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How to take care of the money plant in water?

money plant in water

Golden pothos or money tree is a common houseplant that a flexible green trunk can characterize. Its braided look is one of its prime traits admired by people. Most money plants can extend to a maximum of 60 feet. However, the indoor varieties are restricted to a height ranging between 3 to 6 feet. It is essential to know that you can grow money plants in water and propagation methods.

  • For growing a money plant via propagation technique, you will require a freshly cut stem of a mature money plant tree. It is recommended to clip off 2-3 leaf nodes.
  • Later, you need to immerse the trimmed end in a particular hormone rooting solution. The last step is to place the leaf nodes in a regular potting mix.
  • Ensure the used soil is moist; if not, frequently drizzle the mix continuously for at least 3-4 weeks. It is essential for maintaining a steady pace for the root development of your money plant.
  • Bright, indirect light, and moderate humidity, are required for the plant to grow healthy. Avoid direct sunlight and conditions such as overwatering, which can hamper the life of your money plant.

Growing Money Plant in Water

Money plant in Water pot

If you want to grow a money plant in water, it is not a complicated task and can be achieved if you know the procedure. There are specific pre-requisites that need to be kept in mind, the rest of everything is similar to growing in soil.

You will require specific items such as a glass bottle or vase, fertilizer, and freshwater for growing money plant in water. Below mentioned are the steps you need to follow for fulfilling this process:

  • Firstly, you will require a glass jar; preferably a transparent one for keeping track of root growth.
  • The next step should be to add fresh water to this glass jar. Do make sure the water you select is chlorine-free. If you have your doubts, then allow the added water to rest for a minimum of 12 hours so that the chemical can evaporate.
  • It is on you whether or not to add fertilizer to this setup. But if you are growing money plant in water and need surety about its growth, try adding a liquid-based fertilizer to the glass jar. An all-purpose fertilizer is best suited for this task.
  • Finally, add the trimmed leaf nodes in the glass jar. It is essential to first dip the trimmed side into the water. Try to soak the nodes entirely in the jar water so that their growth is not hindered.

Where to keep the money plant in water?

The placement of a money plant in most Indian households is based on Vastu. Having a money plant at home is believed to bring in wealth and good luck for the residents. Moreover, the plant is known for its positive presence that hushes away negative energy. The broadleaf structure of money plants is perfect to be kept in the hallway, porch, living room, or balcony space.

  • As per Vastu, it is always recommended to keep the money plant at within indoor locations.
  • Positioning the plant in the south-east direction of the house is known to help eliminate crucial obstacles.
  • You should place the money plant at the north entrance to pull fresh opportunities associated with income, career, and prosperity.
  • Having a money plant in water kept at your work station is considered as a good mood motivator. Just ensure the plant is preferably kept in the south-east direction.

Where not to keep the money plant?

  • Avoid keeping the money plant in the vicinity of red-colored surfaces or items.
  • Do not keep the money plant in the kitchen section; this is known to restrict your wealth and luck opportunities.
  • Try not to keep a money plant in your bedroom or so-called “love area.” As per feng shui, the love area is focused towards the southwest corner. Moreover, money and love are not considered a good mix.
  • Placing a money plant in the bathroom area is never recommended. It is terrible as per traditional feng shui.

Good luck with Money Plant in Water

Money Plant in Water

There is no better indoor plant choice than a money plant that smoothly decorates your house and brings in luck and wealth. You can grow a money plant in water or soil; based on your convenience. If you plan to buy this plant, try getting them in pairs or several together to beautify different sections of the house. Please go check them out today!