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liquid fertilizer for indoor plants

10 Best Liquid Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Despite light, water, de-pesting, and pruning, your indoor plant lacks health? Perhaps you need to apply liquid fertilizer indoors.

We all are aware that plants get their food from photosynthesis. However, do you know they also need macronutrients and micronutrients? 

The micro and macronutrients help in enzyme creation, water regulation and defence. For this, it’s always best to use liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. Also, liquid fertilizers are easy to use.

There are many liquid fertilizers, so how do you choose the best one for your indoor plants?

Well, this article will help you with that. In this article, I have reviewed the top 10 liquid fertilizers for indoor plants. They contain NPK ratios based on plant growth stages, soil microorganisms that encourage healthy soil, and micronutrients.

So, let’s check them out

Best liquid fertilizer for indoor plants

Best liquid fertilizer for indoor plants

Liquid fertilizer provides all the nutrition indoor plants need. Also, they contain a balance of minerals to ensure that the roots, foliage, and flowers of plants are healthy. So, let’s take a look at some of the best liquid fertilizers for indoor plants.

1. GreenLoop Australian Liquid FertilizerWant a liquid fertilizer that contains essential nutrients? Besides nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, this liquid fertilizer contains micronutrients and minerals. It promotes faster growth, improved soil conditions, and disease-resistant plants.
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2. Organo Magic liquid boosterUse OrganoMagic, a liquid soil booster made from 100% organic ingredients. Your plants will receive slow and fast-release nutrients with this NPK, micro and macronutrient blend.Organo Magic liquid boosterBuy Now
3. OrganicDews liquid fertilizerWith OrganicDews liquid fertilizer, you can boost your plants’ growth. To help plants grow stronger and healthier, it contains amino acids, trace elements, natural hormones, and N-P-K.OrganicDews liquid fertilizerBuy Now
4. Soil Mantra Organics Pro BloomKeep your indoor plants thriving with Soil Mantra Pro Bloom, a spray-form liquid fertilizer that’s easy to use. Nourish your plants’ foliage every week to see the difference.Soil Mantra Organics Pro BloomBuy Now
5. RHBP Bio liquid fertilizerThis organic liquid fertilizer will improve even the toughest soils. It reduces stress and improves plant health in soils that are hard, acidic, or polluted. Thus, it creates a favourable environment for microbial growth.RHBP Bio liquid fertilizerBuy Now
6. Bombay greens organic liquid fertilizerDiscover how easy and effective it is to use 100% organic liquid fertilizer. You can use it to reduce brown spots and yellowing on indoor plant leaves, so your plants remain healthy and vibrant.Bombay greens organic liquid fertilizerBuy Now
7. Orgo Organic Plant boosterBoost your plants’ health with lignite-derived organic plant booster. By using coal water to its full potential, this natural compost provides plants with essential nutrients.Orgo Organic Plant boosterBuy Now
8. Lazy Gardener Liquid FertilizerIt promotes growth for both plants and microbes. Root networks are strengthened and widened, making it easier for plants to absorb nutrients from the soil.Lazy Gardener Liquid FertilizerBuy Now
9. Casa Amor seaweed liquid fertilizerBoost flower, fruit, and bloom sizes, prevent plant aging, and extend plant production with this liquid fertilizer. With every use, your plants thrive.Casa Amor seaweed liquid fertilizerBuy Now
10. Urbanhouse concentrate seaweed fertilizerExperience the miracle of our phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer, specially designed for indoor plants. With stronger roots, improved soil texture, drainage, and aeration, your plants will flourish, producing high-quality flowers that are sure to impress.Urbanhouse concentrate seaweed fertilizerBuy Now

Now, let us know about these best liquid fertilizers for indoor plants in detail.

1. GreenLoop Australian Liquid Fertilizer


Starting with green loop’s Australian seaweed liquid fertilizer, the best liquid fertilizer available. This liquid fertilizer contains all the micronutrients, minerals, and hormones your indoor plants need.

With this liquid fertilizer, the plant blooms more quickly and produces better-quality fruit. Thus, it is a great liquid fertilizer for indoor flowering plants. Also, it strengthens cell walls, making your plant less susceptible to insects and fungi.

Another best thing about this liquid fertilizer is it does not contain any color additives or harsh chemicals. It has a natural light brown color when added to water. In order to spray, you only need 20 drops per litre of water.

Additionally, it improves your indoor soil health by activating the soil bacterial population. It also works as a good soil conditioner.

NPK increases plant health, growth, and disease resistance by providing nutrients to plants. It also provides micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, molybdenum, and others that are necessary for plant growth. 

Each 200 ml bottle makes nearly 200 litres of foliar spray. That’s big, and it will last a few months. Just spray it twice a month. 

To avoid leaf burn, spray on plants before sunrise or after sunset with 1 ml of water. For soil, add about 2-3ml per litre. 

2. Organo Magic liquid booster

Organo Magic liquid booster

A completely organic product, OrganoMagic Liquid Soil Booster is suitable for replacing chemical manures. Moreover, it rejuvenates soil. As well as NPK, this fertilizer contains other micro and macronutrients. 

It is composed of both fast-release and slow-release nutrients. The fast-releasing nutrients boost the plant’s health instantly, while slow-releasing nutrients are available for longer periods of time and don’t run off with water.

Also, it improves soil texture and water-holding capacity, resulting in bushier, healthier, happier plants. It provides a carbon source to the soil microbes that convert nutrients into forms that plants can easily absorb.

Due to the fertilizer’s ability to improve soil quality and nourish the plant, indoor plants are less susceptible to disease and pest damage. Also, indoor plants bloom bigger and more vibrantly as a result of improved health.

For optimal growth, mix fertilizer with water in a ratio of 1:8.  The product is suitable for your home garden, including lawns and terraces, and balconies.

3. OrganicDews liquid fertilizer

OrganicDews liquid fertilizer

OrganicDews liquid fertilizer is an excellent source of nutrition for indoor plants. There are many minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and hormones that stimulate plant growth, such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. This nutrient enrichment makes indoor plants stronger and healthier, making them more disease-resistant.

The seaweed has natural macro and micronutrients, including amino acids, trace elements, natural hormones, and N-P-K that plants need to grow. It helps plants use the sun’s energy better, resulting in stronger, healthier plants.

Fresh brown algae are used in the OrganicDews liquid fertilizer to ensure that it is natural, organic, nontoxic, and bioactive. 

Additionally, this fertilizer contains sponge-like starches that absorb water droplets. Thus, roots are able to remain moist without drowning. They also feed beneficial bacteria in the soil, improving its quality.

This fertilizer contains phosphorous, which is essential for a healthy root system. Moreover, it enhances drainage and aeration by improving soil texture. Moreover, plants that grow in soil with good drainage are less likely to suffer from root rot or other diseases.

Furthermore, this liquid fertilizer enables seedlings to germinate, grow roots, and be vigorous. Additionally, it is a good rooting solution. 

Simply mix liquid fertilizer and water into a solution. Afterwards, soak the cuttings in water until roots develop. By doing this, roots will grow faster and transplant shock will be reduced.

4. Soil Mantra Organics Pro Bloom

Soil Mantra Organics Pro Bloom

It is the easiest liquid fertilizer to use for indoor plants. The spray form of Soil Mantra Pro Bloom makes it easy to nourish a plant’s foliage. You can use this spray fertilizer every week. In 1 litre of water, add 5 ml of the solution and shake well to mix.

It contains all necessary macro- and micronutrients and acts as instant plant food. This gives your indoor plants all-around growth and boosted metabolism. Plus, it keeps plants lush, healthy, and green.

As it provides all essential nutrients to plants, this is the best liquid fertilizer. In addition, it stimulates flowering, foliar development, vegetative growth, and reproductive development. 

As well as enhancing greenery, it also energizes the plant. It is suitable for indoor plants, flowers in pots, kitchen gardens, and home gardens.

5. RHBP Bio liquid fertilizer

RHBP Bio liquid fertilizer

RHBP Bio is a completely organic liquid fertilizer. As a result, it is suitable for all kinds of plants, including indoor flowering plants, fruit trees, herbs, etc.

Hard soil, acid soil, and polluted soil can all be improved with this product. In terms of physical, chemical, and biological properties, it enhances soil performance.

By creating a favorable environment, this liquid fertilizer increases microbial population and prevents stress. Furthermore, organic carbon compounds promote root growth, nutrient uptake, photosynthetic rate, and stress resistance. 

In addition, it cleans the soil by absorbing and removing residues of pesticides and heavy metals. Because of its highly microporous structure, it also increases water and nutrient retention.

This spray can be sprayed once every 15 days. It is recommended not to spray the liquid without mixing it with water. In addition, the leaves may be burned if applied directly.

6. Bombay greens organic liquid fertilizer

Bombay greens organic liquid fertilizer

It’s a 100% organic product. The best liquid fertilizer to promote the growth of the potted indoor plant. 

This fertilizer is highly suitable for potted plants such as bamboo plants, jade plants, snake plants, cacti and succulents. 

Moreover, it is very easy to use, you just have to cut sprinkle and pour water. Additionally, it has no smell. And helps reduce brown spots and yellowing of leaves which is the common problems in indoor plants.

It also promotes root and stems growth. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about burning your plant leaves while using this product.

 For regular feeding, use once every 15 days. Water them after you sprinkle the organic fertilizer. There will be a noticeable difference in your indoor house plants such as the money plant, spider plant, ZZ plant, monstera deliciosa plant, and jade plant.

7. Orgo Organic Plant booster

Orgo Organic Plant booster

This natural plant booster is derived from lignite coal remains. This results in a perfect compost that uses the waste water from coal. This product is known as the best soil conditioner as it improves soil quality organically with every use.

 The product is easy to use, fast, and effective in supplying nutrient richness to the soil. This product is safe for both you and your plant. Also, it cleans nature since it does not dump any artificial detritus in the soil. All types of indoor plants can benefit from it.

Simply spray it on the soil or coco-pit as you would water it with bottled water. When caring for indoor and delicate plants, spray 4 to 5 times on the soil once or twice a week. This will give your plants a healthier life and encourage them to grow. 

However, the plant will scorch if too much dose is given to it. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer packet.

8. Lazy Gardener Liquid Fertilizer

Lazy Gardener Liquid Fertilizer

Lazy Gardener Liquid Fertilizer strengthens the symbiotic relationship between plant roots and essential microbes. It creates a stronger and wider root network which help plant  efficiently absorb the available nutrition present in the soil.

With a better root system, the plant develops drought resistance and absorbs fertilizer in a much better way. As a result, it restores the soil’s living ecosystem, enhances root growth, and increase the water uptake of plant.

It also works as a natural conditioner. Furthermore, it enhances the overall growth and strength of the plant.

Additionally, it contains natural growth promoters that provide your plants with the building blocks they need to produce new leaves and branches.

You can use this liquid fertilizer for indoor plants such as money plants, succulent plants, bamboo, and any indoor plants. Add 4ml of liquid per liter of water and mix it well. Water the plant with diluted feed and repeat the feed schedule.

9. Casa Amor seaweed liquid fertilizer

Casa Amor seaweed liquid fertilizer

This liquid fertilizer for indoor plants helps you to increase the bloom set, flower size, and fruit size. It increases the resistance of the plant and germination. Also, it increases drought resistance qualities.

The best feature of this product is it prevents aging in plants and makes production longer. As a result flowers, fruits and vegetables have greater nutritional value and increased shelf life.

This liquid fertilizer can be used in two ways. It can be used as a spray, which improves vegetative growth and improves the quality of flowers and fruits. 

Another way is soil drenching, which improves soil structure and texture and improves aeration in the root zone.

There are almost all micronutrients in a chelated (immediately available) form in them. As well as carbohydrates, algae provide plants with building blocks. Also, it can be used for rooting. 

Until roots develop, soak cuttings in liquid seaweed and water. If you are planting seeds or transplanting them, use the solution to water the seeds.

Add 7 ml of liquid seaweed concentrate to 1 litre of water. Mix them well. All over the plant leaves, spray the seaweed mixer. During the following stages, liquid seaweed extract should be applied before 7-10 days to increase yield and produce quality.

10. Urbanhouse concentrate seaweed fertilizer

Urbanhouse concentrate seaweed fertilizer

This liquid fertilizer for indoor plants works like a miracle. It contains phosphorous which helps your plant develop a healthy and strong root system. Moreover, it improves soil texture and improves the drainage and aeration system.

It is best at producing quality indoor flowers and tasty fruits. It improves seed germination and root development thus increasing the quality of plant growth.

Moreover, it promotes the balanced growth of plants and increases the flowering time and size of fruits and flowers. There are nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in it that plants require for growth.

It boosts the immune system of plants, increasing drought resistance, wind protection, and stress recovery.

It enriches the soil by increasing microorganisms that can absorb nitrogen from the air. The fertilizer reduces salt content, mineralized layer, and resolves soil salinization.

All nutrients are present in it, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, molybdenum, and other trace elements.


Q1. Can I use liquid fertilizer for indoor plants?

Ans. Yes. It is also best to use liquid fertilizer as compared to pellets or granules, liquid fertilizer promotes healthy growth and prevents wilting.

Q2. What is the best way to apply liquid fertilizer?

Ans. Read the instructions on the packaging to decide on the proportion of fertilizer to water you need. Typically, you’ll use about one tablespoon of liquid fertilizer per gallon of water. Put the water and fertilizer solution in your watering can and shake or wiggle it around to ensure they’re mixed properly.

Some liquid fertilizers for indoor and potted plants are already diluted in the bottle, so they’re prepared to use right out of the packet. Always read the instructions on the packet properly to determine if you need to add more water.

A sprayer is best to apply liquid fertilizers, which make the nutrients available almost immediately. It is useful when the plant cannot absorb fertilizers through the roots.

If you notice brown burn marks on the leaves after a few days of application, add more water. 

Q3. How do I apply liquid fertilizer to potted plants?

Ans. Pour water and the recommended amount of liquid fertilizer into a watering can. Pour it into the soil like you are watering the plant. Also, you can spray it on the leaves for foliar feeding.

Q4. Can I use a liquid fertilizer every day?

Ans. Yes. if you are using liquid fertilizer as a foliar spray, it should be done at the beginning of the day when it is cooler to avoid leaf sun-scald. It could be early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or even on overcast days. For best results, spraying can be done daily to every week.

Q5. Should I water before using liquid fertilizer?

Ans. You may not reach all of the rootballs if you pour liquid fertilizer directly onto the dry soil. If you water lightly first, water will wet the soil, which will make it easier for the fertilizer to soak in evenly. So it is best to apply fertilizer after the soil is wet.

Q6. Which is better?- liquid or granular fertilizer?

Liquid and granular, both kinds of fertilizers work well and are best for houseplants. Liquid fertilizer works well for indoor house plants because it is easier to measure and use. Just be certain not to add too much.

Plants can absorb liquid fertilizer more quickly, whereas granules take more time and power to break down to a point where the plants can begin to absorb them. If you want your indoor plants to get nutrients quickly, liquid is the best choice.

Q7. What is liquid fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer refers to any type of liquid solution that’s delivered to plants as a state of nutrition. These fertilizers are capable of providing plants with the nutrition that they require to survive through a couple of different delivery processes.

Q8. Why use liquid fertilizer for indoor plants?

Liquid fertilizer drives fast through the soil profile resulting in more effective nutrient availability to your potted plants, particularly in dry indoor conditions.

Liquid fertilizers are usually poured in a spray bottle for convenient application and sprayer application of your liquid fertilizer permits 100%  coverage around your plant. This allows you to ensure that all of your indoor plants get the nutrients they want when they need them, for the highest yield possibility.

Unlike many granular formulations, water-soluble liquid fertilizer permits you to use nitrogen and nutrients evenly and consistently.

Q9. How fast does liquid fertilizer work?

Well, the answer to that query will rely on what kind of fertilizer you plan on using. If you are using a quick-release fertilizer, it will generally start working in only a day or two. If you use a slow-release liquid fertilizer, it will take a little longer for them to show results, typically it takes between two to seven days.


If you are looking to boost your indoor plants’ growth, these are the best liquid fertilizers you can use. Additionally, they improve soil conditions and strengthen plant cells, making them disease- and pest-resistant.

They are also easy to use, as most of them can be sprayed after mixing with water. However, it’s possible to overdose on fertilizer. Hence, there’s a chance your plant’s leaves will burn. So make sure you follow the instructions on the fertilizer bottle. 

Furthermore, fertilizing before sunrise or after sunset is best for avoiding leaf burn.

Besides NPK, these fertilizers have other micronutrients and minerals that help your plants bloom and produce better fruit. Since they are organic and chemical-free, they are safe for indoor plants.

Try these fertilizers on your indoor plants and let me know your experience in the comment section. Also, be sure to share this with your family and friends who are looking for best liquid fertilizer for indoor plants

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