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study table decoration ideas

10 Study Table Decoration Ideas That Will Make You Love Learning

How is your study table looking right now? What do you think? Is it a bit messy?

Do you know that a messy study table can disinterest you from studying on it? However, I can assure you that studying on a study table can lead to well-focused learning.

You can concentrate better if your study table is well organized. Yet, despite knowing these many students struggle with the arrangement of their study tables. If you are one of them, don’t worry!

In this article, I will tell you how to keep your study table clean with amazing study table decoration ideas that will make you fall in love with studying.

Having said that, let’s decorate your study table

Study table decoration ideas

1. Choose a lamp to decorate the study table

Choose a lamp to decorate the study table

Good lighting can enhance the look of your study table. For this, you can use a small desk lamp that matches your study table. If you are unsure what color to choose for your lamp, pick white color.  You can’t go wrong with white. Also, the white lamp looks decent on any table. 

Nevertheless, if you are short on space, consider attaching a clip-on lamp to the side of your table. As study table lamps come in a variety of styles, so choose one that matches your study table’s decor.

2. Put candle holders on the study table

If you do not want to add a lamp to your study table, no worries! you can decorate it with candles instead. Your table will look even better with candles in a beautiful candle holder.

 Candles come in many different types and scents, so it is easy to find one that suits your taste. Additionally, the scented candle will make you feel relaxed and help you stay focused while studying. 

You can place a candle holder in front of the study table to provide a pleasant ambiance and fragrance. Also, if you are an avid reader, you are sure to enjoy this study’s table decoration ideas. As it will add a touch of luxury to your study table. Moreover, it will create a relaxed atmosphere for you to read.

3. Use decorative storage containers

Use decorative storage containers

Keeping your study table organized and clutter-free is a great way to keep it clean. When you make a plan to organize a room, decorating becomes easier. 

Also, sorting the items by their categories will make it easier for you to find them later. For this, get small decorative storage containers. With the help of some paint and unused boxes, you can make one for yourself.

4. Put your favorite colors on your study table

Colors are an essential part of study table decoration table ideas. Colors are always a source of attraction for us since we were children. 

By adding a touch of beautiful color to your study table, you can transform it into a lively and entertaining place. It’s up to you to choose your favorite color or shade that complements your study table. 

For study table decor ideas, you can purchase candles, candle holders, lamps, or organizer containers of your selected color. By doing this, you will have a study table decoration with an attractive color.

5. Place indoor potted plants on the table

Place indoor potted plants on the table

You will definitely love this study table decoration idea if you are a nature lover. 

Consider adding decorative potted plants to your study table. From flowering plants to succulents to bonsai plants, you can find a variety of plants. I love bonsai plants. They are truly majestic. 

Also, you don’t need to worry about space. Whether it’s small or medium, you are sure to find a plant that fits your study table decor. Moreover, it goes without saying that plants are good for your health.

Pick low-maintenance plants so your potted indoor plant can thrive with little attention from you. There are a number of plants that require little maintenance, such as spider plants, ZZ plants, and money plants. Consider peace lily plants if you want to enhance the study table with a beautiful and decent appearance. You will surely enjoy those white flowers on your study table.

Here are my favorite 8 plants that I will recommend to use as a study table plant;

1) Lucky bamboo:

On the study table, this indoor plant will flourish in low to medium light. Due to its tolerant nature and versatility, lucky bamboo is famous among zen. You will be able to fit in anywhere on the study table.

2) ZZ plant:

The branches of ZZ can retain water for weeks. It is forgiving of a variety of lighting states. Moreover, it adds a hint of grace to your table with its waxy green leaves. Aside from supporting your focus while studying, this plant also stimulates a better night’s sleep. 

3) Money tree:

Your study table will look amazing with a money tree. Also, if you like your study table to look more engaging, you can braid the stems of money trees together. 

4) Snake plant:

For college students who can’t dedicate their time to keeping a plant, snake plants are an ideal choice. Snake plants can handle low light and dry soil.

5) Aloe vera:

Aside from its exotic display, aloe’s gooey insides relieve and cure minor burns and injuries.  The existence of aloe on your study table boosts well-being and positiveness.

6) Anthurium:

Anthurium’s bright flowers and glossy, deep green leaves give color to a study table. With its easy maintenance and tolerance for a variety of conditions, this lovely plant can thrive anywhere. While studying, the scent of anthurium enhances mood and encourages goal achievement.

7) Peace lily plant:

As said before the peace lily is one of the most attractive houseplants, which has dark green foliage and large white flowers. With its resilient personality and capacity to purify indoor air, this easy-care indoor plant is a superb addition to the study table.

8) Asparagus fern:

Ferns are beautiful indoor plants that have fine-textured fronds. It’s easy to decorate with ferns and they make great study table additions. The fresh green shade of ferns lights up any small space and acts as an amazing natural humidifier. 

6. Display aesthetic art on your study table

If you are a fan of art, consider adding a small portrait of a favorite artist. Also, there are paintings that motivate you. You will keep going if you have some motivation on your study table. 

If you want to add a touch of cool to your study table, choose sleek graphic paintings.

Also, you can display family pictures on the study table. It will make you more motivated to learn if you place photos of family and friends on the study table. However, it isn’t necessary to print large photos, just polaroid-sized ones will do.

Be mindful of your space when filling your study table with pictures and paintings. In an effort to decorate your study table, do not overcrowd it with too many pictures. You don’t want to turn your study table into a photo gallery, do you?

7. Add floating shelves

If you are decorating your study room, ensure that it has a lot of storage space, and shelves are one way to achieve that. However, do not overdo it with shelves. Ensure the height and design match the study table. 

Moreover, it is common for study desks to be compact. So, by adding a few space-saving wall shelves, you can maximize storage. They are also called floating shelves. They are open floating shelves that you can stack one above another on your study wall. To break up the monotony, you can also purchase floating shelves with geometric patterns.

Make sure the floating shelves match the decorations you want to display. Take a look at the color of your study table if you are confused. If you have a collection of books or photos, you can use these floating shelves as display shelves.

Additionally, if you want to DIY, you can use plain wooden planks and nail them to the walls. Be careful when you are doing this. Simply arrange these planks one over the other and you are done!

However, make sure your floating shelves are firmly attached to the wall. Your photos or book collection shouldn’t fall apart, right?

8. Hang an activity board/corkboard

Hang an activity board/corkboard

If you don’t have much space on your study table, corkboards are another best choice. Pictures, notes, and more can be kept on corkboards. In addition to serving as a reminder for activities, the corkboard can also be used as a calendar. To make your desk look more cheerful, you only need a whiteboard and colorful markers. 

Also, don’t damage your wall by hanging a framed corkboard with mounting tape. To install it, screw brackets into the corkboard and wall. Be sure to follow the instructions if your corkboard comes with its own hardware and instructions.

Furthermore, you can create a corkboard wall using a roll of cork and strong glue. Regardless of what option you decide on, you will have a neat place to display reminders and personal items.

9. Choose the theme you like for your study table

If you try to include every theme in one study room, it will create a mess and even make it look cluttered. Try to stick to one theme and keep it as compact and minimal as possible.

If you enjoy black and white themes, you will definitely enjoy this study table decoration. When it comes to decorating anything, monochrome is always the best choice.

It only takes a few steps to create a monochrome study table decoration. Prepare black and white items, then arrange them according to your preferences.

You will certainly be more motivated to complete assignments when you have a neat and orderly study desk.

10. Opt for lighter shades to decorate the study table

If you are choosing the study table color, keep it light as light colors make the study table look decent and boost your mood.

According to Vastu, light gray and off-white can be the best colors for the study table decor. Studying in an environment with these two light colors can make it easier for you to concentrate.

Additionally, consider a light green color if you want to increase the concentration. Colors like pastel blue, cream, and white can do wonders on your study table. Colors with low wavelengths promote restfulness and calm, and they make you more efficient and focused. Thus, green is an excellent concentration color.

On the other hand, according to Vastu, deep or dark colors in your study table bring negative energy. It will make you more sleepy, and lazy, and hamper your concentration. If you have a dark-colored study table, cover it up with a light color cloth to avoid that. 


You can easily decorate your study table at home regardless of your budget or space availability.

With these awesome study table decoration ideas, you can make your space more comfortable by adding shelving, corkboard, beautiful lighting with light and vibrant colors, and more. 

To keep your study room healthy and fresh, you can also add plants and greenery. Also, it is important to plan the layout of your study room so that you can accomplish tedious tasks efficiently.  

Also, there is a wide variety of study table decor that can be found easily and is a necessity for most students. As mentioned in the article, some of the study table decors can also be made at home. It doesn’t seem complicated, does it? However, once the study table has been decorated to the best of your ability, don’t be lazy to study.

Let us know how your study table looks after you have decorated it with these ideas.

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