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Amazing Indoor Plant Decor Ideas For Your Home

Indoor plant decor is the new swag. Decorating your home with plants not only boosts the mood, but also purifies the air that we breathe. And trust me, it’s so relaxing, you will fall in love with them.

In this article, I’ll take you through the variety of indoor plant decor ideas for your living room, bedroom, bathroom and what not. I’ve covered the plants by type and location where you can keep them to help you make the better decision.

Let’s take a look at the best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas for 2023

A beautiful way to add life and vitality to interiors is to decorate with indoor plants. Greenery brightens up a space, plus plants have a positive impact on our health. 

There are so many indoor plants to choose from, from spider plants to trailing Boston ferns and large indoor trees like fiddle leaf figs.

However, most people do not want to spend much time caring for indoor plants. The indoor plants that I have mentioned in this article are easy to maintain, so you can add beauty to your home.

Also, I have amazing indoor plant decor ideas for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, balcony, etc. Your guests will surely ask you about these ideas. Furthermore, you will love living in your home. 

Indoor Plant Decor Ideas with Bonsai Plants

Your home will appear like a tropical paradise if you decorate it with bonsai plants. There is something special about the hard, dead-like exterior of these bonsai plants. so, add a classic feel, as well as a different texture, to a colorful arrangement of plants all over your home with bonsai home decor.

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Amazing Indoor Plant for Home Decor

Here are some ideas for indoor plant decor for each area of your home.

1. For the living room

Decorate a living room with stand-alone plants

Decorate a living room with stand-alone plants
1. Areca palms
2. Fiddle leaf figs
3. Snake plant
4. ZZ plants
5. Spider Plant 

Usually, stand-alone plants are floor or table plants that look great in your living room.

It is common to see large indoor plants growing in India, such as Areca palms, fiddle leaf figs, snake plants, or ZZ plants. 

One of the great benefits of decorating your home with these indoor plants is their low maintenance requirement. Also, you can use succulents or cacti indoors to decorate your home.

Group indoor plants in decorative ceramic pots on the table

Group indoor plants in decorative ceramic pots on the table

Not just indoor plants, but ceramic indoor pots can jazz up your living room. There are lots of options in ceramic pots for plants from small to big. 

You can get round ceramic pots or rectangular ones. There are also unique shapes like bottle necks, bird shapes, apples, etc. It’s up to you what ceramic pots you want to display according to your home decor.

You can plant indoor succulents on the living room table, or any small indoor plant with colorful foliage. There is no doubt that your guests will notice the uniqueness of the ceramic pot as well as the beautiful indoor plants growing in it.

Fill the corner of the living room with large leaf indoor plants

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)
2. Elephant Ear Plant
3. Swiss Cheese Plant
4. Rex Begonia Plant
5. Dumb Cane Plant

Are you wasting space in the corner of your living room? How about adding a splash of green to that corner of the living room?

Your living room looks full after you place the long-leaf indoor plants like the snake plant, fiddle-leaf fig plant, and philodendron in the corner.

A snake plant is a good addition to any living room corner. It is easy to maintain snake plants, and they tolerate all levels of light. 

To decorate the living room with large fig leaves, place them near the window in the corner. Philodendrons prefer bright indirect light, so put them where they will receive it.

2. For the study room and Home office

Decorate bookshelves with hanging plants

Decorate bookshelves with hanging plants
1. Lucky Bamboo Plant
2. ZZ Plant
3. Peace Lily Plant
4. Ponytail Palm Plant
5. Snake Plant

The presence of indoor plants has been proven to improve concentration and productivity. If you have bookshelves, you can decorate them with amazing hanging plants. An arrangement with spider plants, ivy, and fern looks amazing when hung.

With the addition of beauty, you will also breathe fresh air while studying or working. Adding this indoor plant decor to your home can also reduce your stress level.

Place Ceramic pots of various sizes and shape on the bookshelves

Place Ceramic pots of various sizes and shape on the bookshelves

If you have a unique decor taste, you can display ceramic pots in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors on your bookshelves or your table. There are several unique shapes of ceramic pots, such as bottle shape, round shape, bowl, etc., in which you could plant indoor plants, bonsai, succulents, or cacti.

Furthermore, ceramic pots are durable and made from high-quality materials. You can therefore expect your indoor plant decor to last a long time.

Arrange plants of different sizes on the desk

Arrange plants of different sizes on the desk
1. Snake Plant
2. ZZ Plant
3. Spider Plant
4. Aloe Vera Plant
5. Jade Plant

Another easy and amazing option is to decorate your desk with indoor plants of different sizes. Lucky bamboo is the best plant for a study desk or office desk. Also, keeping lucky bamboo in your room is believed to help students achieve better results than those who don’t. 

You can also consider ZZ plants, peace lilies, grafted ficus bonsai, and good luck jade as the best options.

3. For dining table decor

Organize flowering indoor plants on a dining table

Organize flowering indoor plants on a dining table
1. Peace Lily Plant
2. Desert Rose
3. Anthurium Plant
4. African violet Plant
5. Orchid Plant

Imagine enjoying delicious food while surrounded by beautiful flowers at your dining table. You can display colorful foliage plants in a straight line, zig-zag, in the center, or however you want. 

To decorate your home, you can put the same color flowering plants. For example, if you want a white theme, you can display peace lilies all over your dining room. It will create a calming atmosphere with white blossoms and fresh air. There is also the option of choosing the rose plant, which is the most common and loved flowering indoor plant in India.

You can also decorate your home with Ixora plants, desert roses, Anthuriums, African violets, orchids, etc.

Arrange a hanging plant above the dining table

 Arrange a hanging plant above the dining table
1. English ivy
2. Spider plant
3. Boston fern Plant
4. Croton Plant
5. Money Plant

If you don’t want plants on your dining table or if your dining table is too small to display indoor plants, hanging indoor plants is a great option. It is possible to enjoy all the benefits of indoor plants without taking up any space on your dining table.

Hanging plants like English ivy, spider plants, Boston ferns, croton and money plants look amazing. It will enhance the dining experience. Also, these hanging plants are easy to maintain. Additionally, if you group more spider plants together, they will appear impressive when hung.

4. For bedroom decor

Use colorful pots to arrange plants in odd numbers on the table

Use colorful pots to arrange plants in odd numbers on the table

A bedroom is a place of recuperation and relation. So, it would be best to decorate your bedroom with an air-purifying plant. The air-purifying indoor plants eliminate toxins present in the air which helps you to relax well and get a sound sleep.

In vases or pots, you can plant flowering plants to enhance their beauty. If you want to give the table a unique look, arrange the indoor plants in odd numbers. 

The best air-purifying plants to decorate in India are fern, spider plant, dragon plant, areca palm, English ivy, money plant, weeping fig, peace lily, snake plant, and aloe vera.

In terms of cleaning the air, these plants are the most effective. These indoor plants reduce benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene in the air.

Set up a shelf beside the bed

Set up a shelf beside the bed
1. Wall Hanging Shelf
2. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf for Bedroom
3. 3 Tier Adjustable Wall Mounted Storage Shelves
4. L Shape Wall Mounted Shelves
5. Wall Hanging Wood Floating Rustic Rope Plant Shelves

Several interior designers and stylists recommend plants when decorating shelves. The freshness and softness of plants enhance any shelf, especially those that trail. 

Plants like succulents have an architectural style and don’t need much attention, so they are good for filling in the gaps on your shelf.

On your bedroom shelf, you can also create the feeling of an indoor jungle with cascading ferns, spider plants, a string of pearls, pothos, grape ivy, Heart-leaf Philodendrons, etc.

Decorate your bedroom spaces with hanging plants

Decorate your bedroom spaces with hanging plants
1. Spider Plant
2. English Ivy
3. String of Hearts
4. Peperomia
5. String of Pearls

An interesting way to liven up a bedroom is to layer plants. Make your indoor jungle feel wild by displaying a variety of shapes and sizes at different heights. You can either hang them as part of a gallery wall or display them on stands.

Choose plants with variegated leaves and pink strokes for a great indoor plant decor idea. Due to their contrast, this combination makes great home decor. Pick adenium, polka dot, or calathea to achieve this dramatic look. 

You can also place these plants in white ceramic plants with a variety of shapes.

5. For bathroom decor

Set up shelf space and hang long vines

Set up shelf space and hang long vines
1. Pothos
2. air plant
3. birds nest fern
4. Chinese evergreen
5. snake plants

In the bathroom, hanging long vines can add a touch of elegance. It is also possible to shape your vines in such a way that they wrap around the mirror. The leaves will stay off the ground and add some pep to your front hall this way.

However, bathrooms have fluctuating temperatures, constant humidity, and a lot (or a little) of sunlight depending on which way the windows face. Fortunately, there are many plants that are suitable for bathrooms. These indoor plants are Pothos, air plants, birds nest ferns, Chinese evergreens, spider plants, and snake plants. So consider these highly suitable indoor plants for bathroom decor while setting up shelves.

Use floating shelves with built-in holes

Use floating shelves with built-in holes

For your bathroom indoor plant decor, you can use floating shelves. However, make sure you anchor it into the wall, because plants are heavy, especially after they have been watered. 

There are a lot of great plants that would look good on this floating shelf, such as ferns, a string of pearls, spider plants, prayer plants, snake plants, and pothos. Additionally, floating shelves in different shapes such as hexagons can enhance the appearance of bathroom decor.

6. For Balcony 

Use wall hangers to decorate plants

Use wall hangers to decorate plants
1. Plant Hanger Brackets Wall Mounted
2. Wall Brackets Hook for Hanging Plants
3. Round Pot Railing Hanger
4. Metal Extension Hook
5. Decorative Straight Plant Hanger

It’s a great way to keep kids and pets away from toxic leaves. Also, hanging plants are beautiful for aesthetic reasons. 

The boldest statement can be made by creating a whole wall of plants. you can put colorful flower pots inside flower pot holders that are the same color and size.

Set up a shelf in the corner

Set up a shelf in the corner
1. Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf
2. Tall Plant Shelf for Multiple Plants
3. Classic Style, Black Plant Shelf
4. 3 Tier Plant Shelf
5. Multiple 3 Tier Corner Tall Vertical Shelf

It is also possible to make a shelf in the corner if you don’t wish to install wall hangers. With your beautiful indoor plants, you can also add some lighting. While you take a walk outside or enjoy a cup of coffee on your balcony, you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the fragrance and view

The balcony is a great place to grow sun-loving plants such as aloe vera, areca palms, mint, Tulsi, snake plants, spider plants,  and other sun loving flowering plants.

7. For the porch or verandah

Plan a small garden of indoor plants

Plan a small garden of indoor plants
1. Spider Plant
2. Peace Lily
3. Rubber Plant
4. Snake Plant
5. English Ivy

For your empty verandah space, you can plant a small garden of indoor plants. The small garden on your porch will give the verandah a fuller look with a touch of green. 

To create small garden plants different shades and sizes of indoor plants give it an all shade of green. Also, don’t forget to add small flowering plants. Moreover, consider Ferns, lavender plants, palms, etc.

Arrange the trailing plants

Arrange the trailing plants
1. String of pearls
2. String of hearts
3. Burro’s tail
4. English Ivy
5. Spider Plant

The trailing plant always looks great. Also, there is a wide range of varieties to choose from and you can use them to provide color, texture, contrast, foliage, and scent.

Also, trailing plants can create a small canopy-like structure, Moreover, they are good in volume. In addition to greening up a larger area than the surface of the soil alone, they spill over the sides.

Put flowering plants of different colors

Put flowering plants of different colors
1. Anthurium Plant
2. Christmas Cactus
3. Hibiscus
4. Peace Lily
5. African Violet

There are a lot of varieties of flowering plants for indoor plant decor. You can choose beautiful flowering plants such as desert rose, kalanchoe, rose, jasmine, or bonsai plant to decorate your porch area.


Q1. How many plants should be in a living room?

Ans. A large living room can benefit from six to eight medium to large indoor plants that require low lighting.

Q2. How to display multiple plants indoors?

Ans. Hanging plants from the ceiling or in front of a window is one of the best ways to add more plants to your home.

Q3. How do you arrange indoor plants in Feng shui?

Ans. Feng shui recommends arranging plants in the east, south, and southeast sections of your home so as to attract wealth, good health, and prosperity.


As you can see there are several indoor plant decor ideas. However, while you put your indoor plant be mindful of the location you are placing. If you are placing the indoor plants near the window make sure they are sun-loving plants. In contrast, to brighten up the dull corner of your living room, choose low light-loving plants.

In the bathroom, display plants that love humidity. For bedrooms, air-purifying indoor plants are the best.

In general, you can display your favorite indoor plants on your study table, or bookshelves, hang them, trail them, etc. Additionally, to get a colorful display, choose flowering plants.

Decorate your home today with indoor plants and let us know how it goes in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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