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For populated urban areas within cities, the availability of small rooftop space is like a blessing. This area can be smartly utilized for creating a garden where you can sit and relax. Terrace Gardening has gained a lot of traction, and people in India have incorporated it as a hobby to extend their connection with Mother Nature. Having a terrace garden is also considered as a beautiful add-on to your home décor, which can be managed in several different ways. You need to keep the approach right and seek advice from experts in planning out the gorgeous terrace garden.

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Things to Consider for Setting a Terrace Garden

Weight Check for Roof Surface 

Typically, the terrace garden pots are bigger. Moreover, the total weight of pots, soil and fertilizers increases the overall value of one plant. Since the terrace area is comparatively more significant as compared to a balcony space, you will indeed be tempted to map every corner with lovely flower pots. Among all of this, you need to ensure whether or not the building structure can carry this additional weight. In simple words, analysis of the sturdy nature of the terrace slab to uphold the continual weight of the pots and other accessories is a must. As a smart way, it is recommended only to use one fourth terrace area to plan out your gardening venture.

Waterproofing of Terrace Slab 

Since you will cover your terrace using soil and large-sized pots, there are chances of continual dampness that needs to be checked. The rainy season in India is a concern as it can cause leakage in your terrace slab during heavy showers. The perfect way is to get in touch with waterproofing experts who can shield the terrace area for additional safety. For individuals who wish to manage it themselves, try using a thick drainage mat or tarpaulin sheet as a waterproofing agent. Having a leakage-free terrace is an advantage as it supports long-term benefits to your house/flat.

Selection of Plant Containers

It is essential to select the plant containers for your terrace garden beforehand. You can make a choice from the different pot types like cement pots, earthen pots, clay pots, etc., which are readily available in the market. Interestingly, you can even prefer the placement of garden boxes, which is a smart setup to grow attractive plants and flowers. Such raised beds help offer excellent drainage and prevent soil erosion. You can consider a terrace garden design with troughs and trellis to support creepers and vines. Furthermore, hanging pots are a beautiful add-on that works to illuminate the appearance of your terrace garden.

Useful Terrace Garden Ideas

Prefer Tall Plants and Trees 

If you possess a large rooftop and wish to convert it into real garden-like space, it is essential to try out high vegetation close to the walls. Such an arrangement will maximize greenery in the best possible manner. You can prefer growing grasses and bamboos for making the terrace garden look subtle. Some people also grow shrubs and trees in a perfect combination to enhance the overall home décor.

Keep the Space Open

When your rooftop space is small, keeping it open will offer an overall appearance. For instance, make use of transparent glass and avoid parapet wall. The perfect placement of fences and railings around the border works well for your terrace garden.

Selection of Plants

For rooftop terrace garden design, it is sensible to maintain diversity when it comes to the choice of plants. Try picking a few large plants, small trees, shrubs, etc., for covering the rooftop space. Planning out terrace vegetable garden involves the selection of small cultivable plants like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, etc. Moreover, buy containers of all sizes; this can prove beneficial in giving a smart look to your terrace garden.

Style Your Furniture

The furniture in your terrace space should be decided in advance. Whether you want to set up a lounge or a small dining space, the furniture should readily fit the theme. Typically, wooden furniture ideas are the best to match with the style of your rooftop garden.

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Make use of the vertical space for adding more charm to your terrace garden. You can prefer hanging planters on the sidewalls or even grow climbers for additional beauty.

FAQs About Terrace Garden

How many times should I water the terrace garden?

Based on the requirements, you need to water the terrace plants once or twice during a day. Such a practice will ensure healthy growth for your plants.

Are there eco-friendly plant containers available in the market?

You can make use of environment-friendly containers such as coconut shells, broken boxes, bamboo baskets, etc. They help in offering a natural and subtle look to your rooftop garden.

How to safeguard plants from rats and squirrels?

If your plants bear flowers and fruits, they will attract creatures such as rats and squirrels. Cover the plants using nylon wire nettings that can effectively protect your plants.

What is the effect of chemically nursed soil?

Selecting chemically nursed soil is a bad idea for your plants. They tend to destroy harmful bacteria and worms, together with the killing of useful microbes that are important for plant growth.

What can you grow on your terrace garden?

Some of the things that you can easily grow on a terrace garden are Kadur. French beans, chillies, tomatoes, brinjal, okra and line. Furthermore, you can also try to grow cucumber, ridge gourd and bottle gourd on the garden. Also, root vegetables, such as potatoes, onion, radish, carrots, groundnuts can also be grown but they require a larger area for growing.

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