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indoor plants in trivandrum

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Plants are the key to creating a pure relationship between people and Mother Earth. Most plant lovers have visited nurseries, but have you ever tried a virtual nursery?

Yes, here you are going to enjoy the virtual nursery tour. You are going to explore the wide range of indoor plants suitable for the Trivandrum climate.

Our plants are grown by experts. Whether it’s an indoor plant or an outdoor plant, Abana Homes offers the best online plant purchase option. With our careful packaging, your plants will arrive “unharmed”! So, order from a variety of our plants while you relax and recline.

You just have to order your plant and provide us with the information we need to make sure it gets delivered. Once you’re done, let us handle your plant safely. Our team will get your plant to you as soon as possible.

Indoor Plants in Trivandrum

Tropical weather makes it a great place for growing indoor plants in Trivandrum. Yet, recent urbanization has made it difficult for dwellers to breathe fresh air out there. 

A recent report from Times of India by Arya UR says that people in Trivandrum go to the Museum compound, Kanakakunnu Grounds, and Kowdiar-Museum Stretch to get the fresh air. So why not create a hub of indoor plants inside your home? They are sure to add fresh air and excellent home decor. Additionally, it does not cost a fortune. 

Check out these beautiful indoor plants for tropical weather in Trivandrum.

Best Indoor Plants in Trivandrum for offices 

For those who enjoy being outside, coming to work before sunrise and leaving at sunset can feel truly depriving. The missing piece of nature that will increase productivity and job satisfaction may be adding some indoor plants. 

With an indoor plant by your side, you can breathe fresh air.  Also, apart from creating a healthy environment indoor plant enhances your office look. 

We make it easier for you to find small indoor plants and garden plants. We’re prepared to support you and let you experience hassle-free internet purchasing. However, we also offer the best-priced plant seeds. If you want to get the best plants for the workplace, below are the ideal plants for you.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Trivandrum 

If you want to breathe clean air bring these effective 3 air purifying indoor plants. They are widely known as anti-pollutant plants in Trivandrum. The reason for this is, these air-purifying indoor plants remove benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. These toxins are harmful to human health.

These plants will purify the indoor air as well as add color and freshness to your home. So, today bring one of these beauties.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Trivandrum 

Do you know there are some indoor plants that thrive on neglect? Sounds absurd? But, yes there are some indoor plants such as snake plant that thrives on neglect. These low-maintenance plants have minimal needs to grow well. Hence, they are the best choice if you are having a busy schedule.

Check out these forgiving, low-maintenance houseplants if you’re looking for something you can’t kill.

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Trivandrum 

Is there a room in your house where you have trouble growing houseplants because there isn’t enough light? The news is good! There are plenty of indoor plants that prefer low-light areas.  The three indoor plants that are listed below do well in extremely low light. Low to indirect light is sufficient for them to grow.

Best Indoor Plants in Trivandrum for offices 

A plant is a good thing to have around whether you work from home or visit the office occasionally. They are the best green beauty to make you feel better. However, keeping plants alive isn’t always easy, especially when you’re busy. For this reason, you can grow low-maintenance indoor plants at the office. 

Low-maintenance office plants can offer visual interest to your workstation, boost the humidity around a desk, and help filter the air. 

In your office, you can have as many low-maintenance plants as you want, as long as you water them occasionally.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Trivandrum

According to NASA’s Clear Air Study, air filtering plants can significantly improve the air quality in your house. Furthermore, indoor air-purifying plant packs are capable of eliminating pollutants and dust from the air.

Over time, air-purifying plants eliminate more than 50% of indoor air pollutants. Thus, giving your family access to cleaner, fresher air that is essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

Some of our indoor air purifying plants, or as they are more commonly known, indoor air purifier plants, even purify the air at night. View the full selection of indoor air purifier plants we offer.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Trivandrum 

The demand for minimal maintenance indoor plants keeps rising as more and more people get into gardening. Also, it takes less work to maintain an interior garden with low-maintenance plants.

Indoor plants that need little care are not picky about the type of light they receive. Moreover, they can thrive in a wide range of indoor lighting settings. 

While low-maintenance plants are hard to kill, overwatering is one of the few enemies. Underwatering may be somewhat acceptable for them, not overwatering. 

Also, for those who travel frequently and don’t have the time for gardening, low-maintenance indoor plants are a great option. As low maintenance plants can survive without water for a few days.


Where to buy Indoor Plants in Trivandrum? 

You can buy indoor plants from a local nursery or gardening store. Also, there are online gardening websites that provide indoor plants at your doorstep.

Why should you buy Indoor Plants online from Abana Homes? 

As a Trivandrum nursery, it is Abana Homes’ goal to significantly increase the amount of greenery in homes. For future generations, we envision a world that is more beautiful and environmentally friendly. 

Like we say, “Let’s grow” more plants and “Let’s grow” into more affectionate, compassionate beings on the planet.

How to take care of the Indoor Plants in Trivandrum? 

  • Regularly water your plants
  • Put your finger in the planter to probe deeper with
  • Select a location in your home that receives adequate sunlight.

Which plants are great for indoor in the Trivandrum climate?

  • The Palms (Raphis + Areca)
  • The Syngoniums (Pink + White)
  • The Philodendrons (Congo + Common)
  • The Algonemas (Pink + Lipstick)
  • The Snake Plants

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