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Indoor Plants In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a beautiful city with a pleasant climate that makes it an ideal place for growing indoor plants. Below are some indoor plants that are suitable for Coimbatore

Best Indoor Plants in Coimbatore  For Offices 

In a busy, high-stress work environment, indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress levels and improve mood. Indoor plant in an office space can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Thus, making it look more welcoming and inviting, which can benefit clients.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Sale in Coimbatore 

Besides cleaning our surroundings, they also purify the air and give us a productive environment. Below mentioned plants can transform a place into a heaven-like place.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Coimbatore 

Low maintenance plants offer an excellent way to add greenery to your indoor space without requiring too much time, effort, or resources. 

If you don’t want to dedicate a lot of time and effort to caring for your plants, low maintenance indoor plants are an ideal choice.

Why Choose Low Light Plants In Coimbatore 

In Coimbatore, the climate is warm and humid, so indoor spaces get a lot of natural light. However, not all rooms receive direct sunlight, and some may have limited exposure. 

These conditions make low light plants an ideal choice for indoor gardens, since they thrive in low light.

You can save energy, reduce maintenance, and enjoy the many benefits of indoor plants by choosing low light plants in Coimbatore. 

A low-light plant would be appropriate for a north window or a moderately shady corner of your house. Low-light plants need little to no natural sunlight. In their original growing climates, these plants are “understory plants” denoting they evolve beneath the branches of larger plants. In atmospheres with low sunlight, plants develop more gradually and take less water. Avoid overwatering, as the soil can stay damp for a longer period. 

Best 3 Indoor Plants in Coimbatore for offices

Choosing the best indoor plants for offices in Coimbatore depends on several factors, such as lighting, temperature, and humidity levels. Below are three best options that are well-suited for most office environments:

  1. Golden money plant- Golden money plant is famous for its positive energy and its power to attract luck and prosperity. Money plants do not need extra care and grow easily. 
  1. Bonsai Plants- Bonsai plants relieve stress by increasing patience. Growing bonsai plants in Coimbatore will help employees to work positively and will build good teamwork. Bonsai plants need low maintenance and are available at low costs. 
  1. Bamboo Plant- The bamboo plant is a lucky plant, according to Vastu. The bamboo plant acts as a purifier that removes toxins naturally. This will help people working in various offices to inhale toxin-free air.   

Reasons You Need Air Purifying Indoor Plants 

Pollution is hampering the health of the public which leads to breathing issues, cancers, stroke, and many other related diseases. As well as filtering the air we breathe, the existence of indoor plants has also been proven to have many other useful effects. These benefits include:

  • Improved cheerful feelings and decreased the sensations of stress, irritation, and despair.
  • Lessening sound levels means lowering sound pollution. Big leaf plants are mainly responsible for that. 
  • Decrease of stress levels.
  • Managing humidity to within the favorable levels for human health. 
  • Cooling effect. 
  • Absorption of carbon dioxide (co2) and emission of oxygen, make a fresh indoor environment, especially useful in your bedroom. 
  • Improved attention span levels that lead to boosted productivity mainly with those sitting in front of computers for hours. 
  • Lowering of desertion in the office space.
  • Quick healing from cognitive exhaustion.
  • Interiors feel spacious, looked after, and pure. It gives a more expensive look to your house.
  • People like to stay in rooms that have plants.

Why To Invest In Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Low maintenance plants look good with less effort. A perfect thoughtful purchase. It won’t be necessary to look after them each part of the day in such a busy schedule.

There are many low-maintenance plants available in the market for the comfort of busy people. 

As a person who constantly forgets what day it is, but I’m still proud to state that my plants are living and thriving. Urban lifestyles hardly let you have a self-care routine, so it is understandable that you may not have enough time to grow and care for the necessities of a garden. The plants that are mentioned in this list are plants that demand the least effort from your side. 

Get Low Light Indoor Plants In Sale 

Low light indoor plants are a popular choice for many people as they can thrive in areas with little natural light and require minimal maintenance.

There are several options to choose from, including snake plants, peace lilies, ZZ plants, spider plants, and more. 

Indoor plants improve air quality, add greenery, and reduce stress. They are also an eco-friendly way to decorate your indoor space. Some studies suggest that they can boost productivity and creativity in the workplace.


1. Which plant is the best indoor plant in Coimbatore?

Areca palm is the best indoor plant since it purifies the air most and requires less maintenance. 

It is quite famous for its distinctive nature of delivering oxygen during the nighttime. Other than that, areca palm can be used for the treatment of a cognitive condition called schizophrenia and an eye disorder known as glaucoma; it can be used as a gentle stimulation; and as a digestive aid. Many people grow areca as a recreational medicine because it speeds up the central nervous system. Dypsis lutescens most typically known as areca palm is a lovely indoor palm plant and is a wildly popular ornamental, not only in Coimbatore but all over the world.

2. What plant survives well indoors in Coimbatore?

Bonsai plants survive well indoors because they grow well in low light intensity. They also do not require too much maintenance for better growth.

3. Where can I find cheap indoor plants?

Abana Homes is the best place where you can easily get cheap as well as expensive indoor plants. Here, you will get delivery within 3-5 days at reasonable rate.

4. Which indoor plant is best for the living room?

Bamboo plants are best for growing in living rooms. These plants are not only lucky plants but also require very less maintenance. 


Coimbatore’s pleasant climate makes it an ideal place for indoor plants. Additionally, indoor plants reduce stress levels, purify the air, and boost productivity. 

A low light indoor plant is a great choice for Coimbatore as they thrive in warm, humid conditions. Golden money plants, bonsai plants, and bamboo plants are the top three indoor plants in Coimbatore. 

With Abana Homes, you can buy indoor plants that require little maintenance and are air purifying. It’s a thoughtful purchase to add greenery to your indoor space while improving your wellness.

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