Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is essential for mogra plants to increase their flower production strength. Pour 2 liters of water and one teaspoon of Epsom salt into the plant’s soil. It will work perfectly if you use a spray bottle.

To use it, just spritz it on and wait for a few days. After 15 days, you’ll be astonished to see numerous mogra flowers blooming on your plant.

7. Pinching:

Pinching out the growing ends or tips on the mogra flower will be beneficial. When you prune out the tip, the next group of flower buds on the stem revives, and two fresh nodes start to grow. By pinching out the tip, you get double the number of flowers and many growing stems, which means double as many flowers in the whole plant. Do this pinching and pruning early in their growing season.

8. Specific Flower Booster Fertilizer:

Another method to pump up the flower amount is to keep plants well-fed. Normal plant fertilizers boost general plant growth and nourish plant buds as well. Flower enhancer fertilizers are marketed as promoting plants to develop more flower buds. Basically, these fertilizers are high in phosphorus. 

The latest study indicates that plants can solely take up so much phosphorus, so using the added amount of phosphorus won’t necessarily give a benefit. If you like to use flower booster fertilizers, test them with container mogra plants. Don’t use it on native soil without first taking a soil examination. If your soil is already phosphorus-enrich, plants can’t handle more- it will instead suffer from fertilizer burn. 

9. Use the right location for the Mogra plant:

Mogra flowering plants need full sun to obtain sufficient energy to create flowers. Without this source of photosynthesis, these plants will stop producing flowers, weaken, and become easy targets for pests and infections. Mogras are not shade-loving but they can tolerate shade, but if your plant gets extreme sun it will cause scorching and brown spots on the flowers and leaves.

It’s alright to push the envelope a little on a plant’s exposure, for instance, leaving them under the full-noon sun in winter, but try to give morning and afternoon sun for more than six to eight hours. 


Q1. Why is my mogra plant not flowering?

Ans. The mogra plant typically does not bloom if the soil has excess nitrogen, drought stress, or improper pruning timing. Jasmine can be pruned back in the spring or summer, which is their growing period.

Q2. What is the best fertilizer to use for the mogra plants to increase flower development?

Ans. The best fertilizer used for the mogra plants to increase their flower production is Sansar Green Mogra Magic fertilizer. You can also use organic fertilizers. It depends on your plant’s requirements and needs.

Q3. Is Epsom Salt Good for mogra plants? 

Ans. Yes, Epsom Salt is very much beneficial for the mogra plants to boost flower development. Spray the salt on the plant and wait for a few days. You will soon notice an increased growth in the flowers of the mogra plants.

Q4. How many times a year does a mogra plant bloom?

Ans. White jasmine blooms from the spring until the fall and then falls dormant from October through March. Mature white jasmine spreads out between 7 and 15 feet and grows 20 to 30 feet tall.

Q5. Is it okay to put mogra in a plastic pot?

It is critical to plant your mogra in a suitable pot, and should not be in a plastic pot in any case. As we are well aware, they love full sun, and keeping the mogra plant under the sun is important. So when the plant is growing in a plastic pot and the plant is exposed to six to eight hours of sunlight,  heat is generated by the plastic and the soil. This way, the plant gets more heat than it needs, and the roots are harmed, resulting in dehydrated plants.

That is why you should grow them in ceramic pots or cement pots.

Q6. What is deadheading?

Every time a plant is producing flowers, they are aiming to set seeds. Mogra produces flowers from the spring until the fall and then they go dormant from October through March. Around that dormant time flowering slows down and grids to a halt. You will aim to keep the flowers coming but not let them produce seeds. For that, you need to deadhead.

Deadheading means extracting the dead flowers from the tree along with the little stems that are attached to it. The plant will respond by producing more flowers, with the aim of producing more seeds. 


The plant most recognized for its pleasant scent and appearance is the mogra plant. They are frequently worn by women and are used at poojas and weddings. Also, they convey a lively and refined impression.

Additionally, if the amount of flowers that grow on your mogra plant is limited, you can enhance it by planting the plant while keeping the above tips in mind. I hope the information provided helped you and answered all of the questions you had in your mind.

If you like this article, please comment down below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

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