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Want to bring some good luck home? Buy lucky bamboo plants online. It is one of the most popular Feng Shui plants. Easy to grow and care for, it doesn’t actually belong to bamboo plants but is a type of water lily. It can easily survive indoors and can grow with little care. All you need to do is get your lucky bamboo plant online from Abana Homes and place it in the right place where it gets a suitable atmosphere.

Types and Styles of Common Lucky Bamboo Plants

Feng Shui says that these bamboo plants attract luck and happiness when put in the right place in the room. Plus, it is easy to maintain and is perfect for interior decoration. Here are some famous Lucky Bamboo styles & types that you can gift your dear ones on special occasions or get for yourself.

  1. Straight Lucky Bamboo

With a single stalk and multiple leaves, these bamboos are small and are perfect for keeping at your study table or office desk.

  1. 2 layer Lucky Bamboo

This belongs to the species of Dracaena sanderiana. Planted in a glass vase filled with water, it just looks amazing and makes for a perfect gift. It is believed to bring love and happiness to the keeper and requires the least care in return.

  1. 3 layer Lucky bamboo

3 layers of Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena braunii is one of the most favorite and luckiest bamboo plants. It brings Happiness, Long Life, and Wealth to you and enhances the look of your home too.

  1. 7 layer Lucky Bamboo

7 layer bamboo plant is perfect to keep at the office or as a gift to your colleagues and bosses. Its seven stalks bring fortune, happiness, and good health. Plant it in a medium glass bowl and change the water weekly for better growth.

A Complete Care Guide For Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

It’s a low-maintenance plant that needs less caring. Here’s a complete & easy care guide for your beautiful bamboo plant.

  • Lighting: Requires low or medium light. Perfect for keeping indoors. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Watering: If planted in soil or manure then water it once a week. Otherwise, change the water of the pot twice every week and use distilled or RO water.
  • Feeding: It’s a self-sufficient plant and rarely needs feeding. Just keep in mind to change the water regularly for its proper growth.
  • Repotting: Repot in a larger pot when it outgrows the previous one.

Common Problems While Growing Lucky Bamboo Plant

  1. Why is my Lucky Bamboo turning yellow?

Unfiltered tap water can be the cause of yellow leaves. Make sure to use distilled water and also change the water of the vase more often.

  1. Why are the leaves of my bamboo plant burnt?

Direct sunlight burns the leaves of bamboo plants. Change the location and keep it away from the direct sun.

  1. Why are the tips of my lucky bamboo plant turning brown?

Tips of the leaves turn brown due to dry air and lack of water. Keep your plant in a shady and humid place that will stop it from turning brown.