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Ficus, Carmona Among Bonsai Trees That Increase Value of Real Estate

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form that artificially dwarfed shrubs or trees. It’s considered an ornamental tree that will never reach its standard size, which is a unique and interesting decor in any home. Depending on a person’s beliefs and culture, bonsai trees embody various symbols, which makes them more gratifying in real estate spaces.

To help you delve deeper into the significance of bonsai, here’s a helpful article that discusses its importance in real estate and how it can help the market.

Bonsai in Real Estate Market

The real estate market is a very competitive field, and with a progressive country and several new companies coming up, it just becomes even more challenging. Thus, the effort to make an appeal and stand out from all the other options is vital.

People remember important and memorable details that usually help everything put together sometimes. May it be an ornament, the wall paintings or color, or the door shape–no matter what it may be, as long as it makes an impact, you’ll be on top of their list.

On the other hand, bonsai is an artificially dwarfed shrub or tree used as an ornament that is meant not to reach its normal size. In other words, miniature trees grow in a container or a pot. What makes bonsai significantly different from other plants is that these plants are intentionally grown to be artistically formed. Due to its attractive and intriguing size, even as an adult tree, it’s undeniable that bonsai creates a strong impression on people.

Combined with these two elements, real estate, and bonsai, you’re in for a few more surprises as a broker or investor. To reel you in for more information, here’s a list of the significance of bonsai in the market.

Increase Value

As mentioned, a bonsai tree is filled with a long history, especially as a thousand-year-old plant. Moreover, as an excellent plant, it can help make your real estate building increase its value. In the USA, apartments with gardens or a veranda where flower pots are placed are considered high-value real estate in the market. You can compare what is currently offered to determine how to improve yours.

Likewise, in Australia, particularly in Sydney, bonsai plants can significantly impact a property’s real estate price. Bonsai trees are known for their beauty, aesthetic appeal, and symbolic meaning in Asian culture, which makes them a desirable addition to any home. A property with well-maintained bonsai plants can increase the property’s perceived value and attract potential buyers who appreciate nature and are willing to pay a premium for it.

On the other hand, properties without bonsai plants or poorly-maintained ones may not be as attractive to buyers and can affect the property’s overall value. Therefore, it is essential to consider the presence and maintenance of bonsai plants when determining the real estate price of a property in Sydney. If you’re considering adding this to your future real estate listing, you can easily call the best home builders sydney offers to have proper discussions.

Good Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art practice that involves arranging house pieces to create balance and harmony with the natural world. The main goal is to invite positive chi into your living space so that your life becomes more energized and balanced.

Moreover, bonsai plants have always been a favorite indoor plant because of the positive energy and good luck it brings home. If you have a client that values this element, just like a house with good design, you can also expect better offers.

However, it takes more than just a good bonsai plant. You’ll also need to consider the harmony of other elements of your home, like the placement of this ornamental plant, its type, and others. Furthermore, even as a real estate seller, investor, broker, or the like, placing bonsai in your office or your listings can bring good luck to you.

Favorable Impression

Above all, a bonsai presents a favorable impression to future clients visiting the property. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the green color of a bonsai plant makes a person think of growth, renewal, and life. Aside from that, it also helps people feel more secure and rested, which helps them feel at peace during the visit to your place. That’s why other people try to present their property with as many plants as they can display.

You can also extend the time of your client’s stay on the property by telling the story of an old bonsai plant. It’s the perfect excuse to let them have an extended stay in the property and give them more time to look around the place. Presenting a favorable impression and its other benefits, a bonsai plant is an excellent addition to any real estate space you can have.

What Types of Bonsai Plants Are Great for Real Estate Spaces?

As mentioned, there are several options for bonsai plants that you can discover. One particular type of bonsai in India. They have a wide array of options at the most affordable prices. If you’re trying to significantly impact an estate without going beyond your budget, a splash of bonsai in places can help you.

It’s because bonsai in India can beautify any size space without looking too cramped or cluttered. They look classic and expensive, but without the hefty price tag, creating a good impression for your possible clients. A few bonsai trees you can consider are the following:

  • Divi Divi. Divi Divi is a tree that other people cultivate to be a bonsai plant. It’s a small thornless plant that grows more slowly than others, but it has beautiful evergreen foliage and excellent fragrance. It’s popular among homeowners who want to grow a beautiful bonsai plant. If you plan to invest in a bonsai plant that you want to give to your future clients, you should consider Divi Divi.
  • Pomegranate. You’ll be surprised to know that a pomegranate bonsai plant exists. Yes, it blooms with fruit, which makes it enjoyable to put outside a beautiful garden or veranda of a real estate. It also proliferates compared to other bonsai, which makes it even more fun. That said, you can even plan to open your real estate for clients to visit just in time for this bonsai plant to grow.

Final Thoughts

The price varies depending on the plant’s age, species, and height, but they are good investments that you should always take advantage of in your real estate listings. Aside from that, they are more affordable home upgrades if you want to change something of what you’re offering in the market. However, if you still need more convincing, read this article to learn more!

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