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How to Choose the Right Roof Style for Your Exterior Home Design?- With 3 Trending Recommendations.

Exterior home design

Selecting the ideal roof for exterior home design for your house is a major choice because it determines the overall feel of your interior. However, there are so many different architectural styles that it can be daunting. Find an external design that complements your taste, lifestyle, and neighborhood character with these recommendations, whether you’re picking a design for a new build or making little decorative changes.

Design Elements to Consider For Your Exterior Home Design When Designing Your Dream Roof:

Of course, you’re not limited to using all of these “categories” when selecting the exterior home design of your house. Working with a custom home builder makes it simple to add your flair and produce a one-of-a-kind hybrid. Think about the following components to assist you in defining the style of your house.

Selecting a Color Scheme:

The first thing you should do for your exterior home design is think about color schemes for the outside. There are countless combinations of colors to choose from, ranging from soft hues and neutral tones to warm hues or vivid accents. If you live in a homeowners association (HOA), you might have to limit your selections for house colors. Be sure to verify the rules beforehand, especially if you want to add an accent color in a way that is more distinctive (such as brilliant red shutters or dark purple siding). Before hiring painters, take the time to test out different color schemes with your other plans because colors may change the look of your home. 

Here are some of the exterior home design color combination that compliments each other well;

  • Classic White + Black Combo
  • Wood Siding + Black Metal
  • Light Stucco + Terracotta
  • Blue, Gray, + Black
  • White + Brown
  • Light + Bright
  • Pale Pink + Tile
  • Green + Charcoal

Choosing Exterior Materials:

Selecting the kind of material for your roof for exterior home design and siding is also important. There are several alternatives available for residential siding, each with specific benefits and downsides. Wood siding, for instance, has a distinctive appearance but is more prone to water damage and warping. The most common type of siding is frequently vinyl because it’s affordable and comes in a variety of colors to complement your home’s exterior. Even so, you have a choice between horizontal and vertical siding.

Choosing Your Roof Style:

After deciding on the materials, you should decide on the roof’s style for your exterior home design. Steep slopes or more level ridges can be used, depending on the overall architectural style you want. Make sure to inquire about your possibilities if you want to attempt something different to give your house a distinctive look.

Additionally, there are various ways to make your house more energy-efficient. Over time, utilizing high-performance windows and additional insulation can have a significant impact. Orienting your home to take advantage of natural light can also assist keep things cool by increasing passive solar heating or reducing exposure to the sun. Solar panels can help you harvest UV light, but reflective roofing materials might help you retain more heat. To reflect sunlight, choose light-colored exterior finishes if you reside in a particularly warm climate. If you want to get the most out of those features, your contractor can also assist you with more energy-efficient solutions.

Here are 3 trending roof designs for your exterior home design that you can consider;

  1. Mansard style:
Exterior home design- roof 1

They are the most popular style as they give curb appeal to your home. The style is clean and ageless, giving homeowners customized it to their own taste and space. 

  1. Curved roof:
Exterior home design- roof 2

A curved roof is a stunning and eye-catching design for any house. It enhances the formation of your property by adding a polished and charming look. A curved roof can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, shingles, and tiles. Also, it can go with both modern and traditional home designs. A curved roof is an excellent way to make your house stand out.

  1. Roof With Green Garden:
Exterior home design- roof 3

In cities where we live in cramped spaces and can’t have our own front garden or backyard, we can utilize their rooftop into a green paradise. You can grow trailing houseplants, vegetables, flowers, etc. You can use your own imagination and space to decorate them. To make your green roof stand out you can grow a bonsai garden there as well. Bonsai like Carmona, Ficus, and Chinese elm will be great for your collection. The plus point of the green garden on your rooftop is that along with giving your roof a character it will absorb heat and reduce the interior temperature. 

Texture Options for the Exterior of Your Home:

Although many homeowners still choose vinyl siding, you can still give your outside some texture. Bricks used to be the most popular option for texture, but there are now several alternative materials that can be used. Examples include wood, stone, stucco, and metal. Speak with your contractor to find out more if you’re interested in adding texture to your siding or other external house elements. Consult an expert to go over your options if you’re not sure how to blend external and inside design. Making the correct choice from the beginning will save you time, money, and a great deal of needless stress, regardless of whether you’re building from scratch or remodeling.

Partner with a Professional Roofers:

It might be difficult to choose the ideal home style for your lifestyle and financial situation. Talking with an expert roofer about your alternatives is crucial, especially when it comes to your roof system and siding, even if there are many elements to take into account.

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