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Would you like to buy indoor plants at a budget-friendly price in Kochi? You’ve come to the right place if so. 

You can buy gorgeous indoor plants online in Kochi here. There’s a variety of indoor plants on the list, from air-purifying ones to low-maintenance ones.

You’re sure to love the exotic indoor plants we have. We also have a plant collection that makes a thoughtful gift. All you need to do is pick the best green friend for your loved one, and it’ll be delivered to their doorstep.

To make sure your loved one gets a damage-free plant, we take great care in packaging. Also, our job doesn’t end when you get your green friend. You can always count on our expert team to help you grow them.

Having said that, check out our exotic indoor plants in Kochi

Indoor Plants in Kochi

Kochi has a tropical climate. For this reason, high-temperature and humidity-loving plants enjoy growing in Kochi.

Snake plants, spider plants, money plants, and philodendrons are some of the best indoor plants for Kochi. These plants are hard to kill, low in maintenance, and easy to care for.

Listed below are the top indoor plants in Kochi that keep flourishing in the Kochi climate.

Best Indoor Plants in Kochi for Offices

Feeling stressed at work? How about bringing nature inside? Indoor plants are the best way to reduce stress and boost your productivity at work.

Check out these indoor plants that fit your workspace perfectly.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Kochi

A great way to improve indoor air is to bring air-purifying indoor plants. The following plants are highly effective in removing harmful toxins. Harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene form the air.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Kochi

Got a busy schedule? Don’t worry we have low-maintenance indoor plants for you. Following plants need little care and attention. 

They are the best green friend for you if you love gardening yet have a hectic life. Even if you forgive to water them occasionally, they will still welcome you with their green beauties.

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Kochi

If you are looking to transform the dark corner of your office and home, then the listed low-light indoor plants are just for you. It’s okay! If your indoor space lacks direct sunlight exposure. 

The following indoor plants will keep thriving in low to indirect light. Additionally, you can grow them under artificial light.

Best Indoor Plants in Kochi for Offices

NASA has shown that indoor plants remove toxins from the air, improving the air quality and giving you a fresh feeling. In this way, your nervous system stays calm when you breathe fresh air. Hence, with indoor plants, you are less likely to experience stress.

Besides keeping your stress at bay, indoor plants make your office look green. You can put big plants in the empty corner of your office. Or you can have a cute little plant on your desk.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Kochi

Our indoor air is filled with harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. By removing these toxins and pollutants from the air, indoor plants purify the air.

Additionally, they help to reduce airborne allergens such as dust, mold, and pet dander. Thus, improving the overall air quality in your home or office.

Moreover, you can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere with air-purifying plants. Lastly, they can add visual interest to a room and make it more welcoming and pleasant.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Kochi

For busy people or new gardeners, low-maintenance plants are perfect. It doesn’t matter how neglected, how dry, or how low the light is, they’ll survive.

Also, they’re an effective way to add greenery and visual interest to an indoor space without spending a lot.

There are also low-maintenance air-purifying plants like spider plants and snake plants. They help clean the air, improving indoor air quality and making it healthier to breathe.

Low Light Indoor Plants Online Kochi

Low-light indoor plants are adapted to survive in low-light environments. In areas with minimal sunlight, like hallways, basements, or rooms with small windows, they can thrive.

In areas with limited natural light, low-light indoor plants can add visual interest and beauty. There’s one to fit any space since they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.


Q1. Which are the best indoor plants in Kochi?

Ans. Snake plants, money plants, aloe vera plants, areca palms, and Indian basil plants are the best indoor plants to grow in Kochi.

Q2. Where can I buy indoor plants online in Kochi?

Ans. You can buy indoor plants at almost any local nursery. Also, we sell indoor plants online, so you can get them delivered.

Q3. How do Abana homes ensure the safe delivery of the plant?

Ans. We package the plants carefully so they get delivered safely and damage-free.

Q4. How to take care of the Indoor Plants in Kochi?

Ans. It’s best to give your indoor plants bright light in Kochi. Don’t forget to water your plant. Keep a watch on the humidity and temperature range since Kochi indoor plants love humidity and heat. 

Q5. When can I get the delivery in Kochi?

Ans. Your indoor plant will be delivered safely within 2-5 days.

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