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bonsai plants in Kerala

Buy Bonsai Plants In Kerala | Bonsai Tree Price in Kerala

Are you looking for Bonsai plants in Kerala? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

The weather in Kerala is one of the best for growing bonsai trees in the country.

Our shipments to Kerala are made every day. So, if you place your order today, you will receive your bonsai in 3-5 days. 

Let’s look at some more information about bonsai and Kerala.

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your home or office, indoor bonsai trees for sale are a great option. With a wide variety of species and sizes available, there’s a bonsai tree to suit any taste and space. Bonsai trees also offer many benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress. Shop around to find the perfect indoor bonsai tree for you. 

Bonsai Plants in Kerala

Best Indoor Bonsai Plants in Kerala

A bonsai plant in your office or home can bring you great pleasure. In addition, indoor plants are proven to relieve stress, boost your creativity, productivity, and focus, as well as facilitate recovery. 

The indoor bonsai collection at Abana Homes is one of the most extensive and well-curated. Indoor plants come in a variety of colors, heights, and varieties, from Glorious Carmona Bonsai to Ficus Long Island Bonsai. 

You can also find plants that have air-purifying qualities, need low-maintenance, and are lucky like the Carmona Indoor Flowering Bonsai Trees. These plants come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for small-space gardening.

Plants such as dwarf jade, Carmona, and Ficus are very popular indoor bonsai plants. Choosing one of these trees and taking proper care of it will make it thrive in your house.

Best Outdoor Bonsai Plants in Kerala

Adding an outdoor bonsai plant to your place will transform its aesthetics. Make your balcony, terrace, or home garden beautiful with a bonsai plant. The beauty of your outdoor bonsai plant can be enhanced by putting it on stylish stands.

With these Flowering Bougainvillea Bonsai, Serissa Mame Bonsai Plant With Exposed Roots, S Shape Ficus Bonsai, Ulmus Bonsai Trees, and more, you can create your own bonsai club. 

We provide thorough information about plant care, growing conditions, and plant FAQs with all of our bonsai plants!

Bonsai Pots in Kerala

Bonsai pot selection is not an easy job, but it can be learned. The taste, knowledge, and experience of the grower differ when it comes to choosing a bonsai pot.

When buying a bonsai pot, make sure you know the size of the pot you need for your bonsai. Make sure the shape and color are suitable for the plant.

Bonsai Plants Nursery in Kerala

We have listed trusted nurseries in Kerala so you can find bonsai plants easily.

  • Cochin Bonsai Garden
  • Kerala Agrico Bonsai Nursery
  • Sougandhikam Garden 
  • Green planet Nursery
  • Madhurag nursery
  • Tamarind Bonsai
  • Green Thumb Plants Suppliers
  • Green Valley Agro nursery
  • Bhavana Nursery and Gardens

How to Order Bonsai Plants Online in Kerala?

Abana homes offer bonsai plants for sale online in Kerala. There is a wide range of prices for bonsai plants due to their different shapes and sizes.

Decide on your budget before ordering a bonsai. Check out the table below for a better understanding based on your budget and preferences.

TypeSizePrice range (₹)Suitable for
Small bonsai tree for sale 15-20 cm700-1200Beginner, intermediate, pro
Medium bonsai tree for sale25-30 cm1800-3000Beginner, intermediate, pro
Grown bonsai tree for sale30-60 cm3500-7500Beginner, intermediate, pro
Old bonsai tree1-5 MtrsOn-demandBeginner, intermediate, pro

Bonsai Plants Online in Kerala from Abana Homes

Each plant has distinctive characteristics that sets it apart from the others. Bonsai plants help us get over obstacles and encourage new beginnings. 

Bring more appeal to your home by ordering bonsai plants online in Kerala. 

Experience the joy of green shopping with Abana homes. In the last five years, we have sold over 1,50,000 exotic bonsai plants. Aside from that, bonsai plants are packed well, fertilized, and treated with pesticides before shipping.

You don’t have to worry about shipping. To ensure the plant’s safety, it is shipped through one of the best logistic partners available


Where to buy bonsai trees in Kerala?

In Kerala, you can easily find bonsai trees online, in local nurseries, in gardening centers, or the nurseries mentioned above.

Why should you have a bonsai plant In Kerala as an indoor plant?

Here are a few reasons, that I think will convince you to get a bonsai plant;

Ornamentally enrich your home:

Kerala is known for its natural beauty and greenery, so growing bonsai inside your apartment will exaggerate the feeling of nature if you are missing out or staying indoors most of the time. You can pick a plant from the indoor bonsai list and beautify your home. Be it the lush shrubby leafed tree, bright flower sets, or a unique-looking trunk color, these bonsai will provide the best look even in the most blank and lifeless areas in your home indoors. 

Purify the air while being showy:

There are some species of bonsai plants in Kerala or other places in India, where you can have fine health and body function indoors. This is because some specific bonsai plants are NASA-certified natural air cleaners.

These bonsai plants will allow you to inhale air free from poisons and harmful air contaminants such as toluene and formaldehyde. These impurities are usually found in indoor products that we use daily unknowingly and induce more harm to health than you may imagine. 

A thoughtful gift for your friends and family:

If you don’t want to own a bonsai plant, you can still get one and send this thoughtful and charming plant as a present to your friends or family members in Kerala. Choose one bonsai plant that is easy to care for, which ensures your close ones will effortlessly appreciate the gift and their leafy greenery and looks every year and for years to come.

Why Buy Bonsai Tree Online from AbanaHomes?

AbanaHomes help you own bonsai trees from a variety of options available. 

  • AbanaHomes is one of the largest bonsai retailers in India. 
  • At AbanaHomes, we not only sell bonsai trees and plants but also help you own them. Our Bonsai Experts help our customers whenever they need help taking care of their plants.
  • Along with the bonsai trees, we provide complete care tips and instructions. 
  • The picture displayed on the website looks like a bonsai. Th bonsai will be the same as the picture in every aspect, including the shape, size, age, type, species, variety, pot-type, and material. Due to the ever-growing nature leaves, the number of leaves may vary from time to time.
  • We at Abana Homes offer the cheapest bonsai trees and plants in India since we are one of the largest importers, growers, and distributors of bonsai plants. As a result, bonsai plants have the lowest prices.

What is the starting price of Bonsai plants in Kerala at Abana Homes?

You can find the best bonsai plants at AbanaHomes for around 500-700 rupees.

How soon will I be able to receive my Bonsai plants in Kerala?

You can Expect your bonsai at your home within 4-5 days.


Bonsai’s can be a great addition to your indoor and outdoor plant collection. Getting a bonsai in Kerala is a great idea, whether you are new at gardening or not. 

Check out the numerous bonsai options available at Abana Homes and place your order today!

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