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Best Indoor Plant to Gift in India 2023 – Abana Homes

Are you looking for the best indoor plants to gift this holiday season? 

With so many options for indoor plants, choosing the best indoor plant for your loved one can be difficult. Well, no worries. I have compiled a list of the best indoor plants to gift for various occasions in this article.

Whether you are looking for a lovely plant to honor someone’s birthday, an anniversary best plant to devote yourself to the long-term companionship with your partner, or a valentine’s day best plant for your sweetheart, this list has it all.

Thanks to their easy care and maintenance, these plants make excellent indoor plants for any novice gardener. There are also some plants that do not require much of your attention, so they are an ideal gift for your busy friend or relative.

These indoor plants also make wonderful thank-you gifts for your employees, bosses, or clients. For bonsai lovers, I have shared amazing bonsai you can’t ignore once you see them.

That being said, let’s pick out the best indoor plant gift.

Top 3 Indoor Plants to Gift on All Occasions in 2023

Let me make your job easier by recommending the Top 3 indoor plants to gift in 2023. They work on all occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries to farewells- or even to your partner in crime. if you are sure that you want to gift some plants but don’t know which one, here is a quick list.

1. Pachira Bonsai Plant


Pachira is the best plant o gift anyone good luck and fortune. Moreover, they are easy to care for.

Also, pachira is the best air-purifying plant, absorbing the toxic components in the air.

It’s good for the air and makes your loved one’s house safe.

2. Grafted Ficus Bonsai Plant

Intuition, wisdom, and strength are all symbols of grafted ficus bonsai.

It makes an awesome gift for your loved one due to its unique bark structure and ease of care.

It removes toxins in the air such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.


3. Carmona Bonsai Plant


With Carmona plants, you can convey feelings of love and care to someone, bringing peace and harmony to their lives. Providing a gift of both something rare and beautiful, this bonsai variety adds an element of style to home interiors.

This plant creates a lovely color contrast between its brownish bark and its small, glossy dark green leaves.

Have more interest in knowing the best plants to gift in 2023? Here you go.

Best indoor plants gifts for plant lovers

Green thumbs aren’t for everyone. Hence, you can give your loved ones these easy-to-care indoor plants to freshen up your home and provide oxygen. Also, many people enjoy collecting houseplants. Your loved one can benefit from fresh air by receiving plants as a gift as a way to kick-start good health.

1. ZZ plant

Probably the easiest plant for a brown thumb is the ZZ plant. Even months of neglect and low light won’t kill this virtually indestructible houseplant. If you know someone who tends to forget to take care of their plants, this makes the perfect gift.

Also, ZZ plants add a great deal of aesthetic value. It is having a graceful and wand-like stem. They start thick and bulbous at the base and taper down to a point. It looks like stylized feathers due to its fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. 

Usually, ZZ plants look like plastic because of the waxy and shiny coating. Hence, it is no wonder that people always think it is artificial.

2. Spider plants

Spider plants are easy to care for, which makes them suitable for all levels of gardeners.

Moreover, it’s a great choice for beautifying your loved one’s living space. Additionally, it has a reputation for being hard to kill. Your loved one shouldn’t worry if he or she forgets to water the plant sometimes.

Additionally, give more of these spider plants to make them a great gift, as they look beautiful together.

Furthermore, it is a great way to bring positivity into someone’s life. It would be a great gift for patients suffering from hypertension, insomnia, and depression. According to Vastu, spider plants are lucky and propitious.

3. Lucky bamboo

In this holiday season, if you are looking for a new year’s gift for your loved one, then lucky bamboo is sure to please. Having low light requirements and surviving for years in water and pebbles, this is the perfect indoor plant to gift.

Additionally, this plant in pebbles and water is a great addition to any table. The best part is, according to Chinese folklore, anyone who receives a lucky bamboo for New Year’s will enjoy prosperity for years. So, make sure you send good wishes to your friends in 2023 through lucky bamboo plants.

4. Pachira Money tree

The Pachira Money tree is known as the fortune tree. So if you wish to bless someone’s life with money and good fortune, gift them a pachira money tree.

Aside from that, it purifies the air by absorbing toxic components. As a result, it will keep a recipient’s home fresh and clean.

Furthermore, it’s pet friendly, so it’s an ideal gift for everyone who loves plants and has a furry friend as well.

5. Jade Bonsai

In Feng Shui, potted jade bonsai plants are given to friends as a housewarming gift to promote friendship and prosperity. Also, this plant is gifted to newly started businesses to bring them good luck with their finances.

Moreover, it is the best gift if you want to give someone a small size indoor plant for their coffee table or desk at work. 

In general, bonsai plants should be pruned to maintain their shape, but jade requires less pruning since it is slow-growing. So, if you know anyone who loves bonsai plants but is afraid to prune and maintain them, gift them a jade bonsai.

6. Money Plant

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, this plant is always recommended. Gifting them is the best way to show your appreciation. They don’t need much sunlight, they thrive in indirect light, which makes them ideal indoor plants.

Moreover, money plants are said to help one achieve success in both personal and professional arenas.

As with all houseplants, money plants purify the air. Formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene are removed by the Money plant. So, if you are looking for an air-purifying plant, then the Money plant is the best choice.

7. Philodendron

Our first plant on the list is a Philodendron. A good reason to give this indoor plant a gift is that it will adapt to various lighting and watering conditions and will thrive indoors very well. 

Featuring large green and dark leaves, it will enhance the decor of your loved ones’ homes. Additionally, these leaves absorb even the smallest traces of light and water. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

In addition to being gorgeous to look at, philodendrons absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air as well

8. Bromeliads

Gifting bromeliads is an easy way to add a splash of color to anyone’s home. They are best known for their interesting foliage and the emergence of extremely beautiful flower stalks.

Unlike most indoor plants, bromeliads purify the air at night by releasing oxygen and removing pollutants. 

They thrive with bright light and humidity, so they are ideal gifts for homeowners who aren’t looking for plants that require a lot of care. 

For pet owners who don’t want their cats or dogs digging in the dirt, they can even grow bromeliads using soil-free methods that are non-toxic to animals.

9. Weeping fig

Did you know? In order to attain enlightenment, Buddha sat under the Weeping Fig tree for 49 days. 

This is one of the reasons why several countries consider the Weeping fig plant to be a symbol of peace and spirituality.

For its decorative, health, and environmental benefits, this indoor plant is the best gift to give.

Additionally, this plant cleans indoor air by absorbing airborne toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Best Indoor Plants Gifts For Bonsai Lovers

1. Carmona Bonsai Plant – 9 Years Old


This S-shaped Carmona bonsai tree is an excellent gift option to enhance home decor. Any person will be enchanted by its beautiful lush green leaves.

By treating toluene and formaldehyde like toxic chemicals, this bonsai tree purifies the air indoors. Moreover, it enhances the charm and prosperity of a home. Also, this is a very strong and auspicious feng shui plant.

2. Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant – 9 Years Old

With mature bark that turns fissured and corky, Chinese elm has a beautiful, distinctive color that ranges from dark gray to reddish brown. Its delicate, oval-shaped leaves have a fresh green color and a delightfully tiny leaf. 

Since its growth pattern is predictable, it is a great gift idea for beginners just learning Bonsai.

Xylene, Toulene, and Formaldehyde are absorbed by this plant, making it an air purifier and stress-buster.

3. Ficus Aerial Roots

The Schefflera Tree is the perfect statement tree if you want lush foliage without a lot of work. It is incredibly beautiful because of its aerial roots. 

The Schefflera (or Umbrella Plant) has umbrella-like leaves that make it a perfect floor plant to give as a gift.

This rare bonsai plant grows well in low-light conditions and requires minimal care. Due to its easy maintenance, it is an excellent bonsai gift for beginners or intermediates.

Best Indoor Plants Gifts Under Rs. 1000

Due to their high suitability for indoor conditions, these indoor plants are the most popular among home decorators. Additionally, it requires little maintenance, so it can be used anywhere in the office, including the lobby. Large companies usually give these indoor plants in bulk as a thank-you gift to their employees, clients, or even bosses.

Best Indoor Plants Gifts Under Rs. 2000

With the best indoor plant gifts, the recipient doesn’t need to be an expert in plants. Easy to maintain and highly suitable for brightening up any room, especially bedrooms. All it takes is a little creativity and these indoor plants will transform any place into something stunning.

Best Indoor Plants Gifts Under Rs. 3000

There are endless health benefits associated with indoor plants, as well as the best decoration for the home. Give your loved ones indoor plants as a gift on special occasions if you care about them. For them, these plants will be a blessing. Bringing them fortune, happiness, and luck.


Q1. Are houseplants a good gift?

Ans. As a gift, houseplants are a great choice because of their easy maintenance and properties. It requires no regular maintenance or time away from the individual’s schedule. Also, a houseplant brings prosperity to the house and brings good luck.

Q2. Which is the best indoor plant to gift?

Ans. Lucky bamboo, ZZ plant, Ficus, or Carmona are the best indoor plant to gift.

Q3. Which plant is best to gift a friend?

Ans. For friendship, a money plant is the best gift.

Q4. Which indoor plant should not be gifted?

Ans. It is recommended to avoid thorny plants, such as cacti and creepers because they are thought to attract negative forces.


You can never go wrong with these best indoor plants to gift. You will be admired by the recipient for choosing such beautiful indoor plants. This type of plant is perfect for indoor conditions and has many health and psychological benefits. 

Any plant enthusiast would enjoy receiving one of these indoor plants as a gift. However, if you are unsure, choose a Money plant. For a decade, the Money plant has been known to attract wealth, abundance, and positivity.

If you have bonsai lovers in your life, the best choices are Carmona or Schefflera or Grafted ficus bonsai. There is nothing like the beauty of these bonsai plants. They are also easy to maintain, so they are suitable for beginners.

So, which indoor plant are you going to give to your loved one this holiday season? Post your comments below. Share this article with your friends and loved ones to help them get the best indoor plant gift.

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