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Gardening Aprons With Pockets- Best Gardening Aprons of 2023.

Having a gardening apron with pockets is much more practical than having a new set of clothes, plus no clothing piece will give you the gigantic pockets that an apron can provide. 

Different types of aprons are available in the market, but you need only one or two that serve your purpose, the purpose that will rely on the type of gardener you are. For example, messy gardeners can get good benefits from good coverage aprons, Gardening waist aprons with pockets only can be beneficial for those who do not meddle in the dirt for hours and just need the pockets to keep their tools. 

Even though I stated we need only one or two of those in our whole gardening journey, me being a showy have collected a good amount of aprons because I want my gardening sleeves to match them. The collection is countable enough to pick the best out of them and share the reasons why they are my favorite.

I made this article to share my experience with the aprons I have used so it will be easier for you to pick one for yourself. 

My top picks for best gardening aprons with pockets:

  1. Best overall- Laelr Garden Apron
  2. Best multipurpose- UKOKE garden canvas apron
  3. Best for small and herb gardening- AMOUR INFINI Herb Garden Apron
  4. Best coverage- VLZUFE Cotton Linen Apron


Best for harvesting- Roo Gardening Apron with Pockets

Best waist belt apron- Soil & Sun Garden Tool Belt

What are gardening aprons?

Aprons are mainly made to protect your clothes from outside tasks, the same goes for gardening aprons, they protect your clothes from getting dirt in your clothes in your garden. But when the aprons are equipped with pockets the purpose becomes versatile. Especially for women, as our regular clothes are infamous for having small pockets. A ladies gardening aprons with pockets not only will give you protection from dirt but will also provide enough space for your gardening tools. 

It is usually designed with an adjustable neckline and the waistline stays just above the waist for a comfortable fit. The length of the apron should not go below the ankle or you will have a risk of tripping while you are working. 

Here are the types of gardening aprons available in the market;

Full-Length Gardening Aprons With Pockets:

Full-length aprons go below the knee and sometimes even provide some coverage in the back. They give a good amount of protection from insects and dirt. So, my fellow messy, clumsy gardeners this one is for us. 

Gardening aprons with pockets

Best full-length garden aprons:

Hanee cotton aprons

Berry and bird canvas garden apron. 

Half-Length Gardening Aprons With Pockets:

These are not meant to shield you from dirt but to carry the tools. They are also called gardening belts or waist belts. Light dirtless works like pruning and wairing selected plants serve perfectly with these aprons. 

Buy a half-length apron:

MILCIL apron for garden

Soil and sun garden too belt


People who (for example florists) makes a living out of gardening need to wear apron for hours every day. It goes without saying washing them every day will be hard in this case, so disposable options come in handy. 

Get a disposable garden apron:

Green direct white disposable garden apron

What is the purpose of gardening aprons?

Dirt Protection:

It will protect your clothes from getting dirt on them.

Protection Of Insects:

Fighting with insects in your garden like war and using an extra layer of clothing will work as a mild bodyguard.


Gardening trousers and dungarees are equipped with similar features but in hot weather, they are hard to wear for hours. Gardening aprons are much more comfortable and you can take them off any time you want.

Harvest Collector:

Gardening aprons with pockets, especially the ones with big pockets are handy to collect fruits and vegetables. 

Tool Keeper:

One of the primary purposes of the aprons is to keep tools separate and secure while working. Tools are even designed to keep large-size pruners. 

How do I choose the best gardening aprons With Pockets?

The factors I look for when I purchase a gardening apron for me;

Style and coverage:

The two main styles for the aprons are full-coverage and half-length. Choosing between two should rely on the type of gardening you do. 

My rooftop has a good blend of fast-growing, and slow-growing, vegetable, and fruit plants. Fast-growing plants require more dirt work because they need re-potting every now and then, on such days I go for my full-coverage aprons. When the work only includes pruning or wiring (no dirt involved) I use my waist tool belts just to keep my pruners and shears. 


This is my personal preference, cause why not? I started nurturing plants to add a pop of greenery around my house, so why not pop that color on myself? For instance when I’m picking my herbs before cooking or tending the plant I wear my AMOUR INFINI apron, the green and white combination uplifts my mood. 


To serve its primary purpose, pockets are important to notice before getting an apron. The amount and types of pockets also depend on the type of gardening you do. If your work involves harvesting there should be at least one huge pocket that can carry a few kilos of vegetables, Bonsai owners require multiple pockets as they wire and shape often. 


The fabric and fitting should be comfortable enough to bear a couple of hours. The waist tie should be above your waistline cause gardening work mostly involves squatting down position and it would be easier to bend. 

I wear a cotton apron in summer cause the fabric makes it much easier to carry it for hours.


Adjustability means the fit around the waist and the neck. Both should be equipped with adjustable straps to fit into your comfort.

4 best gardening aprons with pockets:

Let’s discuss the best gardening aprons in the market now. The list is based on my personal opinion and I also tried to keep other factors like price and durability in mind. 

Best overall- Laelr Garden Apron:

Gardening aprons with pockets

About the product:

The Lealr Garden Apron is one of the best men’s and women’s gardening aprons with pockets. They are most suitable for avid gardeners. 

If you want durability in your product you can blindly trust this product. The 600D Oxford cloth can last you for years. 

They are designed with multiple pockets, you can have different sections for different tools. 

If you suffer from shoulder issues you should definitely get this one as the shoulder pads will lift lots of weight. 

The pockets are deep and sturdy enough to keep heavy tools like hammers, knives, root pruners, small shovels, etc. 

The colorful leaf print goes well with the grey base, and along with that a layer of black pockets gives a good color contrast.

I personally own one and mainly use it when I’m tending my bonsais.

Marital: 600D Oxford cloth.

Size: One size with adjustable buckles.

Color: Grey-black with multicolored print.

The number of pockets: Ten.

My personal experience:

The pockets and the prints are the main reason I got this one. Surprisingly even with too many pockets and highly resistant material, it’s breathable. I can even wear it in summer. I can wear them in the rainy season as well as they don’t hold dirt.

Every day I tend to spend around 2 to 3 hours in my garden a little career dragging all my supplies from one plant to another, especially when I train my bonsais. Training bonsais requires many tools that few pockets can’t carry. So, the ten pockets are really helpful. 

Other than that the design is also pretty. The color contrast goes well with any of my outfits.

If you wanna own one apron to fulfill all your purposes you should definitely get this one, I think it can even be a great gift for someone who loves gardening.


Ten pockets.

Extremely durable and comfortable.


Cute patterns


It claims one size fits all but even with adjustable buckles, it can be a little loose in a tiny body. 

Best Multipurpose- UKOKE garden canvas apron:

Gardening aprons with pockets

About the product:

Not only the apron you will also get a tool kit which has 12 different gardening tools including a cultivator, pruner, weeder, trowels, etc. Because of that reason, it’s great for your pocket. 

This one was my first pruner as well because I got lured by the tools cum apron offer.

They are made with 600D polyester and coated with PVC, which makes them water-resistant. 

It’s easy to wash as well.

Marital:600D polyester.

Size: One size

Color: orange, neon green, and black. 

The number of pockets: Five.

My personal experience:

To be honest I didn’t have high expectations because I was getting too many things in around twenty dollars. I have to admit some of the tools like my rake got scratched only after one use, but most are in workable condition, especially the gloves are really sturdy. 

Also, this apron was my first purchase and after purchasing some more I realized that this one can be a bit tight for some. My tiny body fit into it without any complaint but comfort-wise it’s not up to the mark. 

I will refer this product to beginners who have fewer plants to work with. 


Comes with a set of tools. 

It’s not only water resistant, it’s fully waterproof.

Great deal for the price.


Some of the tool’s quality can be questionable. 

Can be hard to fit into a bigger body. 

Best for small and herb gardening- AMOUR INFINI Herb Garden Apron:

Gardening aprons with pockets

About the product:

The number three is dominated by AMOUR INFINE Herb Garden Apron and as the name suggested they are best for herb gardening. 

Created with purified and natural Cotton Canvas. The quality of the product is better than my other canvas, summer-friendly. 

With its adjustable neck size and long waist belts they can easily fit any kind of body shade. 

The pocket size is quite big and is situated in the middle, Providing you with distinct room to keep your phone and other small objects while working in the garden. 

The sleek designs are printed on a cotton canvas employing all eco-friendly colorings printing with neo-pigment paints to make it sturdy for your everyday use. The design is hand-drawn by the artists. 

Easy to wash, these long-lasting canvas cotton can be machine cleaned numerous times in cold water, without fading their color or prints. 

Marital: 100% pure cotton canvas

Size: One size

Color: white base with green prints, many other prints and shades are available.

The number of pockets: one. 

My personal experience:

One of my favorite purchases. The color and print are so beautiful that I don’t wanna get it dirty. This is my favorite summer apron.

Not only they are super cute but they are well-built too. I wear it even when I’m not tending my herbs and just roaming around my plants.

To all my green lover girlies out there, this is one of the best women’s gardening aprons with pockets available, You can definitely go for it. 


There are almost 23 variations available with different prints and styles.

Breathable and summer-friendly. 

Adjustable straps in the neck and waist are long enough to fit any size.


Only one pocket.

Not meant for heavy-duty. 

Best Coverage- VLZUFE Cotton Linen Apron:

Gardening aprons with pockets

About the product:

A large bib apron like this that shields to the knee delivers superb coverage while not making it too hot to wear. These are created to guarantee that your body is wrapped properly to keep your clothes from dirty while you are working in the garden.

It’s 70% cotton and 30% Linen Blended fabric. Gentle, pleasant, and breathable is light but long-lasting. This cotton-made apron has adequate water absorption and any kind of moist absorption.

It has a cross-back system, meaning no need to tie it up. The back parts are Not Stitched Together, which makes it comfy to put on and take off.

Per side has a large pocket where you can store your required items. 

Marital: 70% cotton and 30% linen. 

Size: One size

Color: Available in many shades.

The number of pockets: two.

My personal experience:

To be honest, I thought it would be too large for me, which is true on some level, but with the comfort it’s providing I have grown to love the product. 

The length was also reaching my ankle which I don’t like personally, so I shortened it a bit from the bottom, and after the alteration in length, it’s one of the most comfortable pieces I own. 

I think it would be great for people who suffer from back pain as it is designed to not put any stress on your back. 

Overall a great product for people who want comfort and mess. 


Comfortable and breathable.

Available in multiple colors.

Great for people with back pains. 


Runs larger if you have a small body structure.

Only two pockets. 

How to wash and store gardening aprons with pockets?

To wash your gardening apron with pockets, use the same method as you do with normal clothes. Soak the item with detergent mixed water for an hour and then leave it under mild sunlight to dry completely. You can use your washing machine and drier to do the cleaning process, but make sure if it is extremely dirty wash it separately. 

Make sure the fabric is completely dry before storing it in a cool dry place. 


I gave a brief description of the gardening apron. You can choose one from the list I have recommended or figure it out on your own by following the things I look for in an apron and get one for yourself. 

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